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2013 is a 6 Universal Year -- in a nutshell, the 6 is a loving, caring, responsible, warm, humane, and compassionate number that directs most of its energy to small, closely-knit groups; family, community, friends. In a personal Numerology chart the 6 is mostly positive, as it tends to get along with all other numbers, even with the two that are most contrary to the 6: the 5 and 7.
Individuality, drive, and independence are the main attributes of the 1, while cooperation and diplomacy are the most important traits of the 2. The 9-year cycle that lasts from 2008 through 2017 is dramatically different from any that have come before. Perhaps the most obvious and telling aspect of what appears to be reaching critical-mass for mankind is technology, which is growing at a feverish pitch and snowballing out of control.
The first millennium, from the year 1 to the year 999, produced a diversity of people symbolized in the fact that no single digit was shared among all birth dates for more than a hundred years at a time. The next millennium, from the year 1000 to 1999, saw every person with at least one 1 in their birthdates.
Thirteen years ago we entered a millennium in which every human being born will have at least one "2" in their date of birth. In 2013, I foresee more chaos and upheaval, caused in large part by misunderstanding, intolerance, and that growing separation that can be seen as the previous millennium's final death throes (just as the first few decades following the year 1000 were full of turmoil). Mankind as a whole has many flaws, but it also has great potential, and that potential is released at an increasing pace too, like everything else.
Numerology can be a useful tool, a guide for helping you determine your career path, which is a very important life decision. Jewellery, Electronic and Electrical Goods, Construction Materials, Business relating to Foreign Commodities, Advertising, Sponsoring of TV Programmes, Cinema Industry, Designing and Planning, InfoTech Business, Pawn Broking and Departmental Stores, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry. Traders in Liquids, Milk, Ice-cream Parlor, Pathological laboratory, Lab Technician, Medicine and Chemicals, Agriculture, Timber, Coal, Mines, Acting, Art, Import and Export Trade, Music, Creative Art, Printing and Publishing, Caretaker of any Organization, General Shop, Lawyer, Doctor, Vegetables, Perfumes and Consultancy service. Consultancy, Advisory Service, Finance Company, Chartered Accountancy, Banking, Advertising, Music, Art, Share, Chit, Coaching Centre, Cloth Business, Star Hotel, Bookshop and Running a School, Government Service. All Sports of Machineries, Photo Studios, Hotel, Tailoring, Photocopy Business, Electric Shop, Transport Service, Automobile, Agriculture, Real Estate, Construction, Building Contracts, InfoTech Business, Stock Exchange Broking, Leather Goods, Gas Agency, Astrology, Engineering, Designing and TV Business. Commercial Art, Agencies, Transport and Travel Agency, Law Practice, Banking, Games and Sports Organizing, STD, Courier Service, Sponsoring TV Programmes, Advertising, Nursery, Horticulture, Tobacco, Aluminium, Oil and Engineering.
Brokera€™s Business, Estate Brokera€™s, Commission Agency, All Entertainments, Fast Food, Hotel, Catering, Agriculture, Jewellery, Piece Goods Business, Dairy Firm, Fancy Bangles, perfumes, Acting and Media, Toys, Dry Fruits, Bakery, Marketing of Beauty and Luxury Items, Beauty Parlor, CrA?che, Paints, Music School, Library, Salts, Interior Decoration, Flowers and Poultry Firm. Detective Service, Art and Music, Fish, Film, Dairy Farm, Liquid, Rubber, Chemicals Like Soaps, Medicines, Mining, Photo Studio, Cinema and Theatre, Engineering. Chemicals, Iron, Brass, Bricks, Pots, Cement, Sanitary ware, Hardware, Timber, Coal, Photocopy, Printing Press, DTP, Agriculture, Transport, Travel Agency, Shoe Mart, Typewriting Institute, Oil, Screen Printing, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Sweater Business, Shawls, Stainless Steel and Poultry.

Printing and Publishing, Detective Service, Medicines, Sports, Electronic Goods, Metals, Food, Luxury Items, Media and Entertainment Business, School and Educational Institutions, Plywood, Hardware, Contract Work, Chemical Items, Gas Agency, Vessel Shop, Iron and Steel, Politics, etc. Pythagoras, the scientist in Greece is father of numerology who has invented many theorems for this. A 1-Year Numerology Forecast reveals what's coming into your life in the near future, so you'll always be prepared.
However, the 6 of this year is based on the number 2013, thereby putting some emphasis on the negative qualities of the 1 and the 2. The enhanced communication and creativity of the 3 may translate into an rising interest in art (good for collectors and investors).
This is difficult to see, because like the hands of a clock, we don't recognize the changes until we step away for a while. Everyone is and will be affected by the force of separation that seems to push us apart like particles in a vacuum. It seems a cynical contradiction that the incredibly precise and orderly foundation of science and technology may eventually drive us toward chaos if we don't find a way to put the brakes on it, or retain some measure of restraint. This reflected the localized nature of our existence, not just as far as location, but also in the timeline of our evolutionary growth as a race or a country. This may seem insignificant, but it isn't -- no less insignificant than adding salt to cooking; the amount may be very small, its influence is major. We should select our business according to, or compatible with, our own planet, and keep the name of the business and the trademark as per our lucky numbers. In this website just give your birth details or your name, it will give your number with its benefits. But when we do, it's clear to see that the schism is becoming extreme on all fronts; religious, economic, political, social and environmental.
A nuclear holocaust, manmade catastrophes, greed-driven genetic screw-ups in the food chain -- these are by no means impossible scenarios. We were not connected in any way, what happened on one continent generally did not affect the people on another continent at all. As I mentioned earlier, the 1 is individuality and independence, and that has been a visible aspect of our evolution over the past thousand years.
It seems clear though, that over the last several decades, starting perhaps after WWII, as we are making the shift from a thousand years dominated by the 1 to a thousand years with the 2 taking over, our metamorphosis is like a powerful spiraling energy changing direction; chaos and turbulence for a time, until we settle on our new direction -- toward peace, as it sneaks up on us one person at a time, one heart at a time. Some of us are born leaders in Fortune 100 companies, and others prefer to have less demanding and stressful jobs. The lucky number for the establishment should be the proprietora€™s lucky number or a favorable number.

But many people like to purchase only some particular soap or powder with a particular trademark. You will get benefits through your brothers and sisters.Real estate peoples will get good benefits.
We will see less tolerance to opposing opinions and a foot-in-mouth epidemic among politicians.
The spiritual integrity and rational aptitude of the 7 may lift our collective common sense a little (perhaps the most promising of the aforementioned positives). But most of all, keep your eyes on events globally and recognize that the world is getting smaller and smaller. Whether in religion, philosophy, politics, or any other field, we have, as individuals, been greatly empowered. It does not mean that the soaps and powders with other trademarks are poor in quality.
Despite of length of the name, lucky numbers, lucky days, lucky planets and benefits are determined and calculated by the total number of the name. It has difficulty being objective, tends to meddle in other people's affairs, and is gullible in all the wrong ways.
Not just because we can fly from one side to the other in a matter of hours, but because events on one side of the planet have a more powerful and immediate effect on the other side than ever before, as everything is becoming more and more intertwined. If there is one quality that stands out as an evolutionary achievement over the last millennium, it is our independence, personal freedom, and respect for individuality -- a small minority of backward religious zealots and intellectual Neanderthals notwithstanding. Numerology shows you what are the careers that are in harmony with your numerology numbers.
That means that if you chose that career you will be more efficient, more productive and overall happier.
Economies are becoming dependent upon each other to such an extent that any disruption is damaging to us all. You will get benefits through your fathera€™s side.You will get success at any taken tasks. When wars become bad for business, we may actually start to rely more on diplomacy and less on bombs. So each number has its own items, and each person should select a business suitable to his own number.

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