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Some sources says that the most important number to look at in relationships, especially romantic relationships, is your Life Path number.

Did you know that numbers can reveal a whole new level of understanding between people simply by looking at their name or birthday numbers and that of their partner? Find a free love numerology compatibility reading report based on your name and your the name of your love partner; compatibility through the numbers - it's like a match and marriage test! The study of the magical meanings of numbers and of their supposed influence on human life.
Number 2 - Compatibility, love match & romance: get a destiny number love compatibility reading! Number 4 - Name & relationship compatibility via a numerology report: soul number shareware & reports. Number 6 - Online psychic number reading by a numerologist, charts, astrology & horoscopes.

A numerology compatibility reading provides basically an in-depth look at how two people's core numbers can influence the foundation of their relationship. Numbers relate to a pattern of energies and vibrations, which in turn is related to the sexuality of human beings.
The Expression or Destiny Number basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar year ahead.

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