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The report that follows explores the numerological meaning of your birth date and the full name that was given to you at birth.
In our families and other groups of which we are a part, some behaviors are encouraged and others are discouraged.
For example, we may negatively manifest a number by expressing its opposite, as when the independent number 1 type becomes extremely dependent. Because we feel that a certain trait is unacceptable and unworthy of us according to the biases of our family, superiors or peers, we may not be able to relate to it in ourselves.
Studies such as numerology can help us find our way out of this maze, orienting us toward our true being and the highest manifestation of what we are. How Numerology Works.   Through the use of ancient principles, numerology can derive a world of meaning from your birthdate and birth name. Numerologist, Intuitive Self-Actualization Coach, Crisis Counsellor, Teacher; self-advancement techniques and Numerology, Athele has been in practice for well over a decade and has consulted worldwide in places like in Johannesburg, Pietermartizburg, Hong Kong and London. Numerology SeriesThis is the first in a twelve part numerology series on the qualities contained within the energy systems of each month of the year. The NUMEROLOGY of DecemberIt’s out with all that emotional content and in with good cheer. Numerology of January 2015January brings fresh breezes to blow away lingering cobwebs from last year. The Numerological Influences of February 2015The frenetic fizz of the festive season, which hopefully launched, rather than hindered, the forward momentum that is the New Year, now settles. The Numerological Influences of MarchShakespeare made an interesting choice when he warned Caesar "Beware the ides of March". UNDERSTANDING APRIL -NumerologyHopefully you heeded the warning and dealt with control issues and learnt lessons diligently last month, because April is the month that chickens come home to roost.
Pigs May FlyAt least in the world of imagination, artistry and illusion deep within the dream world, they do.
AUGUST - Not to be taken lightlyAn eight month, on the downhill of an eight year is not to be taken lightly.
September - You set the tone, anythingIf you’re not having loads of fun or throwing yourself with gay abandon and a childlike sense of wide-eyed wonderment at your world, you’re missing the gap! Anything is PossibleAdopt the attitude of The Child; its wide-eyed sense of wonderment allows even what seems magical appear normal. At the heart of March is the desire for control.Whether this is through the gathering of knowledge, learning which strengthens, drawing lines in the sand or even outright war, communication is at the heart of the matter. Gear up and the going is awesome in APRILThe corollary of which, so numerology says, is what always happens when you are in the wrong gear perhaps even the wrong lane, possibly even going in the wrong direction entirely – major strain on the engine, or worse perhaps, going nowhere slowly. FOCUS AND YOU ARE COOKING ON GAS IN MAY 2016The winds of expansion that promote change speed life up as we tumble towards mid year. Its aim is to make you more aware of the tendencies and patterns in your life, so that you can live more consciously, and more fully become the person you were meant to be. If who we are wasn't acceptable, we probably contorted ourselves to be what others wanted us to be.

Alternatively, the energy is out of balance and expressed extremely, as when the daring number 1 type becomes foolhardy. We may then spend many years discovering who we really are apart from other people's expectations of us. They can give us an objective picture of our strengths and weaknesses, show us our place in the larger scheme of things, and help us find the hidden gold in our characters, which we may not have even suspected that we had.
In the course of your life other numbers may become important for you, and you will probably acquire other names, but, like your astrological birth chart, the numerological vibrations at the very beginning of your life set the tone for all that follows. If you don’t get stuck in, shoulder hard on the wheel and make it happen now, you might as well put it to rest and accept that you may never make that happen. That depends on the extent to which you faced reality in April, helping you let go of that which no longer serves you.
More particularly, how this synergizes with your energy and the potential opportunities and challenges it creates. Energetically, being number one, as well as by tradition we give ourselves permission for a fresh start propelled by clarity of direction, fresh inspiration and the will to succeed. This facilitates the opportunity to work on associated qualities such as balance, strength, focus and sense of responsibility. This can be an exciting event if the coop is in order and you are well prepared, or worst case scenario you’re gonna find yourself in some degree of chaos with feathers flying. Whether it’s carnal lust, perhaps simply experienced as renewed passion for life, orthe lofty heights of romance where everything is idyllic, larks sing and nature beckons you to bear witness to how she blooms and glows.
Months like this come only once every nine years, so use every bit of the wind that’s at your back to propel you forward. You may anticipate that headlong rush, which starts with the festive season and ends with kickstarting the new year into being, to quieten down at last. Instead, each of us is multi-dimensional, made up of many energy imperatives vying for expression. Or the energy is not developed enough, so that the number 1 is cowardly instead of courageous. Work on balancing responsibilities with quiet introspection and a wealth of time to ponder and plumb the depths of your dreams. Athele has decades of study in esoteric disciplines which led to developing her unique style of mentorship.
May is the second air month of the year (January the other) so a strong breeze pushes you to move on, expand horizons and evolve. Was it because this is the month most associated with control, which can easily spiral into antagonism, ultimately war? Sometimes you have to take a giant leap of faith, believing you are capable of absolutely anything you can visualize. Work on saying no and being kind to yourself, your body and all those you are happy to commit to caring for in the long run. Love your life, be in the flow of your joy, forgive old paradigms and hurts with the Lightness of Being Grand Masters and Children do so lightly and all is well.

It's all very social, but if conducive channels aren't carved anticipate bad attitudes, general recalcitrance even declared aggression. Otherwise one could be excused for feeling like a spinning top, bouncing from one attention grabbing event to another, simultaneously grabbing open doors that demand consideration, whilst keeping one eye firmly on all exits in case of need to do a runner. Some energies harmonize easily, while others are at cross-purposes, causing us to live with contradictions and inner conflicts. Her intuitive capabilities and extensive studies in five numerology codes give her a stand-alone edge in the field.
The wind can just as easily leave you scattered if nervous restlessness is something you find hard to manage and you are not centred in your core. The yang of that is the terrified child with its grumpy pants and no can do stance, clinging to anything approximately mommy. Our task is to honor all parts of ourselves and work at bringing our disparate selves into some kind of balance and cooperation. Work on victim and co-dependent stuff to find balance between honouring your purpose and being there to do for others. Strive for balance between Self and Other as the need to nurture and be nurtured intensifies. By making us more aware of our inner tendencies, numerology can help us to do this all- important work on ourselves. Work on self-confidence; resolve to generate a fresh start in all ways that leave you feeling good about yourself. Let go of pre-conceived notions, yielding rather to what your Field is reflecting back at you and working with that. Critical analysis of options is crucial, or expect to be buffeted about, feeling like a juggler caught in a high wind.
Forgiveness of others, but especially the self can be most conducive, allowing the space for transformation. If you’ve been avoiding taking ownership its crunch-time so kill off unwanted behaviour patterns and unhealthy relationships. Efforts made in learning to take charge and being in dominion of your domain allow you to tap a rich vein of optimism and creativity.
May Faithfully adherence to structure and vigilance in keeping it real, dealing with the whole truth in all matters makes for ground breaking, exciting times. The opposite is also true; shelve tendencies to duck confrontation or laugh when matters get heavy. June Work most on lightening up, expanding horizons, letting go of all that holds you back or has grown stale.

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