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The report that follows explores the numerological meaning of your birth date and the full name that was given to you at birth.
In our families and other groups of which we are a part, some behaviors are encouraged and others are discouraged. For example, we may negatively manifest a number by expressing its opposite, as when the independent number 1 type becomes extremely dependent. Because we feel that a certain trait is unacceptable and unworthy of us according to the biases of our family, superiors or peers, we may not be able to relate to it in ourselves. Studies such as numerology can help us find our way out of this maze, orienting us toward our true being and the highest manifestation of what we are. How Numerology Works.   Through the use of ancient principles, numerology can derive a world of meaning from your birthdate and birth name. The experiences you will have in your home can be predicted by your house number -- the good, the bad and everything in between. As it relates to your house address, a Karmic Debt number can attract difficulties and painful lessons, which may not necessarily be a bad thing. There are many factors that go into choosing a home: price, location and size, to name a few.
Ultimately, the number in your address (the number of the house, building or suite you'll live in) is far more important than the Numerology of the street name.
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Its aim is to make you more aware of the tendencies and patterns in your life, so that you can live more consciously, and more fully become the person you were meant to be.
If who we are wasn't acceptable, we probably contorted ourselves to be what others wanted us to be. Alternatively, the energy is out of balance and expressed extremely, as when the daring number 1 type becomes foolhardy. We may then spend many years discovering who we really are apart from other people's expectations of us. They can give us an objective picture of our strengths and weaknesses, show us our place in the larger scheme of things, and help us find the hidden gold in our characters, which we may not have even suspected that we had. In the course of your life other numbers may become important for you, and you will probably acquire other names, but, like your astrological birth chart, the numerological vibrations at the very beginning of your life set the tone for all that follows. While no one number is any "worse" than another, there arenumbers you should try to avoid in a home address.
After all, if you're looking for a new home, chances are you're looking for a fresh start as well, whether it's through a new relationship or personal growth -- and a Karmic Debt number can help point you in the direction of self-improvement. If choosing your own address out of a selection of possible homes is doable, first decide what your personal needs and wants are, and then try to find an address to match.
That's because you share the street name's Numerological influence with everyone who lives on the street, while your home is much more personal to you specifically.
With clarity and power you will set the intention to work toward your goals and to bring success and wealth into your life today.

Instead, each of us is multi-dimensional, made up of many energy imperatives vying for expression. Or the energy is not developed enough, so that the number 1 is cowardly instead of courageous. These numbers are called Karmic Debt numbers: those that reduce or add up to 13, 14, 16 or 19. For example, if you want to be more of a leader at work, you might want to consider an address where the number 1 (a number known for its leadership qualities) is prominent. Some energies harmonize easily, while others are at cross-purposes, causing us to live with contradictions and inner conflicts. Karmic Debt numbers suggest challenges or obstacles as they relate to your personal life, be they in your personality or life path. Our task is to honor all parts of ourselves and work at bringing our disparate selves into some kind of balance and cooperation. By making us more aware of our inner tendencies, numerology can help us to do this all- important work on ourselves.

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