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According to some Asian legends, Chinese horoscope signs came into existence because of the boredom of the Jade King whose realm was in the heavenly clouds.
On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Sheep (sometimes called Ram or Goat) is associated with female.
For Chinese horoscope signs of gallantry you want the Rooster.Straight shooting and with no problems telling what's on his mind, honesty is one of the strong points of the Rooster.
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In the astrological charts used by the ancient Chinese animals became the designated signs for certain years.

The Rooster's clever mind will sometimes show itself with its dry sense of humor.Efficient and highly organized compels others to keep up.
Do you just wish you could say some magic words and make your eyebrows grow 10 sizes bigger? A true maverick.In Chinese astrology, the Horse is the one sign associated with masculinity.
Often the centre of attention, the Rooster loves the spotlight and the spotlight loves the Rooster.
A natural spokesperson, the Dog stands up for those who can't stand up for themselves.Everywhere the Dog goes, he is respected by friends, family and within the community. Yet so many acts of kindness, the Pigs are very fortunate in life, as successes seem to fall right into their laps.Passionate is the best word to describe Miss Piggy.
Anyone looking to compete against the Tiger has their work cut out for them.But there is a softer side of the Tiger. This eyebrow set lets you have eyebrows way bigger than normal, so you can have gigantic eyebrows. If you know a Rat person, then you know that they are pretty active both mentally and physically.Rat people tend to keep their true feelings to themselves.
Rabbits are sensitive people with a gentle heart.That sensitivity can be shown in other areas of the Rabbit's life.

Good luck to you in trying to figure out the snake - they guard their privacy vigorously.With that said, the Snake is a very likable person, who can dazzle and charm anyone. These people are considered the artists of the zodiac, as they are the most creative of all Chinese horoscope signs.Sheep seek peaceful and charming environments. Not all the dreams that a Dragon has will go to fruition, but that doesn't stop the Dragon from dreaming them. Horses love the great outdoors and sports.Because the Horse is hard to capture, people are drawn to this energetic beast. They also very perceptive and pick up on cues that many others miss.Confident and competitive, the Monkey easily moves up the ladder of success.
So while one side them likes to go out and have a social life, the other part desires quiet times with friends.
Not known for being party animals, Ox people get their most satisfaction from being with friends and surrounded by family.

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