Free online astrology birth chart prediction quiz

Weaknesses: Stubborn, laziness, possessive, uncompromising, materialistic, and self-indulging.
Weaknesses: Know it all, inhibited, conceited, unforgiving, distrusting, and unimaginative.
You can check your daily horoscopeĀ on the main home page using your zodiac sign, so check it out to see what your day has in store for you! The magician stands in front of a table containing a sword, wand, pentacle and cup, holding a wand high in one hand whilst pointing at the ground with the other.

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Their attempts to explain the seemingly unpredictable events in life such as changing seasons, wars, economic hardships, and relationship issues (etc.) link their lives to the stars above. Horoscopes have to do with the belief that the relative positions of stars and planets have some influence over the lives of humans.

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