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We will take your brief and create any type of cover you wish, from a simple graphic designed cover using just text to illustrative or photographic ones using an extensive library source of images. Regarding the Reading Room content: Although we are trying to present works that, to the best of our knowledge, are generally accepted in the United States as suitable for general audiences, the works displayed here are the works of the authors (unedited, unless otherwise noted) and may contain ideas, language, and other elements that are potentially offensive to some readers. Regarding the printing of multiple copies of the free printable activities (PDFs): Special permission is given to parents, teachers, and others who manage children to print these activities in the quantities needed for their use in homeschool environments, classrooms, camps, clubs, ministries, daycares, and the like as long as the printouts are provided for free and are not sold, and the copyright statement, website address, and other included information remains on the digital files and printouts.

This classic children's story, featuring beautiful illustrations, has been loved for generations. These works do not necessarily represent the views of this website or anyone involved with it.

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