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The above query will return 237,000 result for "Google" with visuals of Google as they were back in 1998. Author's Bio: Shubhashish Shukla (follow him) is the person behind Sector Techno (twitter, facebook), a technology blog.
The Rockstar's latest game innovation, the Grand Theft Auto 5 has successfully broken the revenue collection record by collecting over $ 1 billion in just three days. Before this, Call of Duty Black Ops earned $ 1 billion but it took almost 15 days to reach $ 1 billion mark. The greatest innovation in the gameplay, is the ability to switch between the three players and experience all three sides of the interwoven story. Whenever any article's link or URL is placed in the status posting field, Facebook automatically loads title, meta description and thumbnail from the article. But sometimes, the article you want to share don't have any images in it or the image is inappropriate or maybe you just happen to have a better one to share. There is so much information on the internet nowadays about SEO tips and services, so how do we know which ones are legitimate and which ones are just trying to get money from us?

All genuine SEO experts will be able to give you realistic timeframes on when you will see some type of change. Learning about vegetables and gardening never seemed so exciting as it will with our cute carrots, bunnies, lettuce and ladybug worksheets!We offer different levels of fun, educational gardening printables, so that kids of all ages can join the fun!
Our cute educational coloring pages are all about vegetable gardens, and the fun activity of growing your own garden at home. These vegetable garden bookmarks are designed to be colored, and cut-out as a fun activity for preschool, kindergarten, or early elementary age children. Bookmark this page, as we have many more fun and educational vegetable gardening kids' printable activity coloring pages, worksheets, bookmarks, and other fun stuff to do at home and school, coming in the next few weeks.We will soon have cute scarecrows to color, and paper-plate scarecrow crafts that will delight and entertain kids of younger ages. PhotoFunia Magazines Cover effect provide Template for a magazine cover photo, you can also create your own title, Place a photo on the back cover of the magazine.
Along with this, there is one more search query launched, that allows you to take a peek at Google back in 1998. The number of results are different from the actual query as it will return 1,940,000,000 results.

The online version of the game will be launched on October 1st and online version will be packaged free with every copy of GTA 5. Facebook has also launched a new insight page from where you can track analytic details. Kids will learn about different vegetable plants in the garden, how they grow, and have fun with colored pencils, markers, or crayons at the same time! The bookmarks worksheets can be printed on card-stock, then colored, and used as a classroom bookmark, or a fun gift to take home for parents or grandparents.

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