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Chaplain Mike will be taking a very well-earned sabbatical during the month of November as he completes coursework toward his ordination in the Lutheran church. You can purchase any or all of these books by clicking on their links on this page—that will take you straight to Amazon (where I buy almost all of my reading material these days). I have always had lots of questions regarding him [although I think he is a mythical being], none of which were ever answered. Am eagerly looking forward to “listening” in to a discussion among those here who will be reading this book!
IM now has a group on Facebook, which is designed to help readers of the Internet Monk blog connect and communicate in other ways and places. To make this as safe and user-friendly as possible, we have made the iMonk Community an invitation only group.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. All the nature fairies and tinker fairies will play with your kids while they color the free printable Tinkerbell coloring pages.

Printable coloring pages, digital stamps, and line drawings for holidays, seasons, pirates, fairies, pets, shapes, famous people, vacation places and paper crafts. I considered spending the month pondering the question, “When will Cincinnati ever get a professional football team?” Then I thought, Hey!
Tinker fairies help the nature fairies in preparing for their wonders to bring the different seasons and natures’ seasonal beauty. We will ask some questions and throw out some ideas as starters for discussion, but then the floor will be opened for you to share your thoughts.
Let me just say that, apart from just about anything by Robert Capon, this book encapsulates what the Christian life should look like more than anything I have ever read. Stafford is not a Charismatic preacher; rather, he is a journalist who asked this question honestly, and looks for honest answers. How do we reconcile his committing genocide and ordering others to do the same with the God who is Love?
Damaris Zehner and Martha of Ireland will look at the life of a woman who we really know almost nothing about.

The kids will learn and embrace nature’s beauty and the creators through these coloring pages.
Though reading 4 books in 1 month reminds me of grad school and will give me nightmere’s tonight! Now they will get to interact with her in their imagination while they color these coloring pages. I don’t have time to go through the hundreds of comments that go into spam every day, but let me know and if it's in spam I can do a quick search and set it free. The activity will grow their interest in her fairy tale and as Einstein had wisely said “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales.
This will keep them busy with some fun activities that also help nurture their brain development.

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