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You can get free love fortune teller readings from many online sources.  There are online fortune tellers, using empathy as a psychic ability, just waiting to prove themselves to you in hopes that you will continue to use their services.  And if you’re love life has suffered – this may just be the answer that you are looking for! Astrology – Most commonly known fortune telling method, astrology allows the fortune teller to examine the characteristics of a patron’s birth in relation to a specific problem, question, and issue in a patron’s present day life to divine meaning based on the positions of the stars, sun, moon, and planets. Crystal Ball (Crystallomancy) – Many fortune tellers still use a crystal ball which is essentially a large glass ball filled with fluid that refracts light to great different effects.  A fortune teller will stare into the ball until they attain a trance-like state where the answers will show themselves with the ball. Ouija Board (Spirit Board) – Similar to the popular mainstream game, the spirit board is a specific device most often used when trying to communicate with lost love ones, demons, spirits, or ghosts.  Not too helpful for a patron’s love life though.
About the AuthorAndrew Rotta is an author, promoter and believer the art of psychics, tarot, and related spiritual fields. Review the Free Fortune Teller slot created by Play N Go developers with 20 lines and 5 reels. With Fortune Teller, you’re getting a Play N Go Slot that has 5 reels with 20 paylines on them awarding a jackpot of up to $6,250, the cash equivalent of 25,000 coins. If you believe that someone can tell you your future just by looking at your hand, you should take a look at Fortune Teller.
One can win that top jackpot if he gets five symbols on the same payline, which have the crystal orb image.

The black cat is the slot’s scatter symbol, and it gives out cash prizes and offers free spins.
The tarot cards symbol is a bonus symbol, and with a minimum of three, you can activate the game’s bonus round. The primary purpose of this spread is to provide information on choices in a querent's life. After purchasing you will get the link for download full version of the software and a registration key. Seriously, they should teach things like this in schools- isn't it funny that even basic self-improvement techniques are n ot even on the school curriculums. The game’s biggest features are the wild symbol, the scatter, Free Spins and Bonus symbols. The mystical theme of this slot I’m sure will appeal too many, and the graphics are a bit spooky, which makes for a good combination. The 100 coins that make up the maximum bet, with a value of $0.25 for each one, are worth $25, and a bet of that size can result in a prize of $6,250, the cash equivalent of 25,000 coins. This is also the wild symbol, but when there are multiple symbols of this type it pays out regular prizes, the most offered being 5000 times the line bet.

Three or more black cats, appearing anywhere on the reels, will award free spins, and for their duration, this symbol is a wild when it appears. You can see the fortune teller’s gypsy camp in the background, an image taken at night, with the full moon visible in the sky. The rest of the time, this symbol will substitute for the majority of the game’s symbols, helping to create new combinations. If there are at least two of them, they also give out cash prizes during regular game rounds (up to 300 times the total bet for that round, awarded for five cats).
The game symbols use images of playing cards between 10 and A, plus images of black Cats, crystal orbs, gypsy dancers, tarot cards, lit candles, a hand with an eye in its palm and the Zodiac signs.

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