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I'm trying to figure out all this weight and balance stuff, when this question came up on sportys practice test. Calculate the moments for the pilot and the fuel and add to the empty aircraft and divide by the total weight to get the CG. If there is more than one passenger (it's plural), this is a weird aircraft that has them all side by side.
Yeah, there is a certain Angell around here somewhere that wrote a real Pro of a W&B app for iPhone and Android. I know this may sound like I'm trying to complicate it when all you want is a simple understanding, but it may help you if you just remember the actual differences between all these terms. And as others have pointed out, all you need to do is add up all the moments (however you get them), add up all the weights, and divide the total moment by the total weight to find the CG.

Sometimes there are issues with decimal places, depending on how they word the sample problem, but it's usually easy enough to just look at the resulting number and deduce how many inches it really is.
So, for the picture presented, the moment on each side of the fulcrum has to be equal to get it to balance. For any particular value of x or any particular value for y there is a corresponding y or x that will work. In the above equations you can use either the weight times the arm (as written) or just plug in the moment (which is equal to the weight times the arm) if you have it . It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. If they give you everything you need like they did in that problem, it's just addition, division and multiplication.
I just entered in all that data not using the arm and only the weight and moment and got the correct number. Why the datum is where it is doesn't really matter- just think of it as the point on which all these loads have to balance.

Negative or positive values, though, are important, because they refer to an arm that is forward or aft of the datum. I guess if moment data is present I should just use moment and not worry about figuring out the ARM stuff. Since this makes the most sense to me, i'm going to just use the ARM is arm data is present and use MOMENT if moment data is present. The aircraft empty CG is not the fulcrum- it's just another load on an arm, exerting force at the datum.

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