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Sadly, my love for Halloween did not survive the three Halloweens I spent working in a costume shop. If you’re curious and want to read more about Holy Wells I found this page fascinating. If you have visited Holland and enjoyed the small canal-side villages, you will recognise something of the same atmosphere at Saxilby in Lincolnshire. On 3rd of November 1805, a certain Thomas Otter got married, evidently much against his will. By now darkness had fallen and the labourer, whose reputation was well deserved, decided to shadow the newly-married couple in the hope of being able to spy upon some amorous activity. Sadly, the contest is over and the winners chosen (the necklace won by Coleen, the Scarf by someone known as Jo’s Daughter, and the ring was won by Heather). My Goblin’s Scottish blood gurgled to the surface this evening (he also has lots of English blood). Being an overly optimistic soul I had visions of finding an ugly ceramic figurine or clock that no one else wanted. Just inside the door, I was peering into the nearest case when I overheard the young man behind the counter tell three apparent customers (who were also young men) that all the best stuff was in cabinet No.
Like heroines in many romantic stories, Jane Eyre was a penniless orphan who was an ugly duckling. Miss Anna Harcourt disguises herself as a maid to be near the man she thinks she loves, but little does she know how far this charade will lead her … or how close to scandal!
And by the end of October, look for it in the iStore, the Sony ebookstore, and other online retailers. Subscribe to Anthea’s Quarterly Newsletter~Four times a year, you'll get info about upcoming Romance releases, cover sneak peeks, free chapters, and other goodies. Indiscretion by Jude Morgan Report this PageWhen your father is a man of expensive tastes and schemes but very little money, you soon learn to make do.
The other day I read an article about how leading Dutch authors are rarely translated into other languages. Rawlins written in the year 1823 titled; On the Ancient Custom of Decorating Wells with Flowers etc. The village, which is only about four miles from Lincoln, runs parallel with the Fossdyke, along whose banks in summertime are moored lines of pleasure cruisers.
On the same day a casual labourer by the name of John Dunkerly, after enjoying some drinks with his friends in The Sun bar, decided at six o’clock to return to his own village, Doddington, which was about five miles away. Sadly it won't come with the box (or with magic powers that will zap you back in time).

I wish I could go back in time and put my ear to the keyhole as they discussed their wedding plans. They own more stuff than any one person could see in a lifetime without one’s eyes drying up, falling out and ending in one of their collections of stuff. It’s an ex military base where the old RAF buildings have been taken over by various individual businesses many of which sell antiques.
I gave myself a budget (that could be given stretch marks if I saw something that called my name and promised I’d die without it). She left an unhappy time at a boarding school to become a teacher and governess for a proud man with a secret. A Colonel dies after receiving seeds in the mail, a young bride disappears, a jewel is stolen and a son is accused of this father's murder.
So when Captain Fortune, a well-meaning but profligate ex-soldier in Regency England, tells his daughter Caroline that they are ruined, she automatically starts seeking employment as a governess.
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Sixteen-year-old Liza's dreams of her society debut are dashed when her parents are killed in an accident.
I like to create historical fiction that has a modern appeal to teens and adults.Regency romance blends enjoyably with historical fiction, with a plucky heroine for each mode. In capturing a custom, Rawlins unwittingly captures a moment in the lives of ordinary people. Opposite the canal stands The Sun, an inn which was the subject of a most extraordinary haunting at the beginning of the last century.
The contest centered around the 1995 BBC version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (the one with Colin Firth as Darcy).
In the end, Burns purchased 15 yards of black silk from a merchant in Glasgow, for Jean’s wedding dress and apparently paid about ?7.
Sensing their hoard might be missing a trick (ie missing opportunities to make money) they’ve put online a collection of photographs of some their stuff (and offer the option to purchase large detailed photos for personal perusal). I made a mental note to find that cabinet and have a look because it doesn’t cost anything to look at the best stuff and dream. All document files are the property of their respective owners, please respect the publisher and the author for their copyrighted creations. Penniless, she accepts the position of lady's maid to young Princess Victoria and steps unwittingly into the gossipy intrigue of the servant's world below-stairs as well as the trickery above.
As I was reading his descriptions of making the floral decorations I stopped and thought about the men and women who, after exhausting daily chores, gathered flowers and constructed these elaborate decorations for their local Holy Wells.

The singer-songwriter Jasmine Kyle (a devoted Janeite) wrote a song inspired by the movie and wanted to share it…ie give it away to other Janeites. One morning I was out in the fields with my mother when she pointed at foxglove and said, “That’s foxglove! I just noticed it had prints of flowers starting from the early printing press using woodcuts through to the mid 1800’s and I thought it might be interesting.
If, like me, you enjoy trawling through endless photos of antiques (because you never know what might inspire a romance novel or end up on the must have wish list) this website is for you! We lived five miles out of town on a sparsely populated road in the woods so there was no local Trick or Treating. The school (even deeper into the woods) thoughtfully provided a Halloween party for the children.
Tonight Scotland celebrates Robert Burns, the poet who wrote poetry in the common Scottish dialect. Some of the souls choosing items to be photographed for the collection appear to be either blind or mad (is there anyone out there in the known universe who lives to trawl through numerous photos of pewter dishes that all look alike?), but that’s part of the charm.
After three buildings I’d seen about three things I liked (in the first building), but none of them made me feel anything. I didn’t really spend too much time looking downstairs, I was drawn up the stairs by the nagging mystery of cabinet No 1. Rawlins was some sort of churchman so there’s a religious flavor to his reminisces, but that too is very Regency. Coats unearths all sorts of interesting facts and vignettes about the artists and plants in the prints. It being the early 70’s, I already owned a long white cotton dress and a pink pinafore.
She then made me a big fat spider out of some black socks and tied it with a length of yarn to a wooden spoon (from out of the kitchen drawer). I found several examples on Youtube, but I thought this one sung by a Scottish woman was most appropriate. I probably hit a few people with my spoon as I waved my arm to make the spider fly about, but I thankfully don’t remember.

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