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Sorry - currently online hand analysis and palm readings are not available due to time constraints. Modern Hand Reading Forum where there are many palm readers worldwide who can help to answer your questions. If you don't have a favourite, I will use the Tarot pack that I feel most drawn towards for you. Once you've received your reading, you are welcome to send feedback and ask for clarification if there's anything that you don't understand or relate to.

Donation button if you'd like to say thanks for online enquiries and make a small donation via paypal.
Gustav Klimt’s art held a primary position in early 20th century Vienna - a city rich with intellectual, aesthetic and psychological movements that contributed to the formation of modern man. However you can email me if you have concerns or a specific question about a feature on your hands (send a clear photo). I am co-moderator of this forum and log on almost every day, so I will see your post there and am happy to answer specific questions about hand features and palm lines, but please note I do not give full readings online.

I do not take the money out of paypal until I am sure that my customers are satisfied with their reading. Content must not be reproduced without my permission, and must always include a link back to this site.

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