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Free Weekly Predictions, Chart Reading, Personal Astrology, Business Astrology, Corporate Astrology, Jyotishremedies, Astrologers K Rajesh Chaudhary R K Chadha Dr. The ascendant or lagna is that point in the zodiac which rises at the time of birth of a person with reference to the place of birth. This is the best form of drawing a chart as it provides a very easy comprehension of the chart at a mere glimpse. According to Systems’ Approach, the lordship of the houses is reckoned from the placement of a mooltrikona sign in a particular house. As the sign of Libra is placed in the fifth house in the above chart, Venus will be the lord of the fifth house. The esoteric meaning of the four in that it expresses the idea of ??divine creation, presenting a prototype, the first act of creation. Graphical representation of the four is a pyramid, which is three-dimensional figures and the symbol of the Divine Fire. According to the words of God is the Pythagorean number of numbers because the decade, or 10, including 1, 2, 3 and 4, that is because it is a symbol of the four of the first four numbers. Kabbalistic tradition associated with the four properties such as stability and charity which, in turn, is considered as derivatives of wisdom.

Quaternity or kvarterion often has 3 +1 structure, in which one element is unique and has a distinct, with the rest of nature (animals symbolize the three evangelists, and the fourth – the angel). The lord of the mooltrikona sign placed in a particular house is called the lord of the house. Manly Hall gives the following description of the quadruple from the position of the Pythagorean symbolism Tetrad 4, considered by the Pythagoreans as the original, all the previous number, the root of all things, the source of nature and the most perfect of numbers. Tetrad connects them all Luggages, numbers, elements, temporary structure, manifesting as recurrent cycles.
Four harmoniously unites such opposites and poles, as spirit and matter, motion and rest, and embodies the principles of universal order, integrity, symmetry, perfect balance, internal and external correspondence, completeness and strength.
The ascendant is the first house in a horoscope and the rest of the houses are reckoned from it. Four other image is the cross – a symbol of cosmic balance and the intersection of mind and matter.
All tetradyintellektualny, of which there is order, they encircle the world as empirical, and go through it.
The ascendant is an important part of the horoscope and it helps in identifying the functional nature of planets.

This number is equal to the square and the cube, and represents a cross representing the four seasons and the four directions. For example, if you want to describe the horizon as an entity, you call the four corners of the world … The four elements we find everywhere the four primary properties of matter, four colors, four castes in India, four paths of spiritual perfection in Buddhism.
According to the principle of Quaternary simulate a large number of material and spiritual forms. Similarly, there are four aspects of psychological orientation, and it is their property (in fact, the number of) the most fundamental of what we can say about them.
In the aspect of human nature, the four symbolizes the four lower body (physical, etheric, astral, mental), four types of temperaments (choleric, melancholic, sanguine, phlegmatic), four periods of life (childhood, youth, maturity, old age). For self-determination, we need a function that states that there is something (feeling) in the other, which establishes what is this thing (thinking) in the third, which shows us that something fits or not, whether we accept it ( sense), and, finally, in the fourth determining the source of something and its direction (intuition).

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