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Today is the last day of the DVLA auction at Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club, Warwick. Tom Talbot from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire is a fan of number plates - in fact he has 40 of them. An an auction in Hong Kong on Saturday 7 February 2009 the car registration "2318" sold for $1.7 million HKD (A?152,000).
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right.
Once again there have been some great sales, showing the resilience of number plates.As expected, the registration '1 D' was the star of the show when it sold on Wednesday 25th March. This will be the second one of the year and will be held at Ardencote Manor Hotel and Country Club in Claverdon, Warwick. Ryman was an official sponsor of the event and raised over A?500,000 by selling official Comic Relief merchandise. This is the 20th issue of the magazine published by Regtransfers dedicated to number plates.
It was spaced DR 53USS and of course I don't condone the mis-spacing of plates but I have to admit I thought this looked great and made me smile. The winning bidder was an unnamed woman who purchased this as when spoken '2318' sounds like 'yee sam yat baat' meaning 'easy life and prosperity' in Cantonese.

A record breaker even before the auction had started by commanding the highest ever reserve set for an auction of this type. There will be 1600 lots available throughout the 3 day event starting on Wednesday 25th March 2009. The exclusive interview this time is with entrepreneur James Caan from BBC TV's Dragons' Den. Mr Liang Qiwei was bidding against the eventual winner but ended up buying '3218' for $750,000 HKD (A?67k) and also 'MY8' at $440,000 HKD (A?39K) instead.
It didn't take long for the bidding to reach A?100,000 and the plate eventually sold for a hammer price of A?285,000. Mr Talbot paid A?7000 in total and said, "I'm very pleased to be the new owner, especially at the price I got it at. There is also, of course, the usual mix of letters, stories and listings and a feature on Theo Paphitis's car being pulled by his chauffeur, all in aid of Comic Relief.Order your FREE copy here.
It was well within my budget.a€?Tom's company, Talbot Alsger, a waste disposal firm in nearby Tunstall village also benefits from his hobby. You could show off your new personal number plate with 'BRA 6S' or if you're feeling a bit on the slow side, you may opt for 'DUM 8B'. Michael and two willing companions decided to pull Theo's Maybach, complete with Ryman number plate, for a mile down the Mercedes test track in Surrey.

He has put his pastime to great effect by supplying some suitable numbers for the firm's vehicles.
The number plate was bought by Lebanese property developer Nabil Bishara who bought it as a birthday present for his wife. The fleet is instantly recognisable as they proudly adorned numbers like AL54 GER and TUN 574L.After Tom purchased his first Stoke number, he was contacted by Catherine Handley, 37 after Catherine had seen reports in the local newspapers. The reserve for this number is a record breaking A?20,000 and is the highest reserve ever to be set at a DVLA auction. Ms Handley had the registration GO57 OKE and thought it would be a great addition to Mr Talbot's collection. They managed to indeed pull this beast of car the full mile and have so far raised over A?1300.

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