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The Viber user interface is almost identical to the Phone app on your iPhone, with the exception of the purple theme, making learning how to use the app a no brainer. Although only calls to other Viber users are free, you can still use Viber to make and recieve calls to and from your non-viber friends using your phone’s minutes, and the app lets you send them a quick message asking them to install the iPhone app. We invite you to enter our Feature Request page and post your suggestion there, or join an existing similar suggestion. Viber team: is there a preferences menu with an option to set up auto-answer for a configurable list of callers?
We are pleased to provide you with a fantastic and extremely convenient way to make internet phone calls to Costa Rica completely for free!
You do not have to be concerned with your enormous telephone bills anymore, since we have made it possible for you to get in touch with your near and dear who live in this country any time you wish! Everything you are expected to do is to register with us and follow the corresponding instructions you will find at this website to make free phone calls to Costa Rica day and night! The very procedure of making FREE international calls using our service is understandable and easy, so if you really wish to stay connected with your friends, family and business partners from Costa Rica, then you do not have to search any further! This service does not only focus on helping you make free online phone calls to Costa Rica and lots of other countries of the world, but it also strives for high-quality communication devoid of any boundaries and limitations!

You just enter your iPhone number, the Viber service sends you a text message with a code, and you enter that code into the Viber app.
Anyone that has the Viber app installed has the little Viber icon next to their name in the Contacts section.
I used it last month to keep in touch with my girlfriend who traveled to Ethiopia for a few weeks.
Our team loves apps and is dedicated to writing iPhone app reviews to help you find the best new & free iPhone apps in the App Store.
It may seem hard to believe that at first, but if you try using our service once, you will make sure it is as easy and affordable as it is claimed to be! If you are calling internationally often to other Viber iPhone users, then this app might still be of value to you. Although we had to wait until she had access to WiFi (hard to find in Ethiopia), it was still WAY better than racking up the phone bill because of international calls or texts. For the latest App Store buzz check out the Trending iPhone apps updated daily with free games worth downloading. We know how to help you get the most out of your communication and we are dedicated to our clients’ needs and wishes.

From now on, nothing will prevent you from getting in touch with people you love no matter how far they live! If you are on a WiFi network, you have nothing to worry about, but do watch your usage on 3G unless you do have the unlimited data plan.
Founded to help you stay connected with close people, it will offer you unlimited benefits when making and receiving calls from this country! Viber needs to work on adding non-iPhone users to their list of customers, including Android and Windows users to gain more traction going forward. It is not only user-friendly and convenient, but it also ensures seamless connection and unsurpassed performance you have always dreamt about! That is why it is really your number one choice when it comes to quality and affordable communication!

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