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Put away your pencil and paper, now you can play Tic Tac Toe on your AAndroid mobile phone for free! You can download Tic-Tac-Toe for Android from here,  compatible for all Android versions, supports App2SD. Today Rushing Ninjas by the guys from Frostware Entertainment, the studio known for The Starchildren and Skycat, rushed into Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch. Paper Toss has been in the App Store for quite some time, and has always been a 100% free iPhone game. There has probably never been a mobile phone that didn’t have some sort of Solitaire game pre-installed on it, well that is why game developers came up with this free Solitaire iPhone game. Knights Onrush by Chillingo took some precious time from a lot of iPhone-lovers, except of course you cheap ass iPhone-gamers who waited for a free look-a-like version of the game.
Volkswagen’s Real Racing GTI iPhone game starring the latest Golf VI is of course not a game intended to get some bucks from you, Volkswagen just wants you to testdrive its car on your mobile device. Traffic Rush is a simple but pretty chaotic car traffic game similar to Firemint’s non-free Flight Control game. Papi is a happy, red little bouncing ball who likes to jump in the sky to try to be as high and dry as possible. Steve Jobs dedicated quite some time to Game Center, and showed off some nice features along with Mike Capps from Epic Games. Pinball games in any setting are great fun, so playing Wild West Pinball for the iPhone is always going to provide you with hours of entertainment. Toobz pits you and your spanner against the clock as you race to construct an elaborate maze to channel the impeding rush of water about to spoil your lawn. We love our iPhones, no doubt about it and that’s why I want to issue a note of caution when downloading Copter.
The first real Tic Tac Toe game for the Android Devices is now available for free download. The Tic-Tac-Toe app for Android Features four difficulty levels, and clean hi-res graphics. There are completely free games, and of course the so-called Freemium games that will at some point require a few cents or bucks from you if you want to really get into the game.
The concept is quite simple and get slightly addictive; you have some balled up paper and need to throw it in the trash bin by sweeping your finger over your touch screen. Don’t expect anything extremely fancy though, Solitaire looks just like the old Solitaire-game on Windows but has a few new features. That’s the name of this neat free puzzle adventure game for iPhone and iPod Touch with a really cool silhouette-like graphic style. This game gives you the chance to cruise around in one of the six cars on the standard track. All iPhone game reviewsites gave that game a whole bunch of love for its awesomeness, and now you can play it for free. Be sure to check out Depict, a pictionary-like iPhone and iPod Touch title offering a few minutes of free fun. It does give some info on how you will be able to login, that once you are logged in you stay logged in even if you leave the app and you will be able to change your public nickname.

A few seconds later, the CEO announced the new iPod Touch that is an iPhone 4, but without the phone in it. They presented the game Project Sword (codename); a sword fighting game with astonishing graphics, an amazing framerate and a multiplayer mode.
This Game Center should become what Xbox Live is to the Xbox 360; one of the most vital things that keeps the platform rocking.
The in-built tilt technology lends itself perfectly to manoeuvring the car as it mimics a steering wheel. Rather unsurprisingly the aim of the game is to get as many points as you can by nudging nodes, bouncing bonuses and generally pelting your ball to within an inch of its life. The mechanics of the game are based on the popular Tetris game, which means you have to find the right shaped pipe to connect to another and create a continuous chain of blocks. OK, maybe no the drugs part but the latest offering by Gameloft, Guitar Rock Tour, sets out to combine the latest craze in computer gaming with the iPhone’s cutting edge touch technology.
Originally developed an internet game played by bored office workers and students this simple game has taken on cult status.
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. Think of it as artificial Intelligence on your phone – a self-learning Tic Tac Toe that is hard to beat as it learns from yours and its own mistakes. Rushing Ninjas challenges you to get as many ninjas as possible through the screen without having them chopped into tiny pieces by cool but dangerous creatures like evil dragons. Actually the App Store has more good Freemium games than 100% free iPhone games, but for all the cheapscapes out there we compiled a list of the best free iPhone games.
You can change your game’s background, use Vegas scoring and use your own cards in the game. The game lets you play with blocks by pushing them, using machines and by doing risky tricks. However, if you really like it you can always decide to purchase the full game from Firemint in the App Store.
In this arcade-style game you’ll be dodging bees and other stingy insects, and connect with friends over the internet with built-in Facebook Connect support and other goodies. This simple game lets you tilt your iPhone or iPod Touch to guide a ball to the holes in the game.
It’s your job to make sure that the cars don’t crash, until of course you lose your head and get too much tapping work and the cars crash leading to your game over with hopefully a new high score! Existing second and third generation iPod touch users can update to iOS 4.1 free of charge on September 8 to enjoy new features including Game Center. The point collecting should be a great method to keep gamers going and to create a community aspect. Unlike many other racing games the developers of Fast and Furious really seemed to have nailed the interface between the game controls and the iPhone’s accelerometer. You get three balls to get the best score possible and the game makes excellent use of the iPhone’s touch screen technology. Unfortunately, the exact type of pipe you need doesn’t just appear and you often have to wade through numerous other shapes until you get the right fitting pipe and when you’re racing against the clock this really puts the pressure on.

Following in the footsteps of Guitar Hero and Rock Band this addictive application puts users’ digital dexterity to the test as they shred away to the music like a cross between Slash and Mozart.
If I were to review this game purely on its aesthetics the description would be something that closely resembled a crash landing with a pile of pejoratives falling onto the page. The game has Game Center support for all the leader board and achievement whores among you. The game has different stages and difficulty levels and can be made ad-free if you pay a dollar to the game’s developer. In case you’re really getting into it, you can go to the App Store and buy an extra level for the game. It’s one of the most simple game concepts ever, and this game prooves that it still works.
So if Flight Control looks like it could be something cool for you but you’re not willing to pass the buck immediately, then definitely check out Traffic Rush!
Get the full version of the game, and you’ll be able to play online and have access to tons of other good features. It’s dead simple, pretty addictive and a hardcore free iPhone game with some ads here and there. You’ll be able to challenge friends, create duel games and compare scores with other gamers.
As of now, there aren’t really any other games that Apple announced as Game Center games, but we know that a lot of developers will implement Game Center features in their existing games and are about to develop new games that support Game Center. There is no ridiculous over steer or need to tilt your iPhone too far in one direction to make the car budge an inch. To launch your ball you simply pull back the coil and release and this sets the game in motion. Fortunately, spectacular graphics aren’t what this game is about and what it lacks in style it certainly makes up for in pure gaming fun. Pay a dollar and you won’t have to be distracted by the advertisements in this game anymore.
This game was actually the predecessor of Doodle Jump, one of the best-selling games in the App Store. Sensitivity is often a problem with racing games but Fast and Furious has been perfectly calibrated to provide players with a game that feels realistic but with an element of control in place.
Your mission is to pilot a miniature helicopter through what looks like the set of a dodgy 80’s video game and get the furthest distance possible.
The new iPod Touch devices, available with 8 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB, will be available next week.

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