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Predictions Nostradamus, Vanga, Bible - A Revelation of The NEAR Future Straight From the Mouths of Those Who Prophesy! Predictions Nostradamus, Vanga, Bible – A Revelation of The NEAR Future Straight From the Mouths of Those Who Prophesy!
Although Satan can use people such as those in the video above to predict the future, he is not always accurate. That being said, the Bible is the most unique book ever written because it accurately foretells specific events in-detail many years, and even centuries, before they occur.
This was predicted 732 BC and fulfilled 673-670 BC when the Assyrian army conquered the northeast African nations. 6- Daniel Prophecies that a Grecian King would Conquer Persia and be Divided 4 Ways, but not to his own descendants.
This was predicted 543 BC and fulfilled 330-281 BC when Alexander the Great defeats the Persian army and when the Greek generals who succeed Alexander reach an agreement after years of war to split the kingdom 4 ways. Amos prophesied in 760 BC that Israel would be born in a single day and that is exactly what happened on May 14th, 1948.
This was prophesied in 701-681 BC and fulfilled not long after Israel became a nation and is still being fulfilled today. The prophet Isaiah said that the Jews would return to their homeland from the east, the west, the north and the south.
This was written between 701-681 BC and is being fulfilled now and has been since 1948 when Israel became a nation.
Pestilences epidemics such as aids and cancer are sweeping across our nations and according to the American Cancer Society, cancer accounts for 1 of every 4 deaths. In the book of Daniel it tells of a dream interpretation given to King Nebuchadnezzar from  Daniel himself. Many organizations have formed leading us to become globally minded and more likely to accept a form of dictatorship. The United Nations, according to Wikipedia, is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and achieving world peace. The World Bank, according to the World Bank website, a€?It is a vital source that offers financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world.
Just  as Scripture foretells, Russia is a strong nation with a strong military, and it is forming its alliance with the Islamic believing nations. GROWING CHANCE OF FLARES – Rapid Evolution of the Sunspot AR1991 (Video) (Video) Quake Volcano EMP Alerts HEADS UP … or DOWN Rather! My books are the result of a long search for understanding about the forces of war and attrocity and how religion came to be.
My initial research conclusion on religion; Biblical Prophecy was a fraud and Rome was the fabricator of miracles.
Thata€™s right, these frauds and atrocities may well be the deliberate design of corrupt folks seeking to gain political advantage and reap the resource rewards that come with it. Whilst I found it possible to give a rational explanation as to how, when, why and who had created the Biblical prophecy scams, I was struck by a phenomenum that I couldna€™t explain. Based on this new world perspective, that I had gained from the research, here is what I make of several of Nostradamus sayings. Scholars and men of letters will be defrocked when it is revealled the amount of corruption that has exists, undisclosed in religious and other disciplines.
I also found these 114 Sayings extremely accurate it terms of the philosophical aspects of the human experience. Again my research took me back to a connection between the Pharisees, Gnosticism , Cyrus the Great and the Zoroastrian Magi.
Pius XI held the papacy for 17years, after that 5 came in such a way John Paul II was elected in the same year as John Paul I, due to his death. For before war ends the century and in its final stages it will hold the century under its sway. This will be after the visible judgement of heaven, before we reach the millennium which shall complete all.
One Nostradamus speculator suggested that you have to add 325 years (interestingly that is the year AD, in which Constantine launched Romea€™s brand of Christianity onto this world).
If that was indeed one of Nostradamus many a€?calculationsa€? to obscure his prophecy then AD 2057 could be an approximate date for his a€?stated timea€?.
One could expect an increase in storms and inundations with rising surface temperatures and increased evaporation, I suppose.
Horoscope 2014 will help you make a detailed plan as well as regulating your own schedules in 2014.
There will be phenomenal growth in your career during the year because of the transit of Jupiter and you are likely to reach a very senior position.
The 2014 Scorpio astrology predictions forecast that in the first half of the year you may see some financial instability. Second part of the year will show considerable improvement with rise of income due to increases in monthly income or additional proceeds from business activities.
General - 2014 Taurus HoroscopeYear 2014 will bring lot of good and bad transformations in life. Businessman should avoid legal tangles and settle disputes without recourse to judicial intervention. The year is generally profitable from the career angle and you will be landed with rewarding opportunities forecasts the 2014 career astrology for Taureans. The year also comes with lot of travel for business purposes and opportunities to be more pragmatic and skillful. Married couples should have lot of compassion to understand one another and desist from frequent arguments. Businessmen should concentrate on the higher objectives of the company and leave the routine to other senior colleagues by delegating responsibility to them. Concentrate on your profits and keep your expenditure and overheads in check to feel the color of money. Finance predictions for the first half of the year will be tricky as far as cash flow is concerned.

Approximately 2,500 prophecies appear in the pages of the Bible and about 2000 of which have already been fulfilled to the letter WITHOUT ANY Error!
After all, the odds for all these prophecies having been fulfilled by chance without errors is less than one in 102000.
Babylon took captives and sacks Jerusalem the first time then totally destroys it about 10 years later.
Nebuchadnezzar, Cyprus, Alexander the Great, Antigonus, Crusaders, and the Muslim armies of the Mameluks come against it. Over 300 million trees have been planted in this century, rainfall has increased 450%, the former malaria infested swamps have been converted into cultivated land, and water from the Sea of Galilee has been channeled to the deserts, causing the deserts to bloom.
God tells us in this Scripture, that one day the Hebrew language will be revived in Israel.
Today, Jerusalem is unquestionably the focal point of all the controversy that is going on around the world. Things like homosexuality, sex, drugs, divorce, family breakdown, and abortion are being embraced by our culture. This economic and political union of twenty-seven member states, located primarily in Europe, contains many nations that were once part of the Old Roman Empire.
They too are pushing for a, a€?One World Order.a€? The Illuminatia€™s symbol is the, a€?all seeing eye,a€? which is portrayed on our dollar bills. Whata€™s interesting about this is that prior to the 19th century, men could travel no faster than horseback and carriage, the speed of foot or boat.
They are being persecuted and killed in places like Iraq, Iran, China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Egypt, and more.
He is believed to be inhabited by Satan himself and will rule over a Ten Nation Confederacy, of which he takes out three nations.
From Cyrus the Great, to Constantine the Great and down todays latest round of emperor minded folks. I also consider the change we are experiencing to our weather systems and current and recent political events.
To name a few, it appears that economics, publishing, medicine, education and psychology may have been interferred with. The AD 1945 discovery of the Gospel of Thomas in an urn at Nag Hammadi in Upper Eygpt, according to my research, reveals the true Teachings of Jesus the Essene. Three religions were frauds and Jesus was the real deal and had something philsophically delightful to offer humanity. If you regard his stature, personal profile and his meddling in western affairs of late, perhaps.
Some countries will be in the grip of revolution for several years, and others ruined for a still longer period. In the firmament of the eighth sphere, a dimension whereon Almighty God will complete the revolution, and where the constellations will resume their motion which will render the earth stable and firm, but only if He will remain un-changed for ever until His will be done. The Holy Spirit is the author of the Bible, and none of us have the authority to disprove what the Bible says. Besides, the Zodiac is considered as an important belt of the constellations, including the Sun, the Moon, and other planets in the galaxy.
Thanks to the attempts of experienced astrologers, you can know everything about your life in 2014 beforehand. Through viewing the Saturn’s movement, the astrologers foretell about stoppage, especially in the 1st half of the year.
Do not get into fights with your spouse and in case of disagreements, be resilient and settle the matter immediately.
Travelling within the country is beneficial while foreign travel may not be productive and should be restricted. There will be change in personal routines which will result in better life style and working habits. You should be ready to take up additional responsibilities in the work place, and you will get sufficient compensation in return. It will be ideal to sort out the differences in the beginning to avoid escalation of the problem into a major confrontation.
But influence of Jupiter in your birth chart will encourage and help them in facing the challenges.
However, many other nations have been wiped out including, the Amalekites, the Jebusites, the Hittites, the Edomites, the Canaanites, and the Parazieites. At that time, the Assyrians had forced many Jews in the northern kingdom of Israel into exile.
I mean, you can’t turn on the TV without some statement on terrorism or Middle East Peace.
Now that we are in the 21st century we need to take into consideration the advances in technology, the expanding rate of terrorism, the power hunger dictators arising, the on-going hatred of the Jewish people, and the expanding godlessness of the nations.
Not only that but breakouts of viruses, such as the swine flu and tuberculosis, seem to hit world from time to time. Gay and lesbians parade our downtown streets, homosexuality is being taught to our children, alcohol is sold in almost every food facility (grocery, convenient stores, and restaurants), prescription drugs are readily available for anything you need them for, teen pregnancy is more common, the divorce rate is on the rise, the very air we breathe is polluted with profanity and pornography. They are made up of two unique development institutions owned by 185 member countriesa€”the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA). That means for the last six-thousand years or so, people have managed to maintain the same source of travela€”until now.
An atrocity that I believe finds its root cause in the empires Scramble for Africa between 1881 and 1914. They are responsible for the vast majority of all war, attrocity and religious corruptions. The climate trend adds a new dimension to the feasability of some of the more chilling aspects of Nostradamus prophecies. Whilst this seems at first unlikely, America has maxed out their credit card and may find itself at a financial disadvantage in another war. And now that we are in a republican (Wiki) era, with Almighty Goda€™s aid, and before completing its full cycle, the monarchy will return, then the Golden Age.

Interestingly, some people believe that their future life can be foreseen through studying the position of the planets, the Moon, and the Sun. However, some accurate predictions that astrologers have created might possibly happen in the near future.
By looking at information in Astrology Predictions 2014 for free, you can cover all aspects, including career, relationship, health, family, love, and so forth.
To love life, everything will become great, but they should pay attention to the second half of the year. Free Astrology Predictions For MarriageIt can be said that marriage is one of the most crucial parts in life. You will face challenges without wavering and will be highly flexible in adapting your self to changes.
Targets for the year should be set at achievable levels, predicts the 2014 Taurus horoscope.
Keep a strict watch on unnecessary expenses and have sufficient surplus money to take care of eventualities. Currently we have enough nuclear power to kill every living person on this planet several times over.
Family quarrels have become publicized and popularized sitcoms we watch for entertainmenta€”Jerry Springer, reality shows, talk showsa€”programs watched for fun! In a little over a hundred years we have gone from horse back to cars, planes, jets, trains, submarines, and even space travel. Have the warmongers (this underground empire ) bankrupted the west and are now seeking new sources of war and revenues. When you remove the fraudulent elements of these belief traditions, the prophecy and miracles, the true wisdoms they each held were all remarkable similar and in accord with these long lost Jesus Sayings. For according to the celestial signs, the Golden Age shall return, and after all calculations, with the world near to an all-encompassing revolution a€“ from the time of writing 177 years 3 months 11 days a€“ plague, long famine and wars, and still more floods from now until the stated time. As an aside, I found it interesting that Flavius Josephus, alleged historian of the 1st Century AD, mentioned bubo in the groin which is related to the Black plague thata€™s haunted history.
By observing the planets and stars’ certain movement, they enable to mention about effect on each person. According to Astrology 2014, this time will be fitting so that they are able to travel to some religious places. It will be sluggish but if you put in enough effort, you will reap the results by year end. Then, about 1900 years ago, the Romans destroyed the city of Jerusalem and killed and exiled hundreds of thousands of Jews. The language has returned just as prophesied and this is the only example in history of the resurrection of a dead language.
In the 20th and 21st centuries we have had major increases in tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, sinkholes, and various natural disasters.
Not only has the invention of the computer and the internet enabled us to access information from billions of sources within the matter of seconds, but DNA research, advances in the medical field, nuclear weapons and unfortunately cloning have become a part of our lifestyles.
Their efforts doomed to fail as they are extinguished by truth (water) as people confess their treacheries threatened by the prospect of loosing their homeland.
All, and I do mean all biblical prophecy was written after the events it allegedly a€?prophecizeda€?. Before and after these, humanity shall several times be so severely diminished that scarcely anyone shall be found who wishes to take over the fields, which shall become free where they had previously been tied.
This means that someone has tampered with the original to make it fit an Armageddon Scenario.
Free Birth Chart PredictionsBased'on the time when you were born, the personalized Natal Chart is drawn out for lots of bits around self-knowledge and'future predictions. According to the VeriChip website RFID solutions are currently in use in over 5,000 installations worldwide, crossing healthcare, security, government, and industrial markets. All have transpired in a little over a hundred years, and yet from since the time man has existed there have been no major advances in technology or travel as we have observed in our days, nothing even comes close. The Spirit of the Antichrist has many features & 33 signs to discern the spirits on the basis of the Word of God. Ia€™m seeing if there is evidence that this greed sits below the treatment of the indigenous communities worldwide.
Things I look at with interest, in Volume III are the corruption that is the Federal Reserve and growth economics and the timing of the purchase of American Steel before World War I. But, during the past century, millions of Jews have returned to Israel, from the east, the west, the north and the south. Ita€™s not just a coincidence these things are happening, this is a sign of the times as predicted in the Scriptures. Are the incidents of the American Indians and the Australia Aboriginals events cut from the same cloth. Can you imagine an extra 5 kilometres of water surrounding the globe and where the heck did it go? Free Astrology Predictions Based On Date Of BirthThe most brilliant free astrology reports available on the website will be revealed once right after you decide on one astrological reading on the Internet. Ita€™s amazing what one sees from a broader view of history and a knowledge of the key motivations of humans. ETs Are Ready To Take Over The World–Here Comes the Financial Collapse and the New World Order!
Astrology predictions based on date of birth and timeFuture Predictions by birth date are vastly utilized by Astrologers in order to identify what the future has in store for each individual.

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