Free printable number line addition worksheets

Print out the number line graphic and ask students to write the math problem from the number line.
1st grade farm animals themed free printable worksheets for kids to solve problems with number line. Free online math worksheet generator tool for school teachers or parents to create your own addition worksheets. Free computer software to make 1st grade level jungle animals theme number line addition math worksheets.

Free online math tool for parents and math teachers to create fruits theme number line math worksheets with pictures. When they are ready, you can turn practice into a game by having your student race against the stopwatch, to see how many problems they can complete in one minute, or simply beat their own time from yesterday!
Practice counting, number recognition, and even get a quick introduction to addition by filling in the missing numbers on each line.
They will never know this is building their memorization of math facts and automatic recall!Put these worksheets into clear page protectors and give your student a dry or wet-erase marker to make these practice pages reuseable.

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