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Specialsby Scott Westerfeld"Special Circumstances": The words have sent chills down Tally's spine since her days as a repellent, rebellious ugly. Baseball in April and Other Storiesby Gary SotoThe Mexican American author Gary Soto draws on his own experience of growing up in California’s Central Valley in this finely crafted collection of eleven short stories that reveal big themes in the small events of daily life.
Dangerous Submissionby Lori TolandBritish Agent Drake Steele never thought when he was hired on at the Serious Organised Crime Agency that his job would involve spanking a co-worker. Notwithstandingby Louis de BernieresA funny and heartbreaking new book from one of Britain's favourite and bestselling writers.
Back then Specials were a sinister rumor -- frighteningly beautiful, dangerously strong, breathtakingly fast.
Fantasy books I read included Terry Brooks 'Sword Of Shannara' series, 'Magic Kingdom For Sale - Sold', 'The Chronicles of Prydain' by Lloyd Alexander.As I started reading this book it became clear that this was a fantasy story reminiscent of my childhood favourites. The storyline revolves around a narrator, The Great Atavus, telling The Fable of the Summoner for the first time ever. Some are funny, some give that deep, realistic message that you know you should know, but need maybe 1 more reminder. He is the author of eleven poetry collections for adults, most notably New and Selected Poems, a 1995 finalist for both the Los Angeles Times Book Award and the National Book Award. There is so much to this little book, so much heart and insight that you will be thinking of its characters and its truths long after you have put it down.Beautifully written, it's the life of a country village with all its quirks and eccentrics from "the last peasant", Archie the obsessive black retriever, to the lady who wears plus-fours and shoots squirrels with a 12-bore and to those who talk to George the spider. I really loved and there was a lot to admire about , but I found this to be a highly unsatisfactory conclusion. His story begins with a peI grew up reading a lot of books from Enid Blyton to Stephen King, mystery to fantasy. I think I enjoyed “Growing Up” the most because Maria got what she wanted, which was to stay home while her family went on vacation, but worries the whole time after she hears there is an accident on the highway her family would be traveling on, and doesn’t hear from them for a whole week. After graduating from the Victoria University of Manchester, he took a postgraduate certificate in Education at Leicester Polytechnic and obtained his MA at the University of London.
When they eventually come back, they brag about how much fun they had, and she’s mad at them, and really at herself, for missing out on all the fun. They had a couple of days to complete their mission so it was an instalove relationship of sorts.
Perhaps because many of the short stories in this collection were written years ago and published elsewhere, they felt as if they fit in the same vein as the South American trilogy and .
I think mostly it’s a case of character development: Tally goes through a lot of mental and emotional changes in these books, which makes sense, because her brain is being fucked with. In the first two books, Westerfeld took the time to explore these transitions, anThis disappointed me so much. In , de Bernieres has seemingly recaptured his form and the reader is treated to an intoxicating blend of the mystical andAfter being supremely disappointed by , I was very pleasantly surprised by de Bernieres' latest offering. For reasons unknown to anyone he turned from someone who wanted to help the people of Arth into an evil who wanted to destroy everything good about it. Students will list some of their favorite and memorable “first”’s (first day of Kindergarten, school, camping, playing a sport, etc), and choose one to write about, and use as much detail as possible.
He made what was known as the Great Prophecy - the seventh child of the seventh house would eventually be born, and he would bring about the destruction of N'Atax once and for all. After peer review and editing, final drafts will be typed and displayed in the classroom for others to read. In , de Bernieres has seemingly recaptured his form and the reader is treated to an intoxicating blend of the mystical and the banal that were so much the central part of his earlier--and best--works. In the first two books, Westerfeld took the time to explore these transitions, and Tally’s growth was really interesting. He became known as The Summoner.The child destined to be born arrives, but far from being the soon to be warrior the people of Arth expected, the child born is a girl. Allen May 03, 2015The book Baseball in April, by Gary Soto is a book that describes the daily lives of Latin American youngsters.
However, by the time we get to book three and Tally’s brain has been reset AGAIN, it’s becoming frustrating and it doesn’t help that in this final book Westerfeld doesn’t take the time to explore what’s really going on with her. Although different from many other novels I've read, because of the fact that it contains 11 subplots, the book is rich in suspense, plot development, and is great in context. Add to that Shay’s many reversals—I kept expecting it to be revealed that she’s totally PSYCHOTIC, but apparently not—Zane’s quick dismissal, and the almost complete absence of David (after he was also barely in the last book) and you can’t help being disappointed with the conclusion to these characters’ stories, because they barely seem like the characters you started out with and that Westerfeld made you care about. It is also the day N'Atax attacks, and she has to flee with her best friend, Le-Thon.What follows is an amazing tale of discovery, friendship, bravery, fantastical creatures and, above all, a belief in what lies ahead.

The stories are set around different people with different backgrounds, however they all live in the working-class neighborhoods in cities of California’s Central Valley. Sentimental at times to a fault, this idyllic collection of stories is a nice read but not much more though in places the writing is very beautiful. As uncertain as their future would appear, Ravendune and Le-Thon battle through everything in an attempt to achieve her lifelong destiny.The author has written an amazing story, full of descriptive work I have rarely seen before.
This gives you a surreal insight of how lThe book Baseball in April, by Gary Soto is a book that describes the daily lives of Latin American youngsters. Cable’s system seemed waaaaay too easy, so I didn’t find this satisfying on a plot level, either.
One of my favourite passages occurs near the beginning of the story -“As it rose into the twilight of the evening, the globe of the moon was as blue as the Western Sea. Perhaps the nature of the little stories inhibited my opportunity to connect with his characters but too oftI read Louis de Bernieres' works out of respect for Captain Corelli's Mandolin, though none other book has ever been quite so exquisite.
Well, I guess I’ll just have to remind myself that 1) I really liked the first book and 2) the next two were nowhere near as bad as, say, the sequels.Beth Feb 19, 2008I can’t seem to write about this without giving away some plot elements from the first two books. This gives you a surreal insight of how life was like at the time in neighborhoods like this particular one.
So, warning: spoilers may arise.Well, Specials — the final volume in the Uglies trilogy — finally came up on my hold-list at the library! These stories are also easy to decipher, as each one quickly develops a plot and theme that will appeal to students of all ages. After finishing the novel I was in the middle of, I picked up Specials to wrap up all the loose ends I’d been wondering about since Pretties had ended. Perhaps the nature of the little stories inhibited my opportunity to connect with his characters but too often death was used as an emotional manipulator. How would Tally fight her way out of being “special?” What new insights into our my own existence would I find?I can’t seem to write about this without giving away some plot elements from the first two books. The Ringbow shimmered and sparkled like a flawless crown high overhead.”This one passage made me smile so much at the simplicity, yet complexity, of what he describes. This morbidity was present within many of the stories and served well as a unifying thread, illustrating the inexorable demise of the English village and it's way of life.
It made me want to see it for myself!Randy Massey has written this, his debut novel, and set himself a high standard. I felt at times that the hand of the artist was too clearly visible, as in the story where three characters talk to an absent spider, relating their woes. I don't think that each character, built as they were, would have confided in George as they did.
A good 85% of the book is about Drake and Steele fighting their attraction to each other and being at the party. My one niggle about this story, and one which I have conveyed to the author, is that I had to sit in peace and quiet to read this story. Tally, the heroine from the first two novels, truly was the bad guy in this book, and it was suddenly really hard to identify with her. Due to the amount of description, and the number of adventures he packs into this book, I had to concentrate on it moreso than others I have read before. The revelations about character relationships was pleasing, though at times a little heavy-handed. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, don't get me wrong, but be aware this story isn't one you can just lay down after a short period of time reading. The picture of the countryside was very well done and I feel as though I can see the village clearly.
Turns out that the big action-sequence at the Armory (action — in movies or in books — can be hard for me to follow … I just don’t care about all the dumb details, I guess) was way more interesting to him than to me. I wouldn't read this book again but I would have enjoyed it when I was less jaded and I would recommend it to my mother. Like I mentioned, at the beginning, it was surprisingly difficult to care about with the main character — the problem, I guess, with the mind-altering surgeries performed between each of these novels is that the first chunk of each book is, like, from a totally new character’s point of view.It did pick up after awhile, but I still didn’t care for the ending — none of the questions I’d had from Pretties had been resolved, and the book seemed to end with a whimper, not a bang. I admit, it was a bit confusing at first with me wondering what exactly was going on but I liked the way the story was told, being years in the future with someone telling the story in past tense and being able to see what happened to the land in the future and hearing the reactions of the people who lived in the same place and are hearing their full history for the first time.
The story was a seriously epic novel with just much going on, iThis book truly captivated me from the first page. The story was a seriously epic novel with just much going on, it was just a lot to take in with so many characters and storys.

I got caught up in Drake and Robbie's relationship and completely forgot they were there for official reasons. Her personality has been altered by the "special" surgery, so she looks down on anyone who isn't "special" themselves. My one and only complaint is that by the story being told in the perspective it's in, you don't get to really get inside Raven's-the main character's- head. It was a bid hard to imagine how she would react to what was happening and how she would handle it. This also took away from the reader seeing how she grew up and how she was prepared for the events that partook throughout the story. Eventually Tally quit, but only because it was repugnant to Zane, then because sSo I didn't like Tally as much in this book. However, I understand it was necessary to do it this way for the reader to fully understand the tales, legends, creatures, and the villan Ravendune faced in the end.Kim Jun 12, 2013I guess my biggest issue with this book is that while the story gives the seemings of an epic challenge and adventure, everything is pretty straightforward and easy for our heroes.
Given a magic sword, kill all the bad guys, run away just in the nick of time, get to the one area the bad guys won't enter, constantly given advice on how to move forward or where to go, everyone volunteers helpful advice, information, or guidance. The only thing from book one was Bradley and Tony a page or two in the beginning and that's it.So like I said, overall it's not a bad book.
Eventually Tally quit, but only because it was repugnant to Zane, then because she told him she wouldn't. Am I wrong to feel a responsible writer of books for teenage girls would include a discussion of how harmful cutting can be?This book is also accepting of behaviors I don't think are acceptable like underage drinking, and in the previous books, starving oneself and cohabitation at the age of sixteen.
Very little risk is presented -- scrapes, bruises, and some other minor injuries alone -- and since the story is told as a historical account to a large group, the reader knows ahead of time that they will be successful.
Robbie is clueless about BDSM and has no idea what to expect and for Drake an experienced dom, he is only too aware that for it to work there needs to be trust and chemistry between a dom and his sub and it certainly takes longer than two days to build that kind of connection.
But Robbie surprises him and is curious, and even though twinks are not his type he feels the stirrings of an attraction which is only enhanced by Robbie’s submissive nature, he can see the attraction and the desire in his eyes and the blush to his cheeks which were all unmistakeable… Robbie was definitely interested, with BDSM also seeming to be his kink and he is adamant that he wants it to be more than just work, but mixing pleasure and business could spell disaster for their mission.Poor Drake is trying to play it by the book but he is a man in conflict between his lust and emotions and his sense of duty, trying to keep his head in the game and pulling back from his overwhelming desire to protect and claim Robbie as his own. Why should I care or believe that Raven is special other than she is devoted to her family and mentioned many times as being part of the prophecy. Only Robbie is not making it easy for him, he was behaving like a bratty little sub teasing and tantalising the poor man to frustration, Robbie wants to submit and give himself and his control over to Drake, and it was becoming all too easy for Drake to forget they were on a mission and that the intense emotional connection between them was not just the job… for both of them it was becoming personal and Drake’s heart and mind was beginning to melt and fall for the wayward, fiery, twink with a temper that was blatantly looking for a whipping!I loved Robbie… he was just so naughty, having his little strops, but it wasn’t all for attention, Drake was blowing hot and cold and giving off mixed signals! Furthermore, since the tale is told by a storyteller telling the events, the reader never truly gets inside the heads of the the main characters. And while additional description could have been provided, there are very few scenes that give depth to these flat characters.
There is a plot which revolves around a BDSM party in Prague but for me it was more about the characters and the plot was secondary, we did meet Stefan and already I am wanting to know more about him, so fingers crossed he will be in Lori’s next book in the series.
This is a BDSM novel and there are some club scenes and although it hints at Drake’s experience on the scene as a whip wielding dom of control and dominance, the actual relationship between Drake and Robbie was more of a game… I wasn’t convinced that Drake was the man in charge but that also has a lot to do with Robbie’s character, his lack of experience and the fact that initially it had been a mission with both of them playing their roles to get the job done, so with Robbie being inexperienced Drake was reluctant to push it… but I would have liked to have seen that big man in total badass dom mode. On a positive note, the author is pretty creative in populating his world with interesting creatures, and some of their back stories, sadly only a few of which are actually relevant to the plot of the story, are truly amazing and possibly unique. While I wasn't really happy with some of the side stories in this regard, I think that I would enjoy some of these tales if they were fleshed out and told on their own.
It could have helped with a bit more background of the series but I feel I had everything that I needed still to love this story.Even though Drake acts like he is tough as nails and doesn't need anyone. There are typos and word substitutions on a regular basis throughout the text, for example, "twenty foot high." Many of these errors are word substitutions, possibly autocorrects, so spell check alone won't help. Why should the reader love or hate the character you are writing about?•Alternating common images and words with strange ones actually can add to a story, but too much and too many variations detract from the story so that the reader pays more attention to your words instead of your story. It isn't until he meets Robbie that he truly realized what he is missing in his personal love life as well as in his private world of BDSM.
If your purpose is to build tension or slow action, then actually make this a relevant part of the story.
Dropping extra information or telling a side story beyond "I'm telling this story to my clan."•Unless they are the most forgetful people in the universe, which you give evidence to the contrary via basic remembrance of the prophecy, if this tale was so epic to their world, it would not be forgotten during their lifetime.
Throughout the story, some scenes were very descriptive in their detail and others were very bland.
This story has a lot of potential, and it could have been so much better than it ended up being.

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