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Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! It means you can reprint Conan Doylea€™s own stories freely but you cana€™t make up a new story?
It doesna€™t make logical sense," says author Leslie Klinger, who brought the case against the Conan Doyle estate to settle the matter.With last weeka€™s ruling in hand, Mr Klinger plans to finish work on In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, a book of original short stories featuring characters and other elements from Doylea€™s work. He is co-editing the book with plans to publish this fall.If appeals judges hold it up, the ruling could lift the threat of legal action for the untold scores of writers out there churning out pastiches and fan fiction without permission.

In Mr Klingera€™s case, the estate demanded $5,000, he says."Whatever decision they make will essentially determine the fate of many characters, not just Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, but very intricate characters such as James Bonda€¦. The estate argues that a basic element of copyright law allows for that if the character is highly delineated, as opposed to a two-dimensional, cartoon-like character who doesna€™t change much over time.In ruling against the estate, Judge Ruben Castillo called that a "novel legal argument" that was "counter to the goals of the (US) Copyright Act". The lawsuit was filed in Chicago because a literary agent for the Conan Doyle estate is based in Illinois.There is no question that Holmes and Watson are highly complex characters.
Conan Doyle produced a total of four Sherlock Holmes novels and 56 stories between 1887 and 1927.Mr Klinger argues that everything you really need to know about Holmes and Watson is in the novels and stories published before 1923 that are in the public domain in the US.

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