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First Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor Marc LeMieux (left) reads the official complaint against Neptune Police Sgt.
Website hosting company GoDaddy has pulled its planned Super Bowl ad in response to a barrage of criticism from animal rights activists.
Critics charged that the 30-second spot made light of puppy mills, and spawned a Change.org petition and condemnation from animal rescuers. Animal rescue organizations also engaged with GoDaddy and its CEO, Blake Irving, directly on Twitter.
The Michigan State athletics department has revealed the winning design for the 2008 football student section t-shirt.
A portion of the proceeds from the public sale will benefit the Spartan Spirit groups, including the MSU Cheerleaders, the MSU Dance Team, and Sparty.
THE SECRETS BENEATH HER SMILE… Determined to seek out the villain who destroyed her family, Rosalie Rowland masquerades as a courtesan at London’s infamous Temple of Beauty. Lucy Ashford, an English Studies lecturer, has always loved literature and history, and from childhood one of her favourite occupations has been to immerse herself in historical romances.

Anyone who delights in alpine lakes, dense forests, and abundant wildlife—not to mention dizzying heights—should consider Rocky Mountain National Park. The highest continuous paved roadway in America, Trail Ridge Road offers truly spectacular mountain scenery as it climbs to an elevation of 12,183 feet. Most park lakes require a hike, but you can drive (or take the shuttle) to this gorgeous spot, where rugged peaks are mirrored in the lake’s surface. These 10 hikes will take you to some of the most spectacular spots our parks have to offer. Phillip Seidle (right) at his first appearance in Monmouth County Superior Court Wednesday afternoon. They are also encouraging purchasing an animal online; the animal could be sold to someone who runs a fighting ring, someone who abuses animals, or to someone who cannot adequately care for the animal. 21, at the Spartan Bookstore during welcome week, and outside the student gate prior to the first home football game. But when she revels in her alter ego a little too willingly Captain Alec Stewart’s potent masculinity proves impossible to resist… Alec is as much a stranger to the brothel as he is to the feelings that Rosalie incites within him.

She studied English with history at Nottingham University, and the Regency is her favourite period. Here, a single hour's drive leads from a 7,800-foot elevation at park headquarters to the 12,183-foot apex of the twisting and turning Trail Ridge Road.
Animal rights are no laughing matter and to portray them as such is cruel and irresponsible.
The shirts will be available to the public in a majority of the local bookstores and fan shops in mid-August. The passion between them may be unquestionably real, but having met under the guise of secrets and seductions how can they be sure where the lies end and the truth begins…? More than 355 miles of hiking trails take you to the park's many treasures: meadows flush with wildflowers, cool dense forests of lodgepole pine and Engelmann spruce, and the noticeable presence of wildlife, including elk and bighorn sheep.

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