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The Book of ACTS reveal how The Holy Spirit works, His power and the start of Christianity. The Book of REVELATION describes: God's statement about the last days and the start of the new world.
The purpose of this page, is to help kids to see, that the Bible isn't some big boring book, filled with a bunch of difficult words. Then go ahead and signup on our RSS FEED TOOL : Know that this is an online tool, that will help keep you updated on all the latest pages (including this one) when it comes to this site. We grant you permission to download, print and share these Free Bible Coloring Pages with anybody, who may enjoy coloring them. Here's a site that gives you the option, when it comes to getting different types of free coloring pages, which are easily accessible. The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the recorded account that involves the prophet Elijah, challenging the prophets of Baal, to a fire contest on the top of Mt. The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the recorded account that involves the prophet from Judah, and the first king of Israel's Northern Kingdom, Jeroboam.
The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the reputation that David had earned, when it came to being a great war general. The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with Deborah and her war commander Barak, while they were on the top of Mt.
The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the recorded account, that points towards the scene, in which Elisha splits the River Jordan right after he was promoted by the Almighty, to master prophet. The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the recorded account of Samson, the twelfth judge of Israel. The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with David's recorded account before he officially took over the throne of Israel.
The Idea Behind it: This illustration deals with the recorded account of Deborah and Barak. Free Bible Coloring Pages - Exciting Bible CharactersHowever, Eli and Samuel brings the judges tally to only 14. The Idea Behind it: This illustration is based off the recorded account, that dealt with David & Goliath. The Idea Behind it: This illustration is based off the recorded account that deals with the most powerful angel that was ever created by the hand of God. The Idea Behind it: This illustration is based off the trinity concept, when it comes to the Godhead.
The Idea Behind it:This illustration is inspired by the recorded account that deals with the prophet Daniel.
The Idea Behind it:This illustration is based off the recorded account that deals with the very popular Samson. The Idea Behind it:This illustration is inspired by the person, who is known as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
The Idea Behind it:This illustration was inspired by the recorded account, that dealt with Isaac's sons, Jacob & Esau. The Idea Behind it:This illustration is inspired by the recorded account that deals with Elijah the prophet.
The Idea Behind it:This illustration is inspired by the recorded account that deals with Abraham and the ram that God had provided for him to use, in place of Isaac. The first time we act out a book I make sure the children have heard the story several times. Dramatic play provides children with an opportunity to solve problems and work together in different social situations. What the Bible is instead, is a terrific Book, that doesn't fail, when it comes to taking you on an awesome journey; which is a journey that's filled with exciting Bible Characters, adventure, mystery and suspense. The RSS FEED TOOL is located at the bottom of the Navigation Site Menu, which is found immediately over to your left. However, we do not grant you permission to post anywhere online, electronically distribute, allocate, republish, display, or reproduce electronically, in any type of way, shape, or fashion. Carmel.After giving the prophets of Baal a chance to prove their case (in which they failed).

Here are a few scriptures to consider, when it comes to this recorded account: "Whatever Saul sent him to do, David did it so successfully that Saul gave him a high rank in the army.
This happened right after God had taken Elisha's master teacher Elijah, up to heaven in a whirlwind with a fire chariot, and fire horses. Know that David had always been heroic, and courageous, even before he had taken on the Philistines champion that was known as: The Mighty Goliath. Their story can be found from within the Book of Judges (from a studying perspective, this would also be known, as the Judges Stage) Know that the "Judges Stage" begins at the Book of Judges, and runs all the way through, to the Book of Ruth.Know that from within this stage, it also includes the first seven chapters, when it comes to the Book of 1 Samuel.
Know that Goliath was a giant Philistine warrior, that was known to have stood around 10 feet tall. Know that the burning bush would come into play, after Moses had spent the last forty years of his life in hiding, as a shepherd in Midian. First let me point out, that this was very daring on my part to have this illustration drawn up on Lucifer.
Now this is another daring illustration that I had drawn up, being that there are so many different views amongst mainstream Christianity, when it comes to this subject.
And from this moment forward, it would be his student Elisha that would continue on, when it comes to being God's chosen servant, and the master prophet."As they were walking along and talking, suddenly a chariot of fire appeared, drawn by horses of fire. Daniel was a young (early teens perhaps) nobleman of Judah, that was taken in the first group of captives, during what would be known as 'the captivity stage' of Jerusalem. Know that Samson would become Israel's twelfth and final Judge that's listed from within the Book of Judges, in which he'd served for 20 peaceful years. Now when it comes to this account, know that the raven was the first of two birds, that Noah was sending out, in order to scout the area from above. The core part of His recorded account, can be found from within the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and JohnHowever, when it comes to this illustration, know that it deals mainly with a young lion cub, and a kid (young goat). The moment from the account, that gave me the idea when it came to the fire horse, can be found at 2 Kings 2:11-12This illustration is in reference to God taking Elijah up to the heavens, from within a whirlwind, along with fire horses and a fire horse chariot. The moment in which the recorded account points to, can be found at Genesis 22:13This illustration is in reference to God basically giving Abraham another faith test.
Be that as it may, here we have a light hearted perspective, when it comes to how Elisha would spend some relaxing time, when it came to his friends and their families. For it would be at this time, that he would be provided with the best Egyptian education, as he gradually increase his standing from within the family dynasty that was in power at the time. It helps answer the question “How do I start a daycare?” It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration. My goal, is to update this page (if I have the revenue) with new FREE Bible Coloring Pages & Exciting Bible Characters -- every eight to twelve weeks. Options that include: Printable Coloring Pages - Coloring books - Work Sheets - Drawing Lessons - Online Coloring Activities - which are available in many different categories that young kids simply love to do.
This is the moment, right before Barak was to lead his ten thousand men into battle, against Sisera and his infamous 900 iron chariots. I've done this, for we must understand, that Elijah was indeed the Master Prophet, that was over at least three Prophet Academy Schools at the time.
Nonetheless, while Goliath had stood before the army of Israel, and taunted them for forty days; it was clear, that no one was willing to go out and face the Giant of Gath, when it came to a one on one matchup? Also from within this stage, you'll find the accounts that deal with fourteen to fifteen judges? He comes on the scene, at a time, when Israel was at war with the Philistines; a war that was taking place from within the Valley of Elah. It was during his stay in Midian, that he would marry a woman named Zipporah, who was also the daughter of Jethro.
For his existence is doubted, not only by the world, but also by some church leaders and Bible teachers as well. But also keep in mind, that there are two more unofficial Israel judges, that are not mention from within the Book of Judges. He was doing this, so that he can see, if the waters from the Great Flood had completely receded. These two were having a headbutting contest, and as you can see, the lion came up on the losing end.

Now with that being stated, here we have from within this illustration, Elijah hanging out in a field along with a fire horse.
For we find, that God had instructed his faithful servant to offer up his son Isaac as a sacrifice. But the boat was now in the middle of the sea, tossed by the waves, for the wind was contrary. God would send this message, through a prophet, that He'd called from out of Judah:"O altar, altar! Samson's mother was visited by an angel, who told her that although she was barren, she would conceive, and bear herself a son. Now don't get confused, for you must understand, that the Book of Judges list only twelve official Israel judges. Goliath was the warrior that the Philistines had used often, when it came to intimidating and taunting opposing armies.
Know that Moses had entered into this stage of his life, after he had spent a good deal of the first forty years of his life, living as a prince from within the Egyptian palace.
Personally, I think this is very interesting, being that his existence is constantly echoed, and declared, from throughout the Holy Scriptures. Although every book in the Bible is very important, keep in mind, that the book of Daniel is extremely important, when it comes to gaining further insight, when it comes to the book of Revelation. This recorded account can be found at Genesis 8:6However, from within this illustration, notice how the Raven is sitting outside the Ark, when all of a sudden, he gets hit with a really big raindrop. Well, I guess you can interpret this as a lesson learned for the lion; and of course, Jesus is right there to point it out.
For the recorded account reveals, that Jacob was holding unto the heel of his brothers foot, when he was born right behind his brother Esau. And with Abraham being the faithful servant that he was, he'd decided to do as he was instructed by the God that he served. Understand that the angel's foretelling, when it came to childbirth; would place Samson's mother from within an elite group of women, who themselves, also had a foretelling, when it came to them being able to bear kids.
All the student prophets (which included Elisha) referred to him as "Master." On another note?
For we must understand, that Goliath was a massive man, for it has been recorded, that he had huge girth, and stood close to ten feet tall.It wouldn't be until David, the son of Jesse (who was also the youngest, from out of his father's eight sons) was bringing his brothers some food (for they'd served in Israel's army, under the rule of Saul, the Israel king) and it would be at that time, that Goliath would finally receive a volunteer, when it came to the challenge that he had been daring the Israelites to accept, for the past forty days. But this would come to an abrupt end, for he had to flee the Egyptian kingdom from within this point of his life; since he had accidentally killed an Egyptian guard that was beating on a Hebrew slave. This scene is just a light hearted look at them, being a little bit older, and of course Jacob is still up to his old tricks. And just when he was about to carry out God's instructions, that very same God stopped him. And when the disciples saw Him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, 'It is a ghost!' "And they cried out for fear.
It's very possible that these Prophet Academy's were originally founded by the prophet Samuel? Know that Goliath's taunting and intimidation, would carry on for 40 days, before David himself, had came on the scene. To ignore his account, is to ignore one of the most powerful testaments, to just how priceless the human being really is.
And again, this is just a fun perspective, that was inspired from the recorded account of Noah's Ark. Know that also at this time, that David was a young shepherd boy, who was serving under king Saul, as an armor-bearer.
For it teaches us, that as long as we have God on our side, that we shouldn't shy away from the challenges, that we are constantly faced with, from within our own day to day lives.

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