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These questions and many others can be answered at our exclusive pre-St Valentines Tarot Card Afternoon on Friday 12th February.
I have arranged for one of Australia’s foremost Tarot Card readers, Poppy, to spend an afternoon in my store with a few of my clients. To have your Tarot Cards read at no charge you will need to RSVP by phone to this invitation to secure your appointment as places are limited.
Next, click on ‘Ask the oracle’ button to create to get the straightforward or semi-straightforward answer. Begin with typing a question and then select the appropriate radio box from the list of available types of free online tarot card readings available at Silhouette. In the next step, you will need to select either of the deck types (Silhouette or Colman-Smith).

Finally, you can click on ‘Ask the Oracle’ button to get your prediction after selecting card from the deck. Its not the point that I believe in astrology or not; the point is that Silhouette is very interesting for sure.
Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. Poppy has been reading for many, many years and is considered to be of the highest calibre in the field.
It’s human nature to attempt looking beyond the horizon and Silhouette allows you to do that online. On visiting the homepage, following interface will be presented in front of you with options to try appropriate prediction module.
It will be a nice idea to write it in future tense and to enquire about something you are not sure.

The amount of information and the type of information will vary as per the selections made by you. To be true, I was not able to understand the I Ching  prediction based on Chinese book Zhouyi. Also, do not query same question more than one time, until the situation changes significantly.

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