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Calculating the compatibility between couples using a horoscope or birth chart is one of the most accurate forms of relationship synastry.
Sidereal zodiac was developed by the ancient Indian astrologers, who had used the fixed stars as the background. Both the Western and Vedic astrology systems were developed during the first and second millennium AD. This difference between Tropical and Sidereal zodiac signs has created much compatibility issues between Western and Vedic astrology. For converting Sidereal horoscope to tropical, you have to add 24 degrees from the Sidereal sign location in the sky.
There are a many other differences that need to be taken into consideration for the love compatibility calculations between Western and Vedic astrology. Vedic horoscope matching or Janam Kundali Matching stresses on the importance of the fixed stars or birth stars while Western horoscope seldom uses the stars. Try the free online astrology calculators that find the compatibility between two people using different forms of zodiac signs.
Love Match Astrology And Compatible Astrology SignsUnless he is, you can not enjoy your love or marriage with him.
Balancing the past, present and future, imparting control over knowledge, education, karma and religion, the Jupiter planet or Brihaspati is known as the Devaguru or Guru Planet. Tantriks perform the Brihaspati graha shanti puja with utmost dedication and with a through and detailed knowledge of the entire vidhi or process.
When the nine planets or the nav grahas that are controlling the signs and the kundlis of the Hindus, are worshipped, they impart their positive effects and impacts on the overall well being of the person.
When you provide the details of your birth chart including the date, time and place, you will be offered a graha shanti puja in your favor. Performing the graha shanti puja of Brihaspati planet will lead to a relief and deliverance from all the negativities of this planet. Jyotish - the science of light- is known by the names: "Vedic Astrology", "Hindu Astrology" or "Indian Astrology".
The ancient culture of India over thousands of years has developed the scientific approach towards the effect of the planetary movements, their positions at the time of our birth or commencement of a work, that have a deep impact on our lives, and inculcated all this knowledge into the science of Jyotish. Jyotish checks the possibility of health hazards, financial difficulties, problems in marriage, relationship or business. Shree Jyotish is an online attempt to relieve you of your worries, to help you lead a complete and fulfilling life. Nepal became a Federal Democratic Republic on May 28, 2008  after the Constituent Assembly overwhelmingly voted for abolition of the country’s 240 year old monarchy. Calculated according to Vedic Astrology, the planetary positions and the horoscope  at the time of this historic voting are shown here.
Decisioncare provides personalized daily predictions based on your birthdata and birthplace created by our experts.

Learn how astrology compatibility can predict the match between two people based on the natal chart.
The time of the birth and the position of the planets are important for plotting a horoscope.
But since then, due to the precession of the equinoxes, the position of Sun at the Spring Equinox has varied largely. And since a horoscope or birth chart is the base for all astrological predictions, it needs to be compatible to all the systems of astrology. And you have to subtract 24 degrees from the Tropical horoscope to get the Sidereal horoscope. There are around 27 star constellations known as Nakshatra that are considered to be of prime importance in a person’s life according to Vedic astrology.
Get Online Indian Vedic Astrology Consultation through Instant Chatting with Internationally .
It involves a havan or yagya, where herbs, roots of holy plants and other holy ingredients are offered to fire. The Nissantan yoga or the state of infertility is one of the most important aspects that can be removed with the help of this puja.
Jyotish Astrology takes its subject matter from the very basis of planetary movements and time and it does not lack in its scientific approach.
With the help of this large science Vedic we can cause an atmosphere, in which love, peace and prosperity vorherschen can. King Gyanendra, earlier suspended as head of the State on 15 Jan 2007 was deposed on 28th May 2008. The then Acting Head Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala continued as acting head of State of the Republic of Nepal till the election of the present president.
Western astrologers have devised horoscopes based on the tropical zodiac, while Vedic astrologers have created horoscopes based on the sidereal zodiac. The position of Sun is now is at around 24 degrees away from where it had been two thousand years ago. People in different parts of the world follow different forms of astrology, mainly Western or Vedic astrology.
For example, if your ascendant sign is at 28 degrees Taurus in Tropical zodiac, then your ascendant rising sign in Sidereal zodiac is 4 degrees in Taurus.
Western astrology has ten planets – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.
Western astrology uses the concept of planetary transits, while Vedic astrology uses Vimshottari Dasha, the time of stay by a planet in specific house.
It has an exaltation in Karkat rashi or the sign of Cancer and also a debilitation in Capricorn or  Makar. With the regular movement the planet, one knows the fates of the men, the fates of nations, the sudden inundations, the earthquakes, which forecasts volcanic eruptions and other events regarding terrestrial phenomenon. The tropical zodiac was created by the Greek astrologers who had used the position of Sun in the spring as the base.

Thus each zodiac sign is always associated with stars in Sidereal (Vedic) astrology while the zodiac sign is dependent on the position of Sun in the spring equinox in Tropical (Western) astrology. So the position of each zodiac sign is now advanced by 24 degrees from where it had been two thousand years ago in the Tropical zodiac. So one also needs to know the relationship or difference between the two astrology systems while generating an astrology chart. If your moon sign is 25 degrees in Aquarius in Sidereal zodiac, then in Tropical zodiac, it is 19 degrees Pisces. Vedic Astrology has nine planets, commonly called as Navagrahas, namely Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, Lunar Nodes (Rahu and Ketu).
Also Vedic astrology stresses more on moon sign (Rashi) for horoscope forecasts whereas Western zodiac uses the sun signs as the basis for all zodiac predictions. The planets of Sun, Moon and Mars can be deemed as the friends of Jupiter or Brihaspati and the Mercury is its enemy. Jyotish does not believe in fatalism- a pre destined life, it goes further and helps you choose which is best for you.
Vedic Astrology gives us tremendous insight in the future of this once only Himalayan Hindu kingdom. But the constellation of stars remains well within the frame where it had been two thousand years ago. This difference in the planets in both the horoscopes can alter the astrology predictions for the person. When the planet is in its utmost beneficial placement in any person’s birth chart or kundli, it will impart excellent growths like successful career, growth of business and also success in getting educational qualification. Yellow is its fortunate color and anything associated with this color will prove itself to be highly beneficial. Yellow sapphire and yellow topaz, are gemstones that are very good for this planet and gold is the most beneficial metal in its favor. Winter season is the best time, when one can start any noble initiative if he has Brihaspati as his sign lord or birth chart controlling planet.
However, this plant can be extremely adverse, if there are unfavorable situations for this planet.
In such a condition, you will need to take the shelter of a graha shanti puja for Brihaspati.

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