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Materialistically speaking, India may not be a rich country today, but India has extremely rich cultural heritage.
The religion practiced by a majority of Indians is known as “Hindu” religion today, but the fact is that there is no name for this religion in India's Sanskrit language, the language in which most of the literature of this religion – and astrology – appeared!
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By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. Here are 4 Free websites to help you learn Astrology for those who always want to play around with all the 12 astrology signs and Vedic Birth charts. The website firstly tells you about Astrology following with Astrology symbols, thereafter help you with step-by-step Zodiac Signs lessons.
There is a separate tutorial in Western Astrology that consists of Fundamental concepts of The Planets, The signs, The Houses and more. A separate tutorial for Vedic Astrology is also there under which you will learn general Vedic Astrology, Vedic tools of prediction, and much more. YourNetAstrologer is one more website that gives you astrology lessons to help you become an astrologer.
The website starts from the basics so even a beginner will also be able to understand everything about astrology. Indra is described as being very powerful, with a reddish complexion, and with either two or four very long arms.
Indra held court at Svarga, his heaven in the clouds surrounding the highest peak of the sacred mountain Meru.
The depth of some of India's ancient knowledge (like astrology) is just amazing and it makes one wonder if the history of this great civilization is correctly represented in the pages of modern history.
Most other religions are known by the name of their main propagator, but India's ancient religion had no single propagator or prophet. These websites will help you to learn astrology, read Kundali, know about different zodiac signs, basically let you become an Astrologer. The very purpose of this Astrology website is to guide and enlighten you with an interest in Astrology Signs in your Birth Chart. This free Astrology website is a full-fledged astrology learning website that provides Tutorials and lessons in Western & Vedic Astrology.
In addition, this Astrology website also brings you to learn everything about Zodiac signs, methods of prediction and the like.

This free astrology website provides free Astrology lessons, basically it give 10 lessons in astrology that includes the purpose of astrology, learn about zodiac signs, the Nakshatras or Star constellations, birth chart scales and much more. He was the leader of the Devas, the god of war, the god of thunder and storms, the greatest of all warriors, the strongest of all beings. His parents were the sky god Dyaus Pita and the earth goddess Prthivi; he was born fully grown and fully armed from his mother's side.
Vritra took the form of a mighty dragon, and had stolen all the water in the world for himself. Astrology of India is the most comprehensive and complete system of astrology available today and it is the only one that comes close to answering the “twins puzzle” (namely, why are there so many twins in this world, who have a lot of significant differences between them). This religion consisted of knowledge that revealed itself to spiritual masters of many generations. Vedas are the sacred scriptures of, what is known today as, Hinduism and they are supposed to contain knowledge of all subjects. In later versions of the story of his battle against Vritra, he is portrayed as vengeful and cowardly, and needs the help of Shiva and Vishnu to slay the dragon. Raman, called it “Hindu astrology”, because this system was first taught by ancient Hindu sages. So there was no name for this religion and the word “Hindu” coined by western invaders was accepted by the world.
Moreover, astrology in particular is supposed to be a “Vedaanga” (which means a limb of Vedas).
Each lesson has been written in detail that if you regularly visit and understand about astrology, you will definitely become an astrologer.
He had early aspects of a sun-god, riding in a golden chariot across the heavens, but he is more often known as the god of thunder, wielding the celestial weapon Vajra, the lightening bolt. His sons are named as Jayanta, Midhusa, Nilambara, Rbhus, Rsabha, Sitragupta, and, most importantly, Arjuna. In the Mahabharata, Indra is pursued by a terrible female goddess called only Brahminicide who rose up out of the dead Vritra, who was a Brahman in that version of the story. The principles used in India's astrology are so sensitive to changes in birthtime that people born within 1-2 minutes can be significantly different in some aspects and similar in some others.
More hymns in the Rig Veda (about 250) are dedicated to him than any other god by a sizable amount. She relentlessly chased him and overtook him in his chariot and clung to him so that he could not escape; he hid inside a lotus blossom, but he still could not dislodge her.

This approach distinguishes between what a person truly is, what a person wants to be, what he thinks he is and what the world thinks he is. This word was later coined by the western invaders from the name of a river flowing on the northwestern border of India (river “Sindhu” or “Indus”).
Some people do not like using a non-Sanskrit word to describe India's astrology, considering that most of India's classical literature in astrology appeared in Sanskrit.
He shows aspects of being a creater god, having set order to the cosmos, and since he was the one who brought water to earth, he was a fertility god as well. He was known as a great drinker of Soma; sometimes he did this to draw strength, and when he did he grew to gigantic proportions to battle his enemies, but more often he merely wanted to get drunk. Apsaras and Gandharvas danced and entertained those who attended court, and gaming and athletic contests were held.
Finally, he went before Brahma and acknowledged his crime, for the killing of a Brahman was considered a terrible sin, and Brahma agreed to help him become free. It has enough parameters, tools, techniques and degrees of freedom to model the extremely complicated human life. They used the word “Hindu” to describe the land and the people on the eastern side of this river. This author also suggests using “Vedic astrology” or “Jyotish” (meaning “science of light").
When not in his chariot, Indra rode on the great white elephant Airavata, who was always victorious, and who had four tusks which resembled a sacred mountain.
He was given numerous titles including Sakra ("Powerful"), Vajri ("the Thunderer"), Purandara ("Destroyer of Cities"), Meghavahana ("Rider of the Clouds"), and Svargapati ("the Lord of Heaven"). Indra also suffered such indignities as Krishna showing himself to be immune to Indra's storm and supplanted himself onto Indra's worshipers. Vritra had been keeping the earth in a drought, but when Indra split open the demon, the waters again fell from the skies.

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