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I created this homeschool planner for our own use after trying a few other homeschool planners. Every family is different, but in our house, school does not start and stop at a certain time; instead, we learn as we live, and life must still go on.
I like to wake up very early and start my morning with devotions and prayer, followed by a few minutes of filling out this daily planner.
For this section I print the Quarterly Academic planner on the first page, then print the weekly planning sheet and the weekly academic planner back-to-back (x12 weeks) so that when the book is open I can see the 2 weekly planning pages side by side. There are 2 cover pages, one for my planner and one for the kids’ binders, which I use to keep a record of our work.

Everything is created into a graphic so you can open it in a new tab or window and either print as many copies as you want or you can copy or save the file to your computer for future use. A I was frustrated that I couldn’t find anything to incorporate all the different facets of our homeschool day and week. A The first tab is for our homeschool day pages, followed by a tab for student goals, and then 1 tab for each quarter. A It helps keep me focused on the priorities of the day, reminding me of what we need to accomplish and setting the tone for a calm and peaceful day. A For our family it is just as important to develop their character as their academic skills, so we include goals for both.

You can print the planner sheet from there or you can right click with your mouse to copy or save the free planner to your computer. A You are welcome to use part of it or all of it, and I welcome your feedback if you find something that works even better for your family! A We do a new memory verse each week, so I find that re-writing it each morning helps me to remember it better myself.

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