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God moved powerfully at our August 4 Baltimore Healing Service featuring Kathy and Charity Campbell.
3 nights of powerful worship with several worship leaders, including Jeffrey Parshall of Patmos Worship. It is time we begin to walk in our authority and experience the abundance God has promised! These MP3s really capture the essence of what is needed to minister prophetically and how to sharpen your skills and increase the anointing in your life!
This book will be a great help to you and encouragement to you as you ponder your dreams and begin glean the nuggets that God is depositing into your life through your dreams.
The Bible is the best resource for not just spiritual needs but for our physical and emotional needs as well. The Torah or 'law' - this consists of the five books of Moses (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy). The Ketuvim or 'writings' = this includes books of wisdom such as the Psalms and also historical books such as Chronicles. The original text of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, with some portions in Aramaic (a language spoken by Jesus). The King James Version is available for download, together with a KJV dictionary and the Apocrypha or Deuterocanonicals.
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Cape Town, Birmingham, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, Leeds, Pietermaritzburg as well as all other centres and towns. Many received accurate prophetic exhortation, physical and inner healing, and life changing ministry.

Your healing is an accomplished fact, and this invaluable series will show how you can make the promise of healing a reality in your life.
I often will say as I instruct ones in the prophetic that all of the gifts of the Spirit flow through the prophetic. If you add to that number those who suffer with anxiety disorders that number rises to about 18% of the population. The Acts of the Apostles - A book focusing mainly on the apostles Peter and Paul, and detailing the spread of Christianity in the first 30 or so years after the death of Christ.
Jerome's translation of the bible (The Vulgate), Ezra and Nehemiah were called 1 and 2 Esdras respectively.
Also available is the World English Bible, a version based on the American Standard Version which was first published in 1901. It is time we explored for ourselves these issues and prayerfully make our conclusions based on our study of the word.
In the Freedom From Depression series, we will give you the insights and tools needed to overcome depression and anxiety.We will tell you what your doctor may not tell you about depression.
Campbell nails the truth about depression, how and why it works and what God says it takes to get out from under its grip. The good news is that depression and anxiety are easily treatable (and preventable), and today you can take action to overcome depression. This translation was known as the Septuagint or LXX, from the legend that 72 Jewish scholars worked on it. If you have been getting caught in the spiral of depression, you may feel like you’re hopelessly trapped with no way out. The word testament  means 'covenant' and reminds us of God's covenant, first with Israel and then with mankind through Jesus Christ.

The Septuagint included a number of books not present in the Hebrew text, but considered by some as being divinely inspired and therefore worthy of inclusion.
If we can hear God's voice we can have faith to declare those things that are not as though they are. Robert has been married to the love of his life for over 35 years and is the father of 4 and the grandfather of 3. Now you can have a source of information that will help you become healthier in mind, body and spirit.
The answers to some common questions about the Bible are found on the Christianity Q and A page.
As you gain insights into this disorder you will be more effective in assisting those suffering from depression to succeed. There is also a page devoted to Bible References for topics such as Death, Faith and Living the Christian life. It behooves all believers to embark on this most exciting journey of learning to hear God’s voice in as many possible ways as God is speaking. Campbell brings the Bible to life with authoritative scripture teaching that is effective and powerful.
I received a copy of this book about 2 months ago and I continue to use this book and reference it as often as I need to.

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