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When several questions are missed in a row the test automatically advances to the next section. Children 6-8 should be carefully supervised by an adult and should not be coached as to which answer is correct. So I wanted to let you know our son was offered a spot at Hunter next year and I do believe you should truly share in the congratulations.
Have you wondered how he would do on the tests kids have to take for private school admission or gifted and talented program qualification? Is doing pre-academic work with your child the last thing you want to do after a long, hard day?ONE-ON-ONE FOCUSED TIME WITH YOUR CHILD MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
She helped me understand the abilities he needed to develop to do well on an IQ test and, more importantly, in kindergarten.
What I can promise you is that a spending little bit of time each day + doing the RIGHT KIND OF ACTIVITIES TOGETHER = an enormous difference in a child’s test and school performance.WHAT WAS MY SECRET?Did I do expensive workbooks with him? Whether we were “working” on language, memory, math, knowledge, thinking, visual-spatial, pre-reading or fine-motor skills, I made it super fun for him. We played games, sang songs, read stories, painted pictures, laughed and giggled our way through these very important lessons.
This turned out to be a great lesson for me – if you want to help your child to really, truly learn; make it like play! Years later, when I started businesses helping families get their children into the best private schools and gifted and talented programs, I taught thousands of parents how to get their own kids ready for testing.
With regular classrooms more crowded than ever, gifted programs and private schools are usually the best option for the highest quality education. The majority of these schools and programs require some kind of intelligence test to qualify. Recently, 1,832 4-year-olds vied for 50 kindergarten seats at the highly acclaimed Hunter College Elementary School in NYC.
To get into a gifted and talented or GATE program, high scores are often the single criteria for admission.
For entry to private schools, high scores alone won’t get your little one in, but poor scores will most certainly keep him out.WITH PLACEMENT DECISIONS DEPENDING HEAVILY ON TEST SCORES, HOW CAN YOU MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD HAS THE SKILLS SHE NEEDS TO DO WELL?If you’ve read Testing For Kindergarten, you know there are 7-abilities every child MUST HAVE to ace an intelligence test – language, knowledge, memory, math, visual-spatial, thinking, and fine-motor skills.
If your child will be tested within a year or so, “playing” the IQ Fun Pack games and activities will jump start your child’s readiness for testing and school and fast-track her to a place where she instinctively knows what to do and how to answer the types of questions she’ll be asked during a real test.
My 5-year-old daughter was tested in October 2010 and scored below the 130 requirement for the gifted program in the public school system. My husband and I felt that her true IQ was higher, and that we had not prepared her for the test. It seemed to us that she missed some questions because she did not understand what the questioner meant. Playing the game was a special treat for her; she loved the focused attention and the challenge of the game. She was tested again in February 2011 (this time with a different test since she was now 6-years-old). Before IQ Fun Park she was in the 92nd percentile, after using IQ Fun Park she tested in the 99th percentile!
The kids are getting into gifted and talented programs and it is easy – they love to play your IQ Fun Park game, they love to work on your website, they like to do fun things – they have no clue that they are learning concepts and thinking through problems!! ~ Suzanne, Director of a PreschoolCLICK HERE TO READ MORE PARENT COMMENTS!
However, they do cover the same kinds of abilities, skills, and information children need for testing and school readiness, so they prepare a child to do well. How to respond to questions with varied and rich vocabulary versus single word answers, allowing him to earn more points when tested; * Computational Math. How to answer simple “word” math problems that require addition and subtraction; * Fine-Motor and Visual-Spatial Skills. You will probably find that your child will use a mixture of levels – he may be able to handle HARD vocabulary-type questions but will need to work with EASY math questions.
You’ll get a feel for the ‘right’ level for different skills and activities as you play the game a few times. Playing the game will quickly show you where your child’s strengths and weaknesses are. IQ Fun Pack is just like any home-based educational activity a parent would normally do with her child. The questions used in IQ Fun Pack are different in look, feel, and question-content from materials an actual tester will use. Our goal in designing the game and activities is to give children experience working with similar types of questions they may be asked on a test. With this experience, they won’t be thrown off by when asked to solve a figural matrix or serial reasoning question for the very first time in a testing situation where results really matter.
Instead, they will have mastered the underlying skills needed to handle that type of question or task on a real test, and they will be able to show what they know and can do when it really counts.Would you go ever into a critical test completely cold? In fact, our experience is that about 50% of a child’s score depends on them knowing the underlying material or having the skills they are being tested on. Would your preschool director tell you not to string beads with your child because that will prepare her for patterning questions on an upcoming test?
The point of IQ Fun Pack is for your child 1) to build the underlying abilities needed for intelligence testing and kindergarten, and 2) to have practiced the types of questions she’ll get when tested so they don’t come as a surprise to her.

Space babies have traveled across the galaxies to visit our planet and study life on earth. They are very excited about their trip and have so many questions about earth children – What do they know? So pick a space baby to be your new friend and place her on the start of the rainbow path at your favorite Fun Park. Now you can show her all the things you and other earth children love to do like go to the playground, the zoo, the farm, the beach, the circus, the candy castle, the toy and pet stores and more. As you wind your way down the path, your space baby friend will ask you about all kinds of things. With one player, the object of the game is to get her space baby to the spaceship at the end of the rainbow path so he can get home in time for dinner. Then, he rolls the dice and moves that number of spaces (building math and fine-motor skills). You have been specially selected to go on an adventure with space babies who are having a contest to see who learned the most about life on earth during their visit to our planet. So pick a space baby to be your friend and place him on the start of the intergalactic path.
Help him show how much he learned about life on earth by answering the questions that are asked.
Though it looks and feels like a game to children, it is in fact a complete kindergarten- and test-readiness program that gives children experience answering questions modeled after those on commonly given intelligence tests.
By covering such a wide cross-section of tests, you can feel secure that your child will be prepared no matter what instrument is used to evaluate him. My 4- and 5-year-old analyze and discuss their problem solving strategies in sentences now! Offer clues, help her think – do whatever you feel she needs to correctly respond to the question or accomplish the activity. Why don’t you show me 3 fingers and we’ll count it out…That’s close, but let’s make it better.
You can eat one and we’ll figure out how many are left.(Assuming you’re playing with another child) “Brooke seems to know the answer. Brooke why don’t you give Michael a hint?” When little children are playing, they love to give each other hints when one has the answer and the other doesn’t. While it is indeed particularly intense in the Big Apple, this phenomenon is becoming increasingly commonplace across the country – concentrated in metropolitan areas, where demand simply exceeds the good supply. However, it is to a child’s eye a board game, in which little space babies in the form of finger puppet game pieces need to work their way up the rainbow path across the Fun Park, learning about earth things along the way. In the process, players get to answer questions from the game cards, as well as use colored blocks, pattern tiles and secret password cards – and earn reward stickers at the end. Be forewarned, however, that you will know this is more than just a board game from the price; IQ Fun Park (in its first limited production run) sells for just under $300. Not a bargain compared to Candyland – but a great value relative to almost all other forms of formal test prep or supplementary learning in the marketplace.
All I can say is that it is simply amazing and our daughter absolutely loved playing the game. It really beats the OLSAT test prep workbooks that are on the market for hundreds of dollars and are a chore to complete for both child and parent!This test-readiness game allowed us to interact with our daughter and ask the questions as they related to the game. This is BY FAR the best product I’ve seen on the market today that covers ALL the major tests – ERB, WPSI, OLSAT, Bracken, Standford-Binet 5. You can choose Easy, Medium or Hard level questions and you get indications of which test the questions are geared toward.Buying workbooks and manuals for the ERB test, WPSI test, OLSAT test , Bracken test and Standford-Binet 5 test would cost you well over $1,000! No more arm twisting and bribing to get your child ready for testing!Note: The concepts and activities in IQ Fun Park practice questions are based on publicly available information about what is on these commonly given tests and are NOT the same questions or activities that are on the actual tests. By playing IQ Fun Park she got to practice the types of questions that were asked on her placement test. During the test she was able to focus on the content of the questions rather than struggling to understand what the questioner meant. For instance, prior to using IQ Fun Park she had never worked her way through an analogy; her test result showed that this is now one of her strongest skills!
We are confident that she would not have been able to demonstrate her true IQ in the testing environment without the practice in IQ Fun Park. Our favorite part was the questions involving the blocks (tapping in the order I tap) and the pattern squares (replicating patterns on the cards). I liked that the game covered all four tests and the cards were clearly labeled by test and skill.
With the pictorial board, you have conveyed a lot of information to the child and this is also a learning place because she gets to practice what animals or things she can find at the farm, zoo, beach, circus, etc.
My daughter likes to take those aside, draws a story herself and then she talks about it then.
When we started playing the game my daughter (5yrs old) did extremly well with all cards, to my surprise even the RED colored cards. Seeing her do so well at the game, prompted us to get her tested and apply for a Charter school for highly gifted kids (Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, Charlotte, NC) at the very last minute. We all played for may be 3-4 weeks and she took the Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale for Intelligence, 3rd edition (WPPSI-III).

I include game play as part of homework time, my daughters look forward to the one-on-one attention and the game itself.
We love the space baby figurines (although I know my girls would love a pink or purple one!), they are very cute.
The pattern tiles are excellent (a few more questions that include them would be great; my girls love the pattern tiles!). The alternative is workbooks and who wants to put a child through pages and pages of workbooks on their holiday. The game helps parents and children to THINK, gives us an idea on what the exam will be like, all in play. I have already recommended the game to my relatives in India, who do not have the exam in India at all, who will be buying this to sharpen their child’s mind.
I am impressed that she is firmly standing behind her product and this gives me lot of confidence.
My oldest does a really good job of elaborating with her answers and setting a good example for my youngest. I have found that children get bored with workbooks and from experience I have found that workbooks are not always the most effective method for every child. The children get so excited just looking at the box and many proactively ask to play during a tutoring session. It was worth the investment and it was great to have a special tool that most tutors didn’t have.
The best part is that it is a game and that it is not so dreary to get through questions with him playing (rather than doing questions from a book).
My son loved the stickers at the end and blasting off and the silly passwords for the bridge. John’s School, one of only two nationally ranked schools in Texas and the only one in Houston!
They had over 900 applicants, for 42 spots, and we are not legacy or alumni so this was pretty incredible! I am so excited to report that he scored a 143 which they stated placed him in the 99.8 percentile!
He is now elligible to transfer to a special gifted school in the district or we can have him pulled out for gifted in the school he currently attends. Now that he has been placed into the gifted program…they stated he will never again be re-tested and he will receive theses services until 12th grade!
As the kids and I play this everyday for at least half an hour, there’s no doubt that they are ahead intellectually for their age (the kids are 35 months old and 20 months old). I wanted to tell you that she was in the 99th percentile in both G&T testing and the ERB. The only other thing we did aside from using your game was to work with a 12 page workbook with sequential questions.
I played it with my daughter over the past 12 months (and she loves it) and we managed to get her test scores increased by 9 points — which qualified her for our first choice school! He especially loves the Space Babies and he likes it when I ask the questions in correct Space Baby voices! By playing the game with him, we realized actually he knows more than we thought when we ask him to explain concepts (i.e. This includes having your encouragement in the game’s directions to keep it fun and make whatever changes seem right in the moment.
Though my kids actually enjoy doing workbooks, this game offers the same type of learning with the option to get really creative.
While it’s true that, prior to reading your book, I was already the type of mom who communicated frequently with her kids, looked for a variety of educational opportunities in day-to-day life, etc.
And by that I mean interesting for me, because there are only so many ways you can quiz a four-year-old about his environment. Your games and activities are awesome and some of your specific suggestions (like the dialogic reading concept) are fantastic. We count the dice and move the number of spaces and he is able to recognize the shapes and colors. I like that there are so many colors and things for him to touch and understand…it really holds his attention.
This game has helped my son focus and to sit still for a longer period of time then I thought he would.
This game has brought father and son closer because he will only play with me, at least for now. TO PURCHASE IQ FUN PACK TODAY, CLICK HERE!  The New Edition will be released September 28, 2015.

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