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All our inventory is stored and shipped from Canada.Our office and staff are in Canada, too! Add a touch of pink to your Flapper costume and go a little bubble gum chic with the Party Flapper Wig Icy Pink. Classic British 18W Tube Guitar Amp Kit - 1x12 Combo3 watt, Reduced Mass Wire Wound, Improved Performance Screen Grid Resistor · 2 watt, High Pulse . Products - Vintage Tube Amp RepairI repair both vintage and modern Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers, monoblock amps and boutique .

Find a Small Tube Guitar Amp KitUse this page as your guide if you're looking for a small tube amp kit.
The Party Flapper Icy Pink Wig is a fun short and curly wig that goes great with your flirty Flapper Costume, 80's costume or Rave Costume! Please remember to add an additional 1 day to transit estimates so we can process your order.
Doug Hammond's FireFly is a low wattage tube guitar amp with a push-pull output stage.

It uses both halves of a 12au7 dual triode to produce less than .5 W of clean output power.
The extra 12AX7 triode used, point to point on tagboard with mil-spec sealed potentiometers .

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