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I'm a Swedish astrologer, author and historian of ideas, researching the thought patterns in mythology. Qi (chi), prana, pneuma, spiritus, and all the other life force concepts around the world explained and compared. All the philosophers of Ancient Greece and what they thought about cosmology, myth, religion and the gods.
To Gemini, 2014 will not be as exciting as exciting as 2013 was, when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and opportunity, passed through the sign. The planets are the basic forces behind actions and events, so their absence means the absence of significant events. Still, speaking of general tendencies that every Gemini has in common, 2014 is likely to be far from as delightful as 2013, when Jupiter brought luck and new opportunities to people born in the Gemini sign. Most Geminis are still able to keep their spirits up and have some fun, simply because that's the nature of Gemini.
But there are planets of the 2014 New Year World Horoscope in positions that are aspects (certain significant angles) to the Gemini Zodiac sign. Apart from a conjunction (when a planet is within the Gemini Zodiac sign), the most powerful aspect is the opposition, when a planet is in the Zodiac sign directly opposing Gemini in the horoscope chart.
At Christmas of 2014, Saturn will enter Sagittarius with some bad news for that Zodiac sign. Gemini is wise to avoid the duties and complications entering with Saturn in Sagittarius, because the opposition aspect tells us that Gemini is particularly unsuited for them. This is particularly true for the first half of 2014, until Mars moves out of Libra at the end of July. The complete 2014 world horoscope chart, based on Greenwich at Midnight, the first of January, 2014.
From mid-September to the end of October, Mars passes through Sagittarius in opposition to Gemini. Early in the year, the sun and its companions Mercury and Venus make their annual pass through Aquarius, but that's of little significance in the great scheme of things. Virgo is just as empty as Gemini in the 2014 New Year horoscope chart, and has no major thing to expect during the year. That's really not Gemini's cup of tea, so this tendency in modern culture irritates and confuses just about every Gemini.
Leo is empty at the start of 2014, but Jupiter enters the Zodiac sign in mid-July, bringing luck and good opportunities to Leo. In Aries, the planet Uranus is making its slow pass, which started at the end of 2011 and will go on until 2019, when Uranus continues into Taurus. Uranus is one of the generation planets, with a lasting effect on people as well as society as a whole.
This change, which affects people personally although it's mainly one of society as a whole, has Aries characteristics but benefits Gemini as well, due to the sextile aspect between the Zodiac signs.
So, although 2014 is a year when nothing very fundamental or spectacular happens to Gemini, there are some events mainly involving others that Gemini also benefits from. By reading the New Year Horoscope, astrology can reveal certain things about what will happen to Gemini during the year - at least some of the most significant and life-changing events. This book explains what your horoscope says about your health, according to the old tradition of medical astrology. General - 2014 Gemini HoroscopeThe Gemini horoscope for 2014 predicts that your strenuous work will keep you engaged through the year and will push you away from family and friends. Gemini’s yearly horoscope for 2014 starts with the Venus retrograde traveling through your solar 8th house. So I would avoid going to court in January if you can help it and also while Mars is retrograde in March if there are any custody or child maintenance issues to sort out.
The Persephone nodal opposition could work like a magic wand for you since your decan makes a harmonious aspect to it. If you have been working that Saturn in your 6th house of work, then this is the year you can reap the financial rewards. The October 8 Lunar eclipse in Aries falls in your 11th house of friendship, common interest groups and wishes. The highlight of the year for you is the Lunar eclipse trine your decan on April 15 otherwise none of the outers planets are impacting you at all.
By the way, with me degrees of sun and asc respectively, should I mostly concentrate on the stars associated with the aforementioned degrees?
The 64 hexagrams of the ancient Chinese I Ching, The Book of Change, and what they mean in divination. At New Year 2014, the Gemini Zodiac sign is void of planets, and it will mostly stay that way all through the year. In the spring of 2014 the sun and its companions Mercury and Venus will make their annual visit to Gemini.
We all have our complete horoscopes where any planetary movement has its significance, so some Gemini may find that 2014 is much more important and exciting than it is to most other Gemini.
Basically, they should be understood as events and circumstances elsewhere, outside Gemini's control, still effecting Gemini's life in some way - mainly by excluding stuff from it. To accept these duties, Gemini would have to deny pretty much everything Gemini stands for and wants out of life. Now, the actions that Mars stimulates are performed by Sagittarius, and they do not at all benefit Gemini. Otherwise, the Zodiac sign remains empty through 2014, which is another reason for Gemini's year not being that spectacular. In Pisces, on the other hand, is the so-called generation planet Neptune all through the year – and several years to come.
In Pisces, this is very much about religion and other things beyond the reach of our understanding, things which one can only believe or not. You learn what the Zodiac signs, the planets, and the other ingredients of the horoscope reveal about many health issues and different types of illnesses.
Swamji  is from a very ancient Shaiva Siddhanata lineage from South India, he is a Swami in a well known order.

One positive aspect is that you have a clear idea about what you want in your profession and you will not have any problem in changing your track. You should stick to healthy diet and regular exercise to be in good shape forecasts the 2014 health horoscope.
The Jupiter opposite Pluto that Venus retrograde will activate may bring up obsessions and make you feel unusually (for Gemini) like the stalker in the relationship since Venus conjunct Pluto will fall in that intense 8th house. Demetra George asserts that “Mars-Ceres contacts links the ability to act and be effective in the outer world to subconscious images of self worth.”  [1] So this year is all about your bank balance and how much you value yourself.
You are likely to be the sign with the most spare cash in your purse, so this years so the drinks are on you! But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page. The cut and thrust of the business world will loose its appeal for these two weeks, so it’s probably best to do go into your witches cave while you are feeling so porous.
Although this is quite a minor transit, it should be enough to breeze you through the more challenging dips of the year.
North Node trine your decan Sep 15 – Dec 28 will bring you into contact with people important for your souls evolution and is a peak time for all the networking I mentioned in the general Gemini forecast.
Unlike the other two Gemini decans you have a reasonably quiet year ahead, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Thankfully this is the only period in the whole year where your decan has anything challenging at all!
Several spreads are introduced, as well as the meanings of all the 78 cards and their pictures. But it's also empty of planets in the 2014 New Year horoscope, and will mostly remain so during the year.
But Gemini manages to stay out of it, mostly, avoiding the duties without that much trouble.
So, Gemini fails to be moved by what seems to obsess most other people in this period, which will last until the year 2026, when Neptune moves into Aries. Situation will improve from April onwards and you are advised to put excess money in the development of your business or invest wisely with an eye on the future according to your 2014 astrology predictions.
The emphasis at the start of the year will be evaluating how other people’s cash impact you and attempting to consolidate some of your debts. Another possible manifestation could be that you make either a great gain in the form of an inheritance OR you equally could loose a great amount of money in a court case. Linking up with study groups and local meet ups will be beneficial for you and pull in new clients.
You are appreciating the boost of self-confidence and optimism from gas giant Jupiter, who is inflating your sense of self-worth in the first half of the year. Its hard to see relationships for what they really are and you could get easily seduced into one that leads you down the garden path. You might also feel clumsy and accident-prone too, so do try and take care if you are doing anything physically demanding.
Indeed your decan could even take the best advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities of the year.
You might actually be quite bored with the ease of it all by now and actually crave a punch up.. Of course, it's action performed by Libra, not Gemini – but the latter benefits from it in some way.
What Sagittarius accomplishes is pretty much the opposite of what Gemini wants, but there's nothing Gemini can do about it. Therefore its influence affects a whole generation and things in society that move slowly, remaining for long. Revolution is too big a word, but Uranus in Aries is bound to make some noise and turn the chariot of society to a new direction. By profession Yogi Ananda Saraswathi was a renowned published Lawyer now a Swamiji a one man show of spiritual wisdom.
You should be happy with the present job even though you find your boss and colleagues not congenial. It would be much better to wait until after the April 15 Lunar eclipse in Libra which falls in your 5th house of romance and children. You feel lucky this year and acquiring material possessions seems to be high on your agenda. October 23 Solar eclipse in Scorpio falls in your 6th house of health and service and amps up the hardworking Saturn influence there. You will enjoy spending on yourself too, rewarding yourself for all the hard work over the last year or so.
Very long car journeys are not really advisable as your brain is more foggy than usual too.
This liberating Uranus influence will help you bounce back every time Chiron square your decan rubs salt into your wound. It falls in your 11th house of common interest groups so may bring in some fresh new friendship that support all that soul work you have been doing. These could manifest as a result of the Jupiter opposite Pluto falling in your cash houses. What Gemini wants is often accomplished by Libra, whether this is the intention of Libra or not. Reap all you can from this lucky Spica eclipse, for it will to see you through the coming difficult Cardinal cross. This is an incredibly artistic eclipse, so those of you working in the media should do well with this, if it is making other harmonious aspects to your chart too.
You may want to slow down a little and indulge after a year of burning the candle at both ends when it was in your fast-paced 1st house. In the general forecast where I mentioned court cases, I would hold back on any life changing decisions until this Neptune transit is over.

Lilith square your decan from Nov 24 until the end of the year will also make you feel quite intolerant of idiots. This sensitive period lasts until September and can be a time of suffering connected with upsetting memories of childhood. The quality of the new connections you make are a testament to how far you have come in your healing.
Mars will be spending an extended time through your 5th house of love while it is also trining your decan.
You’ll get nice and toned with the added bonus of attracting a fit new body into your life. Thankfully you aren’t hit directly by the Cross, but you might even make some gains out of the fall-out while Jupiter is still in your house of cash until July 18.
Another thing you might want to do is invest in gaining an educational qualification and could be another way of wearing your achievements on your sleeve this year.
But if you absolutely can’t, or if you are actually divorcing a drug addict, then just make sure you get a good lawyer. Luckily Mars trine your decan Dec 4 – Dec 18 helps you see the positives and you can brush off annoyances with humour. It could bring someone into your life, that through no fault of their own, happens to trigger all your sensitive parental issues.
This could send some exciting new creative projects your way as well as the chance of a major new sexual affair too. The April 29 Solar eclipse in Taurus falls in your 12th house of mysticism and self-undoing which might mean you have to keep you head down for the next three months. It may feel a little confined here, but will enjoy reading reams of books and connecting with the locals. You just need someone to see through any possible deception for you as all you will be seeing is melting clocks and Cheshire cats.
Most commonly this is through a love affair, but sometimes it could be through one electing to go into therapy. The focus will be inner work and trying to conserve as much energy and resources as you can from earlier in the year.
On your part, you have to be scrupulously honest, because any white lies could easily turn into massive black holes. Enjoy your freedom and independence and spend time with people who are on the same spiritual path as you.
You may have chosen to address long-standing phobias or any recurring health issues you have that you suspect may be psychosomatic. You will then be able to see how well you have set your boundaries and how much you can now stand up for yourself. Apr 19 is especially good since Venus makes a trine to Jupiter from that powerful 10th house. However with Lilith sextile your decan Mar 1 – Jun 7 you can take this opportunity at least to develop your intuition and work some magic. Even though you might experience anger and frustration during this time, you will also learn how to manage your more aggressive impulses, since we have by now come to the end of Chiron’s healing journey. You should feel sexy and powerful, especially for the three months after the Lunar eclipse since that also fell in your house of love affairs too. Around the Lunar eclipse in April is especially good for occult work since it falls in your 12th house of seclusion. You might find it increasingly hard to work for other people, especially with that Neptunian surreal mind of yours making you daydream like nuts. We end the year with another beneficial Mars trine your decan Dec 17 – Dec 31 which will really put the snowy icing on the Christmas cake for you. The North Node trine your decan Mar 11 – Oct 4 makes community gatherings enjoyable and brings many positive encounters. May 15 exciting out of the blue encounters are possible with Uranus conjunct Venus in your house of hopes and wishes.
The sense of release and freedom after the transit has passed will feel wonderful and worth the months of pain and discomfort. Mars trine your decan May 4 – Jun 5 is the period for artistic pursuits, meditation, inner work and writing poetry while you have the backdrop of the Neptune square.
You have done a lot of self-work, and accomplished much during 2014 and by the end of the year it will be very apparent to those around to you.
It will enable you to surge back with confidence each time a layer of the onion is peeled away. This could actually turn out to be a beautifully romantic period if you are in an established relationship with someone trustworthy, but not so much if it is with some Neptune charlatan. Sep 29 – Oct  23 Venus in your 5th house of love affairs gives you an inviting allure, especially when your ruler Mercury is conjunct Venus on Oct 17.
Try to do this before Mars opposite your decan from Sep 13 because this could be a difficult time where you don’t know who you can trust. You could be feeling very sensitive to conflicts and feel uncomfortable in social gatherings. Either you will want to punch your boss’s lights out or you will get ill from suppressing your anger.
Nov 10 Mars conjunct Pluto in your 8th house of sex, try not to stalk and avoid obsessive partners. The wisest ones among you have turned the annoying Gemini trickster into an art form and spend the time playing childish pranks.

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