Gemini horoscope 8 december 2015

Unlike Gemini, Taurus is a fixed sign, which means that Taurus undergoes less change than Gemini and tends to have fixed characteristics.
There is a youthfulness that clings to a Taurus-Gemini cusp through the individual's entire life. Taurus Zodiac SignTaurus zodiac sign cusps have perseverance, are steady, patient and enduring.
Gemini Zodiac SignWith Gemini zodiac sign cusps the spirit of diversity often makes them experience two extremes during their life. They can be secretive and very reserved, but make faithful friends to all those whom they give allegiance. Gemini has a dual nature which, while it can enable a person to see both sides of an issue, can also make them restless and critical.
Mercury is often depicted as a man with wings on his sandals, which is perfect for air sign Gemini.
They are excellent companions to those possessing ideas, and as co-workers they are reliable, sincere and trustworthy. They, can present a bold front and assertive attitude, and yet be timid and highly nervous. Gemini's changeable nature also means that the Twins are a sign that has a hard time with commitment. This means that Gemini are not only great communicators, but that they have a love for travel and covering distances.

Taurus tends to move toward a leadership position and the Gemini influence increase reasoning ability so that the Bulls ambition can be fully realized. They always seem to possess a great amount of stored-up energy which makes them very tenacious, holding on till something comes to set them free or liberate their stored up forces. They are conservative and progressive, and altogether quite dualistic subjects, which makes them difficult for others to understand. The presence of Taurus diminishes these tendencies and enables Gemini to reach a higher level of stability. Many Gemini have an affinity for modes of transportation and may be fascinated by trains, aircraft or classic cars.
Hardworking and yet not a slave driving leader, the Taurus-Gemini cusp can become quite popular in any group, and can hit the ground running when it comes to starting new projects. We have known persons born in this sign who have expressed a desire to be in two places at the same moment, but on the whole they are rather impulsive, and this generally decides the line they shall take.
This cusp also not only makes a Taurus-Gemini individual more capable of commitment, but better at multi-tasking and more capable of pursuing and reaching goals. The persistence of the Bull also tends to diminish Gemini's tendency to not finish what is started, making a Taurus-Gemini cusp an intelligent and capable administrator. Neither of these signs is very spiritual although they can behave in what appears to be a spiritual manner to the uninitiated. They always benefit persons deficient in vitality, having the power to magnetically heal and soothe those who are nervous and irritable.

They appear to be unable to stand any worry or anxiety, which quite unnerves them; yet when left alone to work out their own designs, in accordance with their own peculiar methods, they can do a great amount of useful work.
The reality is that they are simply great communicators who can empathize with others, whether they agree with them or not, and the presence of Taurus means that a Taurus-Gemini cusp can be considerably more loyal than a Gemini alone.
The mental and physical vitality of the Taurus is tremendous, and persons possessing the finest physique are often born under this sign. All those born in this sign possess fine organic quality, and the ability to become very clever.
This is a combination that makes for stability while still encouraging inquisitiveness and ambition.
They are fearless and generous, and when the Venus side of the sign is not over active they set no store on wealth excepting to do good with it.
They are certainly quick-witted and mentally impulsive, and they seem to draw a great deal on what is really an inspirational nature. However, when these two signs combine, they often produce an individual who is a great conversationalist and very good at negotiation. The only real drawback is that they have an Achilles' heal when it comes to carnal pleasures and their pursuit of physical pleasures can be their undoing.

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