Gemini horoscope yahoo 2014

You can always call a Gemini friend for a good time.Gemini people perform any task they take up responsibly and skilfully, especially when it relates to acting, sales and languages. Geminis and FriendshipIf someone is looking for a person to talk to, you’re the one they should come to. Setting Your PrioritiesBecause of your love of excitement and ability to focus on more than one thing at a time you sometimes find it difficult to complete projects before going onto new ones. In order to get a boost in your attitude, you should try to become more active in social situations.
Such people are very attractive and highly intelligent and can provide a very interesting and insightful solution for any complex situation. You also tend to have a hard time making decisions especially when it comes to relationships.

This means that you have to start calling the shots — take initiative in the group, and make a few suggestions about where to go and what to do. As tomorrow’s Gemini horoscope will show, you have a lively, exciting character that thrives on new experiences and freedom.
While in strong relationship, they can simply drop it if something interesting comes their way.
You love to give people advice if they're in trouble or depressed, but you don't do well if people burden you with their problems too much as you can get quickly depressed and feel that your freedom is being impeded upon. Getting a horoscope for today or tomorrow can help you know which projects to stick with and which people to hang on or commit to for greater prosperity and a healthier, more stable social life.Another thing astrology readings can help you watch out for is your tendency to misinterpret people as you may find that you tend to judge people by how they treat you rather than taking stock of their real qualities. This flightiness remains their biggest problem in maintaining any meaningful relation throughout their lives.They exhibit the tendency to withdraw rather than fight in a crisis.

Coupled with your tendency to become moody and discouraged, this superficiality can cause problems in your relationships. You typically think faster than a lot of people and tend to go in so many directions that a lot of people find it difficult to keep up with you. However, because of your bright, friendly personality and intellectualism you make a wonderful friend. You're highly adaptable but you have a tendency to be uptight when dealing with either extreme of boredom or over stimulation from having too many new experiences at the same time.

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