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Without further ado, here is our list of 9 best romance novels to read during the month of February. Sarah Addison Allen’s newest book, First Frost, was listed on our 12 Books You Must Read In 2015 list for good reason. For those of you who like YA novels, Eleanor & Park is the book for you in this season of love. It won’t be released until February 10th, but A Spool of Blue Thread is already at the top of my reading list for this month.
About the Author Latest PostsAbout Featured BloggerA featured blogger post on The SITS Girls is our way of putting a spotlight on bloggers everywhere. The Forgotten Highlander: My Incredible Story Of Survival During The War In The Far Eastby Alistair UrquhartAlistair Urquhart was a soldier in the Gordon Highlanders captured by the Japanese in Singapore.
Four of his books a€“ Gangsta Granny, Mr Stink, The Boy In The Dress (pictured above) and Billionaire Boy a€“ have been turned into prime-time TV dramasA Though his books are instant crowd-pleasers, Walliams himself is far less easy to read. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. For several years, I have been working on a project to help raise public awareness for children's dental health. To accomplish my goal, I wrote a play about a tooth named Tabitha and the choices she makes to achieve and maintain a healthy smile.
In December of 2013, I decided to turn the play into a book and send it to several publishers. Beyond the dental office, the plush character can be used on a daily basis as a reminder of the lessons from the books. Beyoncé is in the very early days of her Formation World Tour, but already she has been upstaged. Before you dare go on a rant about how this guy is being rude to Bey or how he doesn't know how lucky he is to be in her presence…Flash forward 30 or so years and put yourself in his shoes.
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You might recognize its sweet scent as a tinge of chocolate mixed with the smell of leather and pages of old books. I’m fairly certain it is against the law to list romantic books without at least one of her novels making the list. Montgomery, I always think of Anne of Windy Poplars as the perfect book for love and cold weather. It starts with Claire, a World War II nurse in Scotland who is transported back in time from 1945 to 1743.
If you haven’t read Heyer before, start with Arabella, and get ready to fall in love. The story spans four generations of the Whitshanks family and the house they call home, revealing their secrets, celebrations, and shared stories. He not only survived working on the notorious Bridge on the River Kwai , but he was subsequently taken on one of the Japanese ‘hellships’ which was torpedoed. It all started when I was invited to speak to students at a local elementary school during National Children's Dental Health Month. My awesome staff acted out the play by dressing up in giant tooth costumes, carrot costumes, and toothpaste costumes and dancing around on stage. Mascot Books Publishing contacted me, and over the past several months, I worked with them to develop the books, Tabitha the Tooth and Tanner the Tooth. Visit the Facebook page for Tabitha and Tanner for updates on what my team is doing in our community to help promote happy, healthy smiles.
Maybe your kids will beg you to take them to a concert by whatever musical act will be cool in the future. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip.

All document files are the property of their respective owners, please respect the publisher and the author for their copyrighted creations. At least, that is how love smells in my world, for there are few things I love more than a really good book, especially when it comes to the best romance books around. I have a list of the best books to read for love in February that will help you get started.
If you haven’t read Pride and Prejudice since your 11th grade English class, pick it back up again. You will find within its pages a love story, but you will also find a strong, independent female character who is well ahead of her time, as well as a creepy Gothic thriller. Comprised of letters from Anne to Gilbert, it is full of love and sweetness, and thoughts about exactly which kind of pen and paper are perfect for writing a love poem.
A meticulously researched historical fiction results with adventure, war, friendship, and mystery. While it might not be a romance in the classic sense of the word, I think it will be a story of love. Do you have a favorite love story? Let me know in the comments so I can add it to my reading list. Well, he tells Event, he uses his breaks on tour with Britaina€™s Got Talent to go back to school a€“ and see what makes young readers squeal and squirm.
His hair is greying at the temples.A Most surprising is that a€“ for all his on-screen persona a€“ in the flesh hea€™s about as camp as a row of North Sea oil riggers. I lived in bedsits,' said David (pictured with Matt Lucas in Little Britain live at the Hammersmith Apollo, 2006)a€?None of us had a clue how to break into the business. My presentation used posters and models of teeth, and it kept the studentsa€™ attention for about five minutes. The books focus on three main ideas: healthy snack choices, good oral hygiene, and what to expect from dental visits.
In my office, my dental assistants and hygienists use the Tabitha and Tanner books and plush characters in the operatory.
Mancini understands the challenges in helping children to achieve and maintain healthy smiles. Just like any good work of fiction, you may find yourself looking at the world in a new way. But the heart of the story beats out the relationship between Claire and Jamie, and you will find yourself swept up in their love that is able to transcend time and space. I’ll just say that I stayed up all night reading this one, and it was totally worth it.
Ita€™s always good to keep your mind filled with other things,' said David Walliams who has sold 12.5 million booksDavid Walliams rarely gives himself a break.
Ita€™s always good to keep your mind filled with other things.a€™His mind may be hyperactive but he will no longer push his body to the limits after his Thames swim. After Cowella€™s partner Lauren Silverman gave birth two years ago, Walliams wrote a personalised book called Baby Eric, had 50 copies bound and published complete with Rossa€™s illustrations and delivered them to Cowell.You would think Cowell would be delighted. When I was asked to return the next year, I decided to come up with a presentation that would both entertain and educate the students. If a child presents as apprehensive during an office visit or appears to need lessons on oral hygiene or nutrition, we read a section pertaining to the issue from one of the books.
Either way, you will definitely want to make sure your kids have a good time, but you'll be too old to be there for all the screaming people and pounding music.
As a 20 year old he’s drafted into the British army and spends almost his entire war in the hands of cruel Japanese and Korean soldiers as he’s forced to build a railroad in the Malaysian jungle along with other UK and Australian soldiers. He has the wit and control to show only what he wants to be seen.Walliams is a web of contradictions.
We use the plush as a visual aid or allow the child to hold the plush during their visit for comfort.
Hearing "Drunk in Love" live in the background while this dude is straight up zoned in on his novel is our favorite video on the Internet right now.

In 2012 he published his autobiography, which told the story of an insecure suburban boy, haunted by depression and suicidal thoughts.A Today he is not open to any such musings. I lived in bedsits but it didna€™t bother me as long as I was performing somewhere.A 'My ambition was only ever to get a comedy show on telly. I think he was completely confused by them and thought I wanted to publish them.a€™A He shrugs. It would have been easy forSomehow the Second World War is often thought of as a kinder War than Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan.
The subject of his five-year marriage to the model Lara Stone, which ended last year, cannot be broached.A Walliams has remained silent on the subject in all interviews. He has written two other bespoke books for his nephews and one for Kate Mossa€™s daughter after Moss made a massive donation to Comic Relief. Wea€™ll be in Liverpool, Birmingham or Newcastle a€“ all over the country a€“ so Ia€™ll arrange to spend the mornings visiting schools, meeting kids, talking about books.a€?I love talking to kids more than anyone else.
I never imagined anything else.a€™In his first years of fame, Walliams was a celebrity conundrum.
There is no set routine bar getting up and sitting at his computer.A a€?There is no shed or anything remotely interesting,a€™ he says. We move on, but with the lingering feeling that his family breakdown has clearly affected him.When I met him in 2013, he told me he was content.
It would have been easy for Urquhart to slip into self pity while telling his story but he doesn’t, he doesn’t need to, the facts are horrible enough.
His autobiography was so riven with thoughts of suicide and his depression, I ask him if, given the changes in his life, he is happy now.He says ponderously.
The Worlda€™s Worst Children wasna€™t even an idea his publishers knew about.A a€?I just started writing it and then basically presented them with it,a€™ he says. I think ita€™s good that Caitlyn Jenner [Kim Kardashiana€™s stepfather Bruce Jenner, who underwent a sex change] has become a public figure.A 'My point with the book is that we should celebrate our differences. Ia€™ve bought myself a few first-edition Roald Dahl books.A 'Last night I took my mother out to see Sunset Boulevard. Instead Urquhart did what so many veterans did and still do and made the most of the life he had ahead of him.
Chrissie Oct 22, 2011On completion: Even before I finished the last chapter I knew I would give this book five stars, but the last chapter concisely and honestly tells how he reacted to civilian life after the war.
And I got a detention.a€™The youngest child of London Transport engineer Peter and lab technician Kathleen Williams (he changed his name for Equity), Walliams, who has an older sister, Julie, had no idea how to break into comedy. While studying at Bristol, he joined the National Youth Theatre, where he met Matt Lucas and began working with him. It has its place in comedy and gets an easy laugh, but you dona€™t have to do it.a€™There are no signs of him flagging.
He was gone for six years, but even beyond the six years he had terrible memories to conquer. There was euphoria when the Japanese capitualtedOn completion: Even before I finished the last chapter I knew I would give this book five stars, but the last chapter concisely and honestly tells how he reacted to civilian life after the war.
I had a hard time deatling with all the smiles, but then the aftermath was properly, touchingly and heart-wrenchingly described too. Bureaucratic decisions and the British demand that the POW were NOT speak a word about their experiences makes you want to kick somebody. For me, even more than the British Army's betrayal of these soldiers, the reader feels the psychological difficulties that Alistair had to confront. And now I really know about the "Death Railway", about the bridge over the River Kwai, about the hellships and the "Fat Man" in Nagasaki.

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