Good drugstore brand eyebrow pencil

A defined brow isn’t going anywhere, but do you have to splurge on a prestige product to fill-in your arches or keep them in place?
After trying a few gels and clear mascaras on his own brows, Bailey declared CoverGirl’s Professional Natural Lash Mascara ($6) in Clear his pick of the bunch. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! I love myself a budget-friendly buy, but because of my deep, coral-y, yellow-ish undertones, I have a hard time finding makeup products that match my skin tone. With my summer tan and budget in hand, I found the All Day Flawless Foundation from the Covergirl Queen Collection. Also from the CoverGirl Queen Collection, (thank you Queen Latifah!), the Natural Hue Bronzer in Ebony (120) has been a staple in my makeup kit for years. The last product I have to share with you is one of my favorites because it's a dupe (that's beauty guru speak for duplicate) for the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink. For the last three days I have been sans luggage, cobbling together ensembles fit for a storm and one of my favorite hotels in Center City. I arrived wearing a standard airplane get-up: jeans, a pair of suede slip on flats, a fairly sassy shirt and leather jacket.
I managed to find an open drugstore where I bought a pair of black leggings and a stretchy shirt. I’ll never forget the time my mom laid me down and attacked my brows for two of the most painful hours of my young life. Since I started growing them out, I've dealt with patches, odd hairs, and trying to get them to grow as even as possible. Maybelline Eye Studio Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara, Soft BrownSome days when I'm doing a minimal makeup look I don't want a full on brow competing with my lazy, but totally put together vibe. Revlon Pencil & Gel, Dark Brown 106I fell in instant like when I found this dual ended pencil. They gave me the color and shape that I want for my brows without making them look too harsh. After many years of trial and error, I've accumulated drugstore beauty products that work perfectly for us brown girls.
First off, I'm a girl that likes great packaging, so this foundation was a winner for me; a pump and a cap?
If you want that famous Kardashian sculpted cheekbone, some well-placed concealer and this matte powder will certainly do it. Honestly, I can't even wear makeup without the stuff, since it just slides off my oily skin. This next product, the Jordana FabuBrow Eyebrow Pencil in Deep Brown creates a nice shape, and stays put through an entire workout session.

A landmark property with beautiful detailing everywhere—a rotunda ceiling with ornate carving, window panes with that delicate and rugged look to them, and dinner by a fireplace with big, soaring windows of a storming city.
One of the best things about arriving at a destination after a long flight is immediately changing your clothes, which of course I couldn’t do unless I wanted to wear a bed-sheet. Having no cosmetics on hand, by the way, helps you determine your face and hair essentials pretty quickly.
Which means I’ll be looking for an open gift shop or drugstore for some fine lost-luggage fashion. Waxes don’t hold brows in place very well, but a good gel or hairspray will, he says.
If your brows are unruly or curly, he suggests splurging on Urban Decay’s Urban Brow Styling Brush and Setting Gel ($18), or breaking out the strong-hold hairspray. I started using a well-known eyebrow brand to the stars because I thought, hey, if they use it then so will I. Also, the urge to over pluck is so real, so I try to stay away from the tweezers as much as possible. Studio Eyebrow Kit, LightThis kit was a little different because it comes with a waxy, stiff, gel like color that is really dark and it kind of turned me off since the color is described as light. The shade looked pretty close to what I usually wear online so I thought that it would be a perfect match when I put it on. I liked the application of the pencil and the brow gel had just a touch of color to fill in any spots that the pencil missed. I haven't heard of many other companies making bronzer for deep skin tones, and the only other in the drugstore is by IMAN Cosmetics. The contour powder is amazing as an eyeshadow shade in the crease of your eye, and the golden highlighter it comes with is also very pretty on darker skin. When I say oily, I'm not joking; there's enough oil on my skin for this Jersey girl to make it all the way down the turnpike. I discovered mine have to do with lip stuff and eyebrows, and that drugstore brand Milani makes a pretty good eyebrow pencil. Use an angled brush to fill in gaps, then brush your brows into place with a brow gel, he says.
I became so accustomed to the brand that I didn’t blink an eye when I would shell out the $20 dollars for one super skinny eyebrow pencil.
The other square is a lighter powder that can be used if you are on the lighter end of the brunette scale. I usually use each of these products separately and the thought of being able to have a two-in-one pencil really sparked my attention. These are great products for those who are already experienced in filling in their brows and for beginners.

The shade "soft copper" -- I appreciated the glamorous metallic reference -- works perfectly for me. With polished black packaging and a huge mirror, this product is perfect for any on-the-go makeup bag.
This primer from Neutrogena keeps my oily skin at bay for at least eight hours, and keeps my makeup in flawless condition.
This liner has the exact same consistency as the Bobbi Brown formula, and it's as black and matte as you'll get out of a gel eyeliner.
Much to my confusion, everyone was talking about celebs like Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle, and how amazing their brows were. As time went on, I realized that I would really benefit from finding a less expensive brand that I could grab at any drugstore to help out my brows.
It also lasts all day and night -- you definitely need to double cleanse if you want to get this off -- and with the right brush, you can easily create a cat-eye. But with every makeup brand in the world selling a brow product it can get pretty confusing. Tip: To find your correct foundation color at the drugstore, bring your usual foundation with you and get color matched at the counter. So I decided to test out five drugstore eyebrow products to see if they can live up to my expensive brands standards. Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit, Medium 02I was attracted to this little kit for a couple of reasons. It was way too light and looked like I had white powder under my brows that looked really off. But the brown was a great match for my brow color and I liked how I could fill in my brows without them looking too strong.
You never want your brows to be too dark, otherwise, it draws way too much attention to them. I also liked the little brow sponge, brow brush, and mini tweezers that the kit comes with. Review Like I said, I really liked that i could mix the two shades to get the color that I wanted. The brushes were a little small to hold, which was a pain, but if I use this product in the future I would just sub in a regular brow brush. The Hi-Lite color that comes at the top of the kit is okay, I didn't see a huge difference when I put it on one eye and not the other.

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