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Google Play Books for Android just got a smaller update that could be pretty nice for some users. The trouble with the read aloud feature is that the only option for it is to have it automatically start reading aloud if you have accessibility turned on. Google Books is a free eBook reader Chrome extension which allows you to read Books online. In addition, you can also see the complete preview of Google eBooks and add eBooks to your library.
Google Books is a free Google chrome extension Which allows you to read millions of books of different authors at free of cost. This free online books reading service is portable, you can use it any where with your supported devices. Posted on 9th January, by talber in Creative Direction, Design, Favorites, Publishing, Social Media, UX, Video, Web.

AboutTravis is co-founder and president of ReadSocial (a service that adds a social layer inside books and websites). I LikeRainy days, old cities, science fiction books, good design, banjos in rock music, homemade bread, black & white movies, British television, indy music, creative people, winter skiing, apple cider, the urban character of both NYC and San Francisco, chocolate desserts, Sherlockian trivia, mountain hiking, old trees, bourbon and books. It would be much nicer if there were simply a toggle to have it start reading aloud whenever you want. Google books is available in different countries, users can grab books online of different authors.
Not only does it bring in the paragraph from the Google ebook and attach the comment and friend responses, it also offers affiliate links to purchase a paper copy, cover images and links to other Google ebooks (based on the user’s profile preferences), and, most interestingly, offers the ability to read the Google ebook inside Facebook itself (by bringing the Google Reading System into Facebook). Google Play Books has had the option to read books aloud for a while now, but that is listed as a new feature here.
Adding comments to Google ebooks works on both free and paid items, although formatting is more consistent on for-sale books, so we recommend those (you can try it on the free sample).

Although you wind up doing a bit of everything when you run a startup, her specialities are user experience and creative direction.
The real new feature though is having the option for "High-quality voice" when using the read aloud feature. The note is then posted to Facebook – connecting the experience across the two networks.

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