Grey eyebrow pencil drugstore lipstick

Travelling around asia, I was exposed to a whole host of Japanese and asian brands that it was really, rather overwhelming.
I was drawn to the Brown Shade Eyes palette as it was the only matte (ish, I’ll explain further on) palette I could find.
The first shade is a warm, pale, off-yellow shade and would work well as an all over base shade or a subtle yet pretty inner-corner and brow bone highlight. The Kate Eyebrow Pencil is one of those Anastasia Brow Wiz kind of brow product; a matte yet long wearing formulation, fine and pointed nib, retractable etc, etc, etc you get the gist. After weeks and weeks of much to-ing and fro-ing, I finally decided to purchase Benefit Watts Up.
Sparkles, shine and glitter are very popular attributes especially with regards to eyeshadow in asia but not really my cup of tea so when I spotted the Brown Shade Eyes palette in BR-6, I didn’t hesitate to take a closer inspection.

The next shade is a warm, matte camel shade and would be great as a crease shade to add more depth and dimension to the eye. The shade BR-5 in comparison to the Brow Wiz dark brown is slightly more on the cool side, rathe ashy and grey which is a good thing especially for those that have really dark hair. It would be interesting to hear if you have tried any products from the Kate range and whether you would recommend them. The one brand that stood out for me and had a really strong presence across asia was the Tokyo born brand, Kate. The Brown Shade Eyes range consists of six neutral toned palettes ranging from cool tones to warm, and pearlised finishes to matte; Br-1 Pearly, Br-2 Skinny, Br-3 Sepia, Br-4 Deep, Br-5 Deep and Br-6 Matte.
This could be used in the outer-v to further intensify and smoke out the eye, and could easily double as an eyeliner to define the lash lines.

This is a shade used simply to contour your eye for a low-key yet polished vibe or as a transition shade to bridge the lighter shade with the darker ones. You could just easily buy a separate spoolie or do as I do sometimes and use a disposable mascara wand.

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