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The 40-year-old actor opened the door with an angry look on his face and a baseball bat in hand. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
While they both faced their share of disappointment in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 14, their reactions show a textbook way to rightly and wrongly handle rejection. Rebecca is still reeling after her big kiss, and she her wacky two-and-a-half-star-Judy-Greer sidekick, Paula, concoct a plan to send her to Hawaii to follow Josh after he plans to break up with Valencia. Darryl, meanwhile, concocts a plan to romance White Josh on their first date by taking him to a jacket-wearing fancy restaurant. Rebecca thinks that this is going to be her moment; Josh will end things with Valencia and she can swoop right in and capture his heart.
The thing is, in this case, Rebecca hasn’t actually done anything that would warrant her villain status. She had just learned an important lesson for herself about happiness and who she has become since moving to West Covina.
But this moment changes everything for Rebecca, who yes, was totally stalking Josh when she eavesdropped on his private confession to Valencia. Darryl's got some things of his own to work out, but being open about who he is certainly isn't one of them. They aren't simply going to just put Darryl and White Josh together because they are both attracted to men. White Josh rejects Darryl's offer to be his date at a dinner party, in an attempt to get Darryl to explore being bi for a while. And here's what separates Darryl's rejection from Rebecca's; Darryl listened to White Josh. Darryl and White Josh, however, are the only mature and honest relationship on the series that's a real two-way street, which must make Darryl very happy.
On a serious note though, Pete Gardner, who plays Darryl, is striking gold with this storyline. We've watched her frivolously throw away money all season long in her attempts to do things that will get her closer to Josh.
Everything, that is, but her mother's approval, something she's so desperately sought after since she was a child.

With that approval came the famous Garfinkel ring, the one that we learned of on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 8.
This ring will most certainly make its way back into the story, as the real impact of Rebecca pawning it was not dealt with at all. She's made attempts in the past to change her ways, but Josh Chan shenanigans, or "Chananigans" as I will be referring to them from here on out, have always stood in the way of Rebecca making real progress to change her mental state.
Unless he's talking exclusively about Heather, who is surprisingly hurt by Greg's actions, even though her "Don't Settle for Me" reprise said otherwise.
With just a few weeks left, there's still time to watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend online and catch up on everything you've missed! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 1 Episode 14 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Review: Josh Is Going to Hawaii! Benton claims that Bill Cosby visited Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles regularly, not only to socialize but also to meet up with a woman whose identity has not been revealed, according to the Daily Mail. Cosby married his wife Camille in 1964, and by 1968, his eldest two children had been born with a third on the way. The relationship went on for over a year, and the unnamed woman was a willing participant, Benton claims. Despite her assertions, Benton says that she didn’t hear any allegations that Cosby was a serial rapist at the time.
According to Variety, Hefner recently commented on the allegations against Cosby after one woman filed a lawsuit in which she claimed that the comedian raped her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 15. Benton also said that the Mansion wasn’t a place to get sex and that if a girl agreed to do anything, it was always meant to be of her own accord. So it's hardly a fair for Dwayne Johnson to start a fight with someone less than half his size.
But it appeared the little character is an ally of the huge bodybuilder and was simply getting him as the pair walked off together. She doesn’t bet on the guilt that she will feel after overhearing Valencia telling her mother that she thinks Josh is going to propose, causing her to believe that she’s actually a villain in this entire story. She was upset that she had let not only Josh down, but also the many others that she knew were being taken advantage of.
He realizes almost immediately that while he's relieved to have earned Valencia's forgiveness, he's still not happy with her and that she's not the girl for him.

There's a deeper story at hand here, as Darryl and White Josh really are two completely different people and while they are certainly an adorable match, they may not actually be compatible. You know, you can do a little exploring, get on a dating website or something, see what else is out there. I went out with a girl named Charlie and a guy named Dana, just to make things as confusing as possible.
He's doing an incredible job as the face of a love story that isn't typically told and he's nailing every single aspect of it with humor and heart.
Akopian, is sitting next to her for the next five hours on a plane, and it seems that she WILL get to the bottom of Rebecca's problems. More than 20 women have come forward to accuse Cosby of rape, as the Inquisitr previously reported, while at least a dozen more are said to be too afraid to speak publicly.
She is sure that claims against Bill Cosby never reached the ears of Hefner, who she said was very protective over the girls.
But on the set of his new film Pain & Gain the former wrestler was seen squaring up to a little person. It's like a knife in the gut for Rebecca and for those viewers who've been rooting for Joshbecca to get together.
But he stays, going through the motions and not being honest with himself, Rebecca, or Valencia. He doesn't intentionally hurt Darryl, he's just trying to make sure that Darryl doesn't immediately settle. In the film, a pair of Floridian bodybuilders in the 'Sun Gym Gang' get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong. It's probably the most mature romantic decision that's ever been made on the series by any character. I made a grand gesture; I made a fool out of myself because that’s what happens when you emulate stupid rom-coms.
I don’t care if you wear high heels or a tie, you might just catch my eye because I’m definitely bi.

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