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Every day we use computers, smartphones, tablets and the Internet but most people don’t know how a computer works underneath everything. We are going to teach you how computers work underneath your apps, texts, pictures and music. We hope you will find that binary and logic gates are simple to understand when you learn about them by playing Minecraft. We tried to make our tutorial simple enough to understand even if you don’t play Minecraft.
This season our team learned about number systems, logic gates and where they show up in the real world.
If you finish learning about binary and logic gates, we put some more advanced information we learned and wanted to share in Appendix C (octal and hexadecimal) and Appendix D (bits, bytes, nybbles and words).
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You will learn about different number systems that are important in computers and how computers compare binary digits. Our tutorial is meant for 5th grade and higher, but we think that anyone who likes to use Minecraft can learn binary.
By sending the 1’s and 0’s through things called “logic gates”, it compares numbers and those numbers can be used to compare even more numbers. He is also known for having a stutter, and has talked about his speech impediment publicly. Everything we see on our screens and the sounds that come from our devices start with comparing or doing math on 1’s and 0’s.

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