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More photos of Raymond Hoser "free handling" highly venomous snakes (Taipans only) including as high resolution downloads. Below is a photo of Len (right) and his twin brother (Ron) (left) as teenagers in the UK in the late 1940's. For a lot of reptile species spending time outdoors in summer with natural sunlight and fresh air does have a positive effect on their well-being.
The Open Air Vivarium PRO is characterized by a stable aluminum frame system with UV permeable mesh clamped into the profiles.

The Lucky Reptile Open Air Vivarium PRO is available in four sizes perfectly suitable for most popular reptile species.
Mesh-vivariums are therefore an elemental part of herp keeping as they allow the proper care of such species. The vivarium is accompanied by a flexible plastic tray that can be put on the bottom of the vivarium and prevents water or substrate from seeping out of the mesh-vivarium. This can help a lot when spraying the vivarium as at least on one side the water cannot splash out.

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