Hindu horoscope 2014 aquarius

Vrischika Rasi horoscopes for 2014 predict an enhanced year with progress in love, career, finance and health.
2014 Bhavishya Rashi predicts that the Makar Rashi people will make excellent progress in career and business. It transits 4th to your natal moon in the sign of Cancer from June 18, 2014 till the year end. Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end. The year 2014 appears to be a time of mixed results for your sign where relatively better events and outcomes are concentrated in the first half of the year. It's likely to be a very average year as far as the professional life of Aries is concerned. It’s considered to be so important that many families in India have their own private astrologist! The earliest known written text about astrology in India was¬†Veda?ga Jyoti?a written around 1400-1200 BC (just for reference, that’s about 3400 years ago). Over time, the system became more advanced, with additions and subtractions to certain key principles.
Over time, these slight difference have led to the difference in the signs and their relationship to the months.
Gochara is the interaction of all the natal chart planets with the normal planetary influences.

Dashas are planetary periods when a certain planets become very active in a person’s life.
Bhavas are houses that represent each person’s particular interaction with the complete 360 degree circle of life. In order to learn properly, many students live with their guru for years; this period of time is taken very seriously by teacher and student. Matt is the Senior Editor of the Sivana blog, and an enthusiastic Yoga teacher and life voyager.
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You can expect some health issues and money problems but all this can be solved with proper planning and caution. There might be small disagreements and misunderstandings but this can be solved with good communication.
Things may become quite challenging towards November as Saturn starts moving 8th to your natal moon.
This included the procession of the equinox, and incorporating Greek astrology- specifically, the signs.
It can take decades of study to have a firm grasp on all its aspects, and even then you could make the argument that a big part of it is learning intuition. He strives to inspire conscious living and conscious dialogue; not only for others, but for himself.

Contemplate your actions and decisions well as they will have significant ramifications for you in the next couple of years. The first half of the year is poised favourably and you should try to make the best in this phase and wrap up pending works in this period. Also, if you have had a health issue previously it may resurface, so maintain a healthy life style and go for regular checkups. You will have to muster up patience, balance and evenness of temperament to deal with this transit effectively. Aggression and irritability will need to be controlled if you want longevity of a relationship. Love life will be affected by your unconventional nature which might be misunderstood as indifference. Issues with siblings arise but remember to give only as much attention and importance as is necessary. It may seem like a lonely period but that is the exact perfect time when you commune with God.

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