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In many cities, addresses often increase by 100 for each cross street, sometimes within each block. Until the widespread adoption of 911 Emergency Systems, an old rural address might have been something like Route 2, Box 12.
While we're looking at house numbers, have you ever considered the actual numbers on your house? For safety, house numbers should be clear enough so emergency responders (police, fire department, paramedics) can quickly locate the house. Many municipalities have ordinances or laws requiring the house number to be a certain size or color. The numbers should be large, say 5 or 6 inches tall, since smaller numbers may not be visible from the street. Trees and shrubs (or anything else for that matter) shouldn't obscure their view from the street.
In addition to numbers on the houses, we have street numbers painted on the curbs in our subdivision. Download Illuminated House Number picture with proportions 900 × 675 pixels for your home pc wallpaper or then click on the digital photograph above to look all digital photographs of "Illuminated House Number" by exploring through the thumbnails to view the whole digital photograph's of "Illuminated House Numbers To Coloring Your House". Copyright © 2012 Home Constructions, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Unica Home has these, called Plane Numerals, and you can purchase a lighted back panel for them as well. Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living the laid back life in SoCal. Received the solar LED numbers for Christmas and the batteries came already corroded inside the unit.
Try WestOnLetters – they have a baked enamel finish, maybe one of those colors will work? We have just launched a brand new site featuring a line of designer house numbers with bold colors and designer fonts.
I had a hard time finding good ones and ended up with the modern looking numbers at Home Depot.
I recently bought myself an modern style enamel house number from company in the Netherlands. Fancy now that even house numbers comes in different style and design, I mean why not right? The Shabby NestYou can find the information you are looking for in a couple of different ways depending on how you are using Houzz.

Surrounding - Modern Lighting & Furnitureyou can find a link on each products that links to the website where you can buy the items. While shopping at our local Home Depot the other day, we stumbled upon these modern floating house numbers for $5.99 each!
About ShelterrificThis is site dedicated not to homemaking, but to home loving: Decorating, cooking, entertaining, organizing, gardening and making the most out of the places we call home. We are planning to install lights on either side of our garage door that will come on from dusk to dawn. These are modern Illuminated Architectural LED House Numbers suitable for wet outdoor locations. Old Milk Can turned Address Marker ~ Add a little country charm to your front porch with this adorable numbered milk can. Tiered Polka Dot Terracotta Planter ~ I totally have a thing for polka dots, so these little pots just make me smile. Contemporary  Street Number Plaque ~ I love the clean sleek design of this piece…especially on the brick wall. DIY house Number Sign ~ If you are up for a little bit more involved project, check out this wonderful tutorial.
Typically, the address number assigned is proportional to the distance from some baseline, so that's why there is a big skip in numbers on a typical street.
But 911 forced the naming of street names and house numbers in rural areas, which typically number 1000 for each mile from the nearest town center. The powers-that-be determine a baseline in one corner of the county, and numbers increase from that point moving a certain direction. Usually, a previous owner installed the number and subsequent owners never give it another thought.
Even in this day and age of GPS and Google, numbers are often the only way that first-responders can identify their intended destinations. Replacement house numbers can be purchased from just about every hardware store in the country, as well as online. During my holiday in Provence earlier this summer, I fell in love with the rusty little blue and white enamel house number plates that everybody over there is lucky enough to have.
This term is in fact a bit misleading, as the rich enamel sign tradition originates from Germany.
Another vendor is Accurate Images, Inc., who has some really cool color choices, including solid colors and bronzes in addition to having a huge font selection. She dreams about architectural jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, and drawing.

They’re like way way cheaper than Neutra and I could afford them and they had a matching doorbell button. I love the simple, straight forward design (and how well it would match my house-numbers!)! We had some rusted steel address numbers made for a Ju Nel Mid-Century Modern home that were mounted on a concrete wall. I found no info about purchasing them on the Home Depot website, but the manufacturer is Perfect Home. We snagged them last year yet they continue to sit and gather dust in our room full of pending projects. Be very careful and drill the hole exactly the same size and be careful with the positioning. The standard size is 5" inches made from solid aluminum cast with a solid acrylic back panel that houses the CREE or OSRAM LED chips. The sign candy house numbers are more fluid and some of them even have real gold or real silver as a part of their unique look.
We have a series of authentic porcelain enameled circular house numbers designed by Knud V.
I always liked digital type house numbers or those classic times new roman font numbers, cursive is also a good design choice for number fonts.
Other folks online have commented that they are also available at Lowe’s, and you can learn more (including SKU numbers for ordering them) in the Live Modern forums.
We offer custom size and design solutions for contract projects. The acrylic edge allows for a soft glow around the edge of the letter providing better legibility at night. In my neighborhood the street names are so similar from street to street that if I ever replace my marker, I will probably even add the street name to it vs. I was extremely sad about this until, 0n my return, I hit google and stumbled across a few websites that have noticed this gap in the market, and are happily flogging French house numbers to British tourists like myself. The units are powered by a 16 Volt IP65 transformers, A single transformer will provide sufficient power for up to 8 numbers.
Shop for numbers at Francofile, The French Number Company, Willow & Stone, or Pardon My French. I’m really glad I found these; now I can finally take down the hideous stick-on numbers from the front door!

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