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With 27 sections on all aspects of health—from accidents and emergencies to emotional well-being—as well as answers to frequently asked questions and detailed information on diagnosis, prevention, and cure, this user-friendly resource from a founding member of the Guild of Homeopaths offers authoritative, accessible advice on self-prescription for homeopathic remedies and preventatives. Books are available to buy online but if you want to discuss trade discounts and bulk orders please contact us.
The book examines the historical and alchemical background of healing, placing homeopathy firmly within the context of the ancient, unchanging and practical truths of the 'eternal philosophy'. Through developing the traditional teachings of Earth, Water, Air and Fire, the book gathers together and fuses ancient wisdom with contemporary ideas to present us with a unique visual model that aids healers in perceiving the central dynamics of any case. The book gives a clear and simple introduction of homeopathic medicine and the principles which under-pin it and provides evidence to support its effectiveness and safety.
A definitive pathology textbook, containing 19 chapters covering the major organ system with dedicated chapters on Philosophy, Pathological Processes, Investigations, Infectious Disease and Cancer. In this title Dr Stephen Gascoigne provides clearly presented information about prescribed drugs that is readily accessible and relevant in everyday practice.
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