Horoscope 6 march horoscope

The Age of Aquarius Equinox – At this Spring Equinox March 21-25 2012 the stage is set for the conclusion of the old world cycle and the beginning of the new. Jupiter in earth sign Grand Trine at this Spring Equinox brings good fortune to all who align with the progressive new Spirit emerging in the world. At this time the New Moon crescent will appear in the 7th House near bright Jupiter in fortunate trine with Mars rising in the east. But hey wait, the Moon is in the 7th House for about 2 hours every day and these planetary alignments happen from time to time, what makes this time so special? 1) The most potent Moon energetically is the new crescent, it always appears in the 7th House just following Sunset a day or two after the New Moon each month. 2) By cosmic synchronicity this year the Aries New Moon crescent appears on the Eve of March 25th, the traditional fixed solar New Year Day (observed until 1752). 4) The crescent New Moon will be visible in the 7th House just entering Taurus where the Moon is exalted.
6) Jupiter, the planet of the high king, is also well placed with Venus in Taurus in an earth sign Grand Trine with Mars and Pluto.
In 2012 the collective shadow of the past Age is broken as the great shift to the Age of Aquarius begins. At this Equinox a year of fast moving Mercury ends and an even faster year of the Moon begins. The Moon isn’t really a planet, it’s part of the Earth, yet the Moon channels the energy of Uranus, the planet of the New Age. Shut off your TV and spend some fascinating hours learning what is REALLY happening in our universe! The Equinox extends over several days while night and day are equal, yin and yang are in balance and the Sun is at the celestial equator, the zero point of creation.
This New Moon is extra special because it’s the New Moon of Aries universally celebrated as New Year in the soli-lunar calendars of ancient indigenous societies. Planets above the horizon are conscious and active, Jupiter aligning with Mars below the horizon would not fulfill the prophecy. This is important because a heavenly body must be in a sign where it’s well disposed to be effective. Jupiter rules peace in astrology and Jupiter is the planet of the 2nd ray which is love-wisdom, This is the same ray as Christ, the Prince of Peace. Each Age lasts 2,160 years and the shift of the ages takes about 100 years with most of the changeover during a 36-year Sun Period, a renaissance time that reoccurs every 252 years. Lunar cycles will be more powerful this year and silver, the metal of the Moon, will grow in value.
When this core aspect of our psyche is brought to awareness, it attracts all that is needed to realize its purpose in the world.

March 25th is the Catholic “Lady Day” or Feast of Annunciation, an apt overlay for the day that announces the birth of Spring and the Divine Spirit for the new cycle. Jews, Hindus and Cherokees still traditionally begin their year when the Aries crescent Moon appears. In the Spring Equinox (birth of the year) chart Venus is located at midpoint Taurus, the power gate of the earth element that is symbolized by the Ace of Pentacles in Tarot.
The current Sun Period began in 1981 and it concludes in 2016 when the shift to the Age of Aquarius will be complete.
All things lunar bring blessings in this cycle including flowers of the Moon especially lotus, Moon flower, water lilies, wisteria and poppies – also all flowers that are white or violet. A crescent New Moon brings new beginnings and it is reasonable that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius will be dated from the appearance of the Aries New Moon.
This with the benefics Venus and Jupiter conjunct in the heavens is great boon for creative abundance and universal prosperity in this new time. This card shows a man steering a boat with woman and child over a shallow lake toward Avalon, the Apple Isle.
Pluto square the Sun conjunct Uranus seeds the power to bring down the Dark Tower that symbolizes the collective shadow of the passing Age. Here resides the powerful queen Cerridwen with her cauldron of transformation and inspiration.
Willow is a special tree of the Moon and its bark is the natural source of aspirin, also lunar and useful to us.
Energy set free from old patterns breaking powers the new creation flowering through 2012-13.
The fire is kept burning beneath her cauldron by the breaths of 9 maidens who are the Muses. At the heart of the Pegasus decan is the fixed sign Aquarius power gate symbolized by the Ace of Swords. In one of its many forms this sword is Excalibur, the sword given to King Arthur by the Lady of the Lake. In addition to all these you also need to keep a check over your temper and drive very carefully. Worship lord Hanuman or Bhairav before leaving home and don’t take an alcohol at night. Businessman will get new contracts and immense success in foreign related matters and government works. Mars, your ruling planet, isna€™t kiddinga€”he connects exactly with the south node of the Moon on Friday and Saturday. Ita€™s not easy to hold on to something as it dissolves through your fingers, but does it clear the way for a whole new vista?

Since you cana€™t escape this transit, you may as well accept a peek at new views, if you can.
But when Mars connects with the south node of the Moon on Friday and Saturday, there are fireworks.
Knowing this, you can choose your favorite outfits and hairstylea€”or you can set a new trend by not really caring. In your solar tenth house, that means a career moving through an event, which makes what youa€™ve been going through a part of the past. Mars, a fiery planet, connects with the south node of the Moon Friday and Saturdaya€”a destiny event. The spotlight is on your partner; if youa€™re single, you may attract someone who sees your best qualities a€¦ or even if youa€™re not single. Mars has a way of blasting through thingsa€”fast, furious, sharp-edged, so wrap your emotions in cotton wool. But you need to stay away from this kind of situations otherwise unnecessarily problems might trouble you.
Ita€™s the kind of connection that melts the toughest of hearts but bridges burned can never be crossed again.
This kind of karma doesna€™t happen very oftena€”certainly not with Mars blasting towards brilliant, shocking Uranus.
Chanting Gayatri mantra in the morning will make the upcoming times stronger and favorable. Old debts paid and released so that you can move forwarda€”ring around the rosie and they all fall down. Ita€™s definitely your turn to be in charge, but watch for the Sun connecting to Chiron on Monday. To be exact, Mars conjuncts the south node of the Moon on Friday and Saturday.A  This has to do with the payment of old debts, even those from past lifetimes.
Worshiping lord Shiva and Saturn and making donations for Moon will prove to be very favorable.
Domestic life might not stay very pleasing but benefits will come through external relations. Try to improve your relationships with father otherwise it can become difficult to handle in future.

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