Horoscope astrology for leo september

Mental tendency: Ambitious,generous,honourable,frank,warm hearted, self confident,fearless,impulsive,determined,preserving and conscientious. Personality: Good natured, philosophical, frank, Free and outspoken, strong willed, independent, forceful and impulsive, inspiring, they have great hope.
Romance and marriage: Leonians are romantic, an ideal lover, fiery in passions but sincere and faithful in love.
Husbands: Leonians husbands are exciting, love their wives extremely but are centre of attractions for other ladies.
Ladies: Such ladies are ambitious and ideal, manages her home ideally, successful, social worker and make favourable impressions on all. Domestic Environment: Since Leonean are born to rule ,so they will try to be leader in the house and expect all those to be a home to be submissive, cooperative, obedient and grateful to him.
Lucky Numbers: The numbers 1,4,5,9 and 6 are lucky, avoid 2, 7 and 8 whereas passive number is 3. Lucky Stones: Ruby or emerald in gold is used in third finger of right hand on Sunday morning after prayers, when sun is afflicted on favourable or in fall, one should use ruby plus red colour plus emerald in gold. Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. Copyright © 2013 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Leos will enjoy social gatherings, parties, and social interactions this last week of spring: it’s all good if you can avoid over-spending. Leo indicates expressiveness with a forceful and dominating spirit and spirit to rule others. But they will not show any demonstrations of love in public as they consider it below their dignity.Leonians have their great affections to the opposite sex and remain in the crowd of ladies, so the partner should not be zealous of them but have proper understanding rather than doubting each other.
If his wife understands Leo husband and agrees with him, then she will be liked admired and loved.

She will command social and prominent position is a self sacrificing and has an everlasting love.
It attaches a tendency towards rash temperament, power, grandeur, show adventure, strong will power, high mind and eminent persons etc. Soft and wavy hair usually light in colour with tendency to baldness.Headfull sized and round. Of wise judgement.They always forgive others and forget the mistakes, sins, and errors of others ,very independent in views, have excellent organizing power as, they are constructive,inventive,magnimous and ingenious. But they are generally teased by opponents and enemies whom they face bravely and with courage and confidence.
They are tempted to gambling and speculation but they are luckily rewarded, they should avoid this. They maintain harmony in domestic life unless the seventh house or lord thereof is afflicted, then there will be bickering between the partners. Such people fit in the domestic routine, admirably; he will never allow anybody to disrespects wife or any member of his family. A Leo born lady need not doubt her Leo born husband for being popular in opposite sex,not selfish and does not expect return from others for having done good to them. As proud and pleasure past them at a loss and in trouble in the old age, so they should control this habbit.Leonians often occupy a position of trust and authority. Leo born ladies need one to keep her under control so that she can appreciate her husbandi??s good nature, affection, kindness and real love to lead a pleasant, prosperous and peaceful life. Some challenges may present themselves in the beginning of the week when you need to take your responsibilities a little more seriously. Broadly complexion will very according to their planets in aspecting the ascendent.He will be tall, well built and muscular grey, catching and large staring eyes.
They are hasty and become irritated, they arrive at forcing and hasty conclusions and suffer.

Children will be of independent views, dislike restrictions and may become nervous and restless. They are very passionate and require self sex control lest they go beyond limits, are of fixed ideas, dogmatic views and expect that their word should be law in the home.
You might undertake a renovation project at home; or perhaps you will be preparing your home for a friendly visit. Passionate and of loving nature but rash in temperament .So, It is advised to Leo born that couple should understand each other to make the home happy and fortunate. Careful and choosy for dress, furniture, curtains etc.They are very choosy for their friends and entertain them Often. Middle of the week might bring uncertainties or you might be deceived by others, especially when it comes to other people’s legacies, debt, taxes or insurances, but at the end of the week you will be able to reassert yourself, regain composure and feel confident again; periodic work, romance and trips bring progress and great satisfaction.
The author would like to warn Leonean to save for the old age due to the fact that their lavish spending nature may financial troubles as age advances from youth onwards.
Their children will be good organizers, not arrogant, popular, good natured, obliging and affectionate also courageous and confident if they are also born in Leo. They never hesitate to spend money to keep their prestige and honour, not economical even in the state of poverty. But this does not mean that children born in other signs will not have upper qualities, their characteristic will be governed by the sign in which they are born.

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