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This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life. I am not being pretentious by keeping the title of my post same as the name of books by Dr. A post, a website or even an entire book is not sufficient to tell readers how to judge a horoscope. So from this information please tell me my complete future infomation.And if there is any problem in my future life then tell me that also. Could you please let me know when will I get married and how is my future?This is very important to me now because I need to take some decisions with your reply. Please tell me should I shift from govt sector( where I am not getting required remuneration according to my qualification)to a Top MNC Software company. Could you please let me know when will I get married (Date)and how is my future partner(Name, City)? My dob is july11,1983,5:35 Am,female in bhaktapur,nepal.when will i go abroad??before marriage or after that?? We discuss about our future when together.We plan to get married soon,but he is scared of commitment. I want to know when will his fear of making commitments will fade off and he will be more firm on his desicion of getting married. There is this man has been following me every week in church for 2and half years.Is he my future husband?
Just as the Zodiac is divided into 12 constellations, the same 12-part division is used to allocate the so-called houses. These three houses are said to be individual and relate to the self, which includes mana€™s body, emotions, and spirit. From the traditional astrological point of view the most influential houses are the firth, ninth, tenth, fifth, fourth and seventh. The great Rishi Parashar holds that if Saturn sits in the eighth house in its own sign, or in a friendly sign, the native will have quite a long life without many ailments. Whenever, Rahu or Ketu come together with the Sun or Moon then it results in Grahan Dosha or Grahan Yoga. Rahu is the planet which if generates any malefic effects then creates problems in life, both professional and personal.
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Apart from that the daily dosage of life may leave back a sense of fatigue that may again lead to aches and pains.
At home you will spend enjoy can time with friends and family where you other persons sooner on your needs for a variation! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Through the vast prowess of astrology, one is empowered to predict the occurrences of future beforehand. Vedic Astrology is a deep rooted ancient Indian science, and has implements in every single aspect of our lives. When you read your prediction from an astrologer, you often encounter reference to various charts like Natal chart, Horoscope chart, Horary chart, Divisional charts, Navamsa chart, Transit chart, Progression charts, Moon chart, Varshaphal chart, Solar return chart, Compatibility charts, so on so forth. In this article I shall try to describe these charts in their correct perspective to clarify some of these confusions that may be in your mind. However I shall cover the main important ones that you are most likely to encounter in any reports of Cyber Astro.
Every place on the surface of the earth has a unique ascendant sign and ascendant degree among the 12 zodiac signs at any given date and time of birth.
In navamsa Chart, the trine positions of planets - 120A° have same numerical Navamsa, same constellation lord and the lords of these trines are considered to be friends.
If the Moon's Navamsa at birth in the case of bridegroom" happens to be the 88th one, when counted from that of the bride, it indicates intense evil (in married life). At the time of performance of marriage ceremony (Pani-Grahana) no planet should be in the 55th Navamsa, as reckoned from the rising (Ascendant) Navamsa at that time.
Mundane events, such as cyclones, earthquakes, excessive heat, very heavy rains, devastating noods, excessive cold, droughts, big-fires etc can be predicted by the Navamsa position formed by the fast-moving planets such as the Sun.
Any planet if posited in a Navamsa owned by the 8th house sign in Rasi chart is said to be Nidhanamsasthah. To determine the timing of events in the life of an individual a technique to progress One Navamsa equals one year of life is also used. Transit of planets using navamsa is a very important and reliable tool in timing events in the life of an individual. India, our mother country has been giving birth to the most a€?influentiala€? Philosophical and Spiritual giants from the times immemorial.
Let us find the astrological combinations that made this noble sole a genius and the world renowned personality. Here I wish to bring the kind attention of the readers to the fact that in KP to be more accurate in our prediction we should remember that we need not have the Four fold significators for the houses to be the dasa and bhukthi lords whenever an event happens some times even the cuspual co rulers can do well. Strong Moon connected with Saturn or posited in the sub of Saturn enables one to concentrate says our Guruji Sri KSK.
His memory is awesome, as his 5th sub lord is also Mercury in an Earthy sign and trined by the sign lord, the preserving Saturn. He met his Guru (Spiritual master), Sri Paramahamsa during November-1881 in the dasa of Rahu and Bhukthi of Saturn and Anthara of Rahu himself.. After the Maha Samadhi of his Guruji (1887), he became parivrajaka or the wandering monk in the year 1888 during the period of Rahu-Venus period.
Jupiter in the star of Mars (11th lord) and sub of Venus (lord of 10th) in their conjoined period (jup-jup-ven) gave him a wide popularity in that foreign land which called him the a€?cyclonic monk from Indiaa€?. He came to India during 1897 and again returned to UK and then to USA in 1899 with a health setback. Swamiji took Maha Samadhi on 04-07-1902 at 9.10 PM when he was running the period of Jupiter-Venus-Mercury. Mother loves all her children but no doubt loves more the child who understands her and follows her. This observation is valid for not just these planets Rahu and Ketu, but other planets as well, be it Jupiter operating under one of the Pancha Mahapurusha yoga, Mercury under Budhaditya yoga etc.
These lunar nodes are always 180 from each other and good results by one often come with side effects from the other.
The relationship of the house is based on the perfect triangle, a sacred symbol in most of the religions and astrology from ancient times. The third house becomes beneficial only if its owner is placed in a benefic house and sign as well. Many other factors such as Dasha, Grah-Dosh and Shani Sadhesati determines the overall impact of Grahan Dosha.
Aries horoscope Taurus horoscope Gemini horoscope Cancer horoscope Leo horoscope Virgo horoscope Lia horoscope Scorpio horoscope Sagittarius horoscope Capricorn Get more details about Aries and love by reading your free Aries love horoscope available on this site daily. Children born so close to the lunar culmination invariably lead charmed yet challenging lives.

Your astological sign says a lot about you including the strengths and challenges you face as a mother.
You have a hard time relating to people with their heads in the clouds as you define yourself by an active pursuit of goals. In fact most people who want to know you sagittarius horoscope for august 13 2015 pisces chicago tribune must have asked you your zodiac sign within the first two meetings. At various stages in one’s life, one often wonders what is destiny, whether his life is under one’s control, or whether it is one’s destiny which governs his life.
Pero, cuando hay oscuridad aparece la luz, y sta vendr de la mano de Jpiter, quien hasta el 11 de junio transitar la casa de la autoafirmacin, la creatividad y los grandes amores, lo que Horoscopo capricornio septiembre 2013. Of course I must clarify that there are numerous charts and this article cannot deal comprehensively with all the charts. The Ascendant point signifies the exact eastern horizon at the exact date, time and place of birth of a person.
Similar result will also be the case when the Moon's Navamsa happens to be the I08th when counted from that of the bride.
Similarly transits through the Navamsa of fast moving planets, such as the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus, also give results, which are of small magnitude. The first Navamsas in Chara signs; the middle Navamsas in fixed signs and the last Navamsas in Dwiswabhava signs are known as Vargottama Navamsas.
In this technique the number of Navamsas from the Navamsa occupied by any planet up to the Navamsa occupied by the ascendant will give good or bad results to the native. They from time to time appeared before the scene and made their significant contribution for the revival of traditions and to covey the message of the a€?Easta€? all over the world. He was reported to have born on 12-01-1863 a few minutes before sunrise (06.33 hrs) hrs at simlapalli Calcutta.
Here Jupiter is the single significator for 3,12 houses but it is true that he made a lot of journey during Rahu dasa.
Here Moon is with Saturn and posited in own star and the sub of Saturn and both are in 9th house the house of Wisdom.
Mars the 11th lord is in the star of Kethu (the strong significator for 9th house) and Rahu the representative of Mars the 11th lord and a strong significator of 9th house fulfilled his desire.
Rahu is very strong for 3rd house by being in the star of Mercury who is 3rd cusp star lord and aspectd by Saturn the 3rd star lord. For success in foreign land 12th cusp sublord should signify developing houses like 1,3,6,10,11 houses. This post is not meant to be a disclaimer, but please do take some precautions when trying to follow principles of astrology as mentioned in astrological texts. And that is exactly the reason why I cannot take some of these principles and yogas and blindly integrate with the birth chart generation applet on this site. What if the best placed planets never have their main dasha in the person’s lifetime?
The next attempt i will get success or not plz informe about my trails, future & settlement in my life when. If we draw such an equal-sided triangle (equilateral triangle) within a circle or a rectangle starting with number 1, the other two points of the triangle will touch the houses 5 and 9. These houses are designated a€?temporala€™ and influence mana€™s possessions, comforts and honors.
Traditionally, Cadent houses have been referred to as mental houses, although this attribution applies best to the third and ninth houses (the a€?lowera€™ and a€?highera€™ mind). If the owner of the ninth house sits in it, it becomes highly beneficial on account of the planera€™s aspect on the ninth house. For example, if Saturn is sitting in the 6th house, it will have aspect on the third (eight), seventh (twelfth) and the tenth (third) house from its position. Know what are the effects of Grahan Dosh and how does it impact on family and professional life. Horoscope Year Birth Vedic Match Kundali Astrology Making taurus 20 April – 20 May (monthly horoscope for Feuary). LAL KITAB AN INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY REMEDIES AND UPAYA Lal Kitab is a remarkable anch of Vedic astrology.
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6 Lessons on Vedic Horoscope Year Birth Veic Match Kundali Astrology Making Astrology – Volume II PREFACE. The Navamsa techniques properly studied and carefully utilized can enable one to foresee most of the events in a native's life. This principle can be applied to Sayana positions also and the effects of transit of planets can be studied from the Sayana horoscope.
Progression of navamsa theory will give the year in which an event, good or bad is likely to take place. Transit of planets in Navamsa will trigger positive or negative events in the life of the individual when it passes through the birth position of planet in the rashi. One such an incarnation during the 19th century is a€?Swami Vivekanandaa€? the Sishyaratna of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa. The ascendant falls in Sagittarius in Venus Star and Kethu sub for that time, but a few minutes after that Capricorn rises, thus there may be a shadow of doubt whether he might have born in Capricorn Ascendant.
But Jupiter is aspecting Saturn, Venus, Sun at the time of Judgment again there is confusion. Rahu in the star of Mercury the 7th lord (break journeys) and 9th lord (long journeys), Mercury is the sub lord for 3rd house and conjoined with Venus the 12th sublord.
His study and understanding of Vedas and other scriptures at his tender age proves his ability. Saturn the 9th occupant in the star of Moon and in the sub of Rahu (also aspecting Rahu) strongly signifies 9,11 houses at sub level. Here 12th sublord is Venus the 10th lord in 1 in the star of Sun in 1st house and sub of Kethu who denotes 5, 10 houses.
Perhaps the idea of this kind of division began with the ancient Egyptians, but later on a Roman astrologer named Manilius popularized the concept of houses. In classical astrology, Cadent houses were considered the least powerful houses, in which planets could be posted, and angular houses were the most powerful. Now it will be appropriate to present the reader with the qualities characteristics each house contains, and its impact on an individual. It is very necessary to study the Horoscope from every aspect to determine the cause and effects. Navamsa divisions are magnified projections and as such the findings from Rasi Chart can be understood easily.
When malefic planets transit through the above four Navamsa the native suffers from mental anguish, loss of wealth, and such diseases which give much physical pain.

The same principle can be extended to even political predictions by referring to the horoscopes of the nations. Planets transiting the Navamsas of cuspal points of various houses produce their full effects at that time. But during that particular year, in which month and on which day the event occurs is a subject of deep research. He is a spiritual lion whose roar shook the entire gamut of the philosophy in India and abroad. Rahu is aspected by Saturn who is the star lord for 3rd house and an occupant of 9th house.
Mercury is with polite Venus and in the star of Moon who is with Saturn (Spiritual and Mythological) and Mars sub.
The signification of 9th house through his ownership and stellar position, Mercury becomes all the more powerful and Swamiji has complete control over his senses. But modern astrologers reckon that the planets placed in Angular houses the most powerful influence on the outer aspects of a persona€™s life. The reader must have this information before any other, as it is the first step to comprehend the nature and meaning of a horoscope. In simple words, when Rahu  forms negative formation in kundli or horoscope, it is called Grahan Dosh.
Marriage 3 Dec 2013 MB monkey horoscope september 2015 scorpio month zodiac sign Astrology Kundali Match (formerly MB Free Astrology Kundali Matc) 1. By Definition a horoscope depicts the position of all the planets in heaven for given date, time and sun sign .
Every other sign in the zodiac then becomes the other houses in the chart in the anticlockwise direction.
When transit conjunction of major planets takes place in the above Navamsa in a nativity, either from the ascendant on the Moon or the Sun, major outstanding event takes place in one's life for good or bad. Of all the cusps the 10th cusp; next the 4th one and lastly the 7th one, are of utmost importance in descending order. He is he messenger who took the message from the Eastern philosophy to the western part of the world and filled the gaps in their ideology. Guruji Sri KSK points that whenever there is a dilemma to pin point and spontaneously we were presented with a horoscope for analysis the Ruling planets for that horoscope will give the clue, as it is a€?God sent a€?. The sub position of Mars enables the Mercury to reflect what exactly Mars is promising by being in his own fiery spot. Rahu was transiting over his natal position then and Saturn was in the star of Venus and in the sub of Moon in retro, both Rahu and Saturn are in Mars signs. During  this year Rau transits in Cancer and aspected by transiting Jupiter and Jupiter transiting over the natal Rahu. Thus the connection of 1,6,10 houses made him a big success over there in the conjoined period of significators for 1, 10, 11 houses. He is in the sign and sub of Venus who is conjoined with Mercury the 6th lord and Jupiter is also aspected by Mars the star lord of the 6th cusp. The principles in these books should be applied to all Yogas and placement of planets in various houses.
These houses govern mana€™s relationship with other in the form of family, travel, marriage and partnership and friendships.
There is a slight difference in the English and the Indian away of counting the houses in a horoscope. To have your weekly horoscope and other special Horoscope Year Birth Vedic Match Kundali Astrology Making announcements emailed to your inbox sign up for my free weekly newsletter! With the help of Pisces 2015 horoscopes, you have the golden chance to steer forward to the coming year with a prepared approach. This date and time is critical because planets are in constant motion and their positions are continuously changing. If the Ascendant sign is Aries in a horoscope chart, then the next zodiac sign in the anticlockwise direction is Taurus. Very often, it is found in practice; transit of Rahu or Ketu through the above referred Navamsas causes tragic happenings during unfavourable Dasa periods. Mercury diverts this mesmerizing quality to his 7th (audience) and 9th (philosophers) houses. It is a notable point that Paramahamsa was also born in Aquarius Asc with Moon in Aquarius also.
Mercury the bhukthi lord is the lord as well as sub lord of the 6th cusp and occupying Asc.
At there can be one more triangle which starts with houses number 4 and touches houses 8 and 12. From the English point of view, counting of the houses starts clockwise, while from the Indian (Hindu) astrological point of view it starts in an anti-clockwise manner. The eighth house is mainly related to birth, death, sexual instincts, sometimes occultism, legacies, benefits from othera€™s property, investigation and after life. By July 2014 Leo horoscope person may face nice difficulties thus it wouldn’t hurt if you limit your visits to the Leo horoscope personality Leo horoscope today today Leo horoscope weekly horoscope in Urdu. Here for Swamiji Ascendant sub lord is Kethu (Moksha Karaka) in Taurus in Moon star and Venus sub. He often challenged and turned him argumentative with a lot of people because of this Martian tendency. It is called a€?terminal.a€™ These houses concern endings a€“ final conditions, death and limitations.
Each Zodiac sign represents 30 degrees of movement for each planet and the 12 Zodiac signs represent 360 degrees movement of each planet.
So the natal horoscope chart signifies the individual planet positions in different zodiac signs and the ascendant and 12 houses in the chart based on the date, time and place of birth.
Moon and Saturn afflicting the 3rd cusp is an indication of Asthma and Mercury the 6th lord and sublord is with Venus and Jupiter in Libra afflicted by being in the star of Mars the 6th star lord are the reasons for Diabetics. We also do the Astrology sign compatibility so that you can know how compatible you are with your loved ones.
This is the permanent chart of an individual, which does not change as the birth details do not change. He again came back to India in 1900 after a tour of Europe and continued his lectures and tours till 1902.
Moon is the fastest moving planet, and it takes approximately two and half days to travel through each Zodiac sign. FREE - Simple language support program for our multilingual capable programs English -) Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.

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