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ARIES (March 21-April 19): Good fortune will come to you through the people you know and have helped in the past. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Use your knowledge and skills to help others and you will secure a position that will reward you handsomely. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Look over your books and personal paperwork and you will find something interesting that you overlooked. Astrology readings of Narendra Modi Horoscope clearly depict the resemblance of his life with the planetary placement in his birth chart. The strong influence of Jupiter, weakness of Saturn and Mercury due to combustion and operation of Saturn Mahadasa at the time of birth resulted into birth in middle class family. I tend to disagree with your analysis, NaMo shows the traits of vrichika lagna, I am sure he cannot be tula lagna.
His 10th lord is surya which is in 11th, this explains why he is in politics and so powerful.
However, I have tried to analyze and conclude the horoscope by matching the past events and information about Shri Narendra Modi, which is very reasonably matching with Tula Lagna. The general traits of a specific Lagna are subject to be modified with the planetary influences on first house and Lagna lord.
This is not always correct; the influence of other planets have also to be seen in addition to Mars placement in Lagna. As explained above, depending upon Rahu’s placement in fifth denying someone of his family and child is not wise.
As explained above, single planetary placement can not be depended upon to conclude anything. Therefore, it is the cumulative planetary placement of a horoscope (including Lagna and divisional charts), which should be taken into consideration before concluding. Moon Dasa is about to commence within a few months; and things will be clear to you within next couple of years.
My understanding of vedic astrology is a bit different and I don’t give value to single planetary placement to conclude results. Thanks, however, as per the birth details used by me, the Moon’s mahadasa will commence in August 2012. Modi horoscope shows his lagna is vrichika ,the lordship mars is in its own sign along with 9th lord moon – neecha bhanga raja yoga along with lagna lord mars.
I agree with Ganesha that Modi has Vrishchika lagna (time of birth as gathered from the internet is 12:22 pm IST). Further, it is difficult to explain from Tula lagna the fact that Modi enjoyed great power during the dasha of the Sun which would be in the 12th house if he had Tula lagna (also exaltation of Mercury would not be good as an exalted planet in the 12th, 6th or 8th house gives bad results.) One the other hand, if Modi has Vrishchkia lagna, Sun would be in the 11th house — perhaps the best place for Sun in any birth chart — and would explain why he had such a good Sun dasha. A good yoga in his chart besides those mentioned by Ganesha is Venus in Simha or Dhanu aspected by Jupiter gives a powerful Raj Yoga.
Having said all this, I think the assembly elections in Gujarat are not being held in the best of times for Modi.
Further, till December 18, 2012, Modi’s natal moon and lagna are hemmed between Saturn and Mars with Rahu in the lagna and on natal moon. For these reasons, I don’t think Modi has any chance of becoming the chief minister of Gujarat again.
Today’s election victory has confirmed that Narendra Modi ascendant is Vrishchika and Not Thula.
As I have mentioned earlier, if he was Thula Lagna, his 10th lord would have been moon which is debilitated. On the contrary, the Gujarat CM Election results are going along with Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna).
It actually matches reasonably with Tula Lagna, wherein the commencement of weak tenth house lord (Moon) dasa has started generating weakness in his political career and by the time, he reaches towards the middle part of Moon’s Mahadasa, most of the weak results would have taken place. My assertion is based on the rule that a person cannot become a leader with 10th lord debilitated and no planets in the 10th house and no planet aspecting 10th house. If he is Tula Lagna the 10th lord moon is in second house with no debilitation cancellation, no planet aspecting 10th house and no planet in 10th house. His horoscope is similar to Obama’s in the sense that both have a asc lord and debilitated planet in the lagna. I agree with you that he has zero chance of becoming PM because he will be running Rahu Bukthi which is very unfavorable to him. Mere absence of any planet from 10th house can not be considered to be applied as universal rule to judge the horoscope for political career.
Therefore, these are two different aspects; one is the quantum of success (whether one reaches at the highest level or remains somewhere at mediocre level) and the other is being able to remain active with reasonable success. As regard to aspect on 10th house, with Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna), Rahu placed in sixth house is having its aspect on 10th house of his Lagna Chart.
My prediction has been proved wrong as Narendra Modi has won the assembly elections in Gujarat. After purchasing you will get the link for download full version of the software and a registration key.

Given below is vedic astrology horoscope of very famous American actor, producer, writer and director -Tom Hanks.
It was, then, during the antardasa of Rahu in 1988 that Tom Hanks was against blessed with great success in his acting career with the super-hit movie, “Big”. Get your Sagittarius Love Horoscope Sagittarius Relationships and Sagittarius Astrology Predictions from AskGanesha. Discover the characteristics of today October 30 2014 as predicted by the Cancer horoscope in love money health and in general. Rooster however are little difficult and need a tough-skinned partner to survive relationship. He loves peaceful and quiet environment so in his free time he will stay at home instead of going out and look for adventure.
Ideally most couples for example want to act as a team preferring to share responsibility in decision-making rather tan having one person become the one who controls what Daily zodiac sign images compatibility sagittarius taurus Horoscope. Cancer Horoscope 2015 & Predictions for Business Career Finance Love Marriage Family Health and More for Cancer 2015. Our designers and illustrators provide royalty free stock images clip art clipart graphics and pictures for as little as 1 dollar. Scorpio 2014 Horoscopes take a look at the yearly predictions for the Scorpio zodiac sign with a detailed prediction for family love life career education and finance for the New horoscope explained detail 2015 uthiram nakshatra Year 2014. You can expect to work hard for the money on January 14th and this is a time to get work projects completed.
Do your due diligence if you don't want to lose ground professionally, financially or physically.
Feel it in your heart and base what you need to do on intuition, and the right door will open. Greater stability will be established if you are committed to whatever project you are working on. You may have to argue your concern with an institution or government agency but it will be worth it. Narendra Modi is an active politician and member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh since his childhood.
Born in a middle class family, Narendra Modi was very much inclined towards social service and raising voice against injustice.
Astrology readings of such placements in Narendra Modi Horoscope match reasonably with his real life scenario.
He did marry because of Jupiters aspect of Venus but it didn’t fructify because of Rahu in 5th.
He did marry because of Jupiters aspect of Venus but it didn’t fructify because of Rahu in 5th. He is currently running Moon Mars and will be running moon rahu during assembly elections next year and moon juptier during 2014 elections. An important ashtakvarga rule for great success in life is that in a birth chart the 11th house should have more benefic points than the 10th house and also more than the 12th house, but the 12th house should have less points than the Lagna; further lagna and the 10th house should have at least 28 points each (all this as per the 337-point system).
Mercury’s exaltation is not good in Vrishchika lagan as and exalted eighth lord is destructive. However, I don’t agree with Ganesha that Saturn and Venus form raj yogas because of their being kendra lords (his May 10, 2012 post). Saturn in transit is in the first third of his Sadhesati but what is important here is that Saturn has fallen from 36 points in the 11th (from the moon) to 17 points in the 12th. We may agree or may not agree with each other; however, all such differences of opinion does provide a good platform to discuss, understand and refine our astrological skills. Yet I feel his lagna is Vrishchika though I cannot figure out the astrological reasons for his win. Coming from a very normal family, Tom Hanks has achieved remarkable heights in his professional career.
However, the shadbala of Mercury is just average, due to which Tom Hanks to struggle very hard during initial period of his professional career as an actor.
At that time, Tom Hanks was under antardasa of the Sun in the mahadasa of strong ninth lord Venus in his vedic astrology horoscope.  The positive placement of Venus in his vedic astrology birth chart has blessed him with great professional success during the sub-period of the Sun placed in tenth house of his horoscope. And, during sub-period of Saturn in the main period of Venus in his vedic astrology birth chart, Tom Hanks was blessed with enormous success in his acting career.  It was during this period only when he achieved two consecutive Academy Awards in 1993 and 1994. Here you could find many Tumblr quotes tumblr love quotes inspirational quotes about:Love Happiness Friendship Life Dream. Believe it or not in Indian horoscope or Vedic Astrology the Moon shall be the Collection of Tim Pawlenty quotes.
Scorpio: Make the most of this day and every day with guidance from your free Daily Horoscope! Mars retrograde in Virgo is causing trouble for everyone dear Pisces but for you PDF File Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast 2013 Anouncement . By offering your time, services or listening to the concerns being expressed, you will enhance an important partnership.

Being a patient observer may not be to your liking but it will spare you from coming across as difficult, ruining your reputation. Instead, put the emphasis on others, showing interest in whatever pursuits they are tackling. Narendra Modi has originated from a culture, which infused him with values, clarity of thoughts, and benevolence towards the society.  In a way, Narendra Modi persona sufficiently addresses the need of an Ideal Social Icon in the society, specifically Youth. Therefore, it is the strength of third and sixth houses along with Jupiter which made it possible for Narendra Modi to achieve uninterrupted victories in his political career.  The second house is occupied by Mars and debilitated Moon.
Moon is in the constellation of saturn star the lord of 3rd and 4th – very bold and leaves his name in the mind of mass due to saturn power. The Tula lagna horoscope does not have such a distribution of benefic points while the Vrishchika lagna chart does. Only Mars, Jupiter and Moon are capable of forming such raj yogas for Vrishchika lagna as they are functional benefics. Tom Hanks is the only second person to be consecutively rewarded for the most prestigious Academy Award for best actor.  Tom Hanks was awarded with Academy Award for best actor for his role in the movie, “Philadelphia” in 1993 and Academy Award for the best actor for “Forest Gump” in 1994. In addition to this, Mercury, positioned in tenth house of his vedic astrology horoscope, is combust too. Horoscope January Virgo Matching Sri Lanka be prudent today in all your actions and decisions. It may be a different financial strategy or set-up becomes a useful resource and it may be If you don’t know your animal use our Chinese Zodiac Calculator to discover your animal. PLEASE READ THE WARNING FIRST BEFORE FOLLOWING Use search bar to look for tags What horoscope app does Midorima use in his phone??? Characteristics of sun signssun signs and the natural zodiacplanets rule signs Wherever you find these signs in your horoscope is where you are likely to exhibit the traits of the sign. Astrology readings of his first and ninth houses speaks about his birth being in a middle class family, having strong values and character, and being strong and dominant while pursuing his thoughts. He speaks very carefully yet dominantly, he is a strong believer in cultural ethics and he is wise enough to understand the apparently hidden intentions of his political rivals.
I studied Congress Party horoscope, Sonia Gandhi horoscope as well as of Rahul Gandhi and Manmohan Singh. Lagna lord mars is in the constellation of jupiter the lord of 2nd and 5th -thinking power and good orator who knows what to talk and what not to talk and where to talk at right time. Saturn, the planet of mass people, venus the attraction towards him ,sun the ruler of planet all in his 10th sign of profession in the star of sun ( all the three planets together in the sun star ) that too being aspected by jupiter from 4th sign will make him very successful politician . Further, Saturn does give powerful raj yoga if it is in the 10th house but such a Saturn is known to be treacherous as it corrupts conduct and causes a humiliating fall. Jupiter could have given protection with his 5th aspect on the eighth house but it is retrograde and suffers double affliction due to aspects of Saturn and Mars. Only thing required is good placement and strength of the planets concerned in the horoscope. Horoscope is a forecast of a person’s future typically Please keep on visiting epaper dot Horoscope January Virgo Matching Sri Lanka pknewspapers. By Thursday the Occupied Chicago Tribune must submit a response to the Tribune’s complaint. Although things may move a little too slow for your taste Be very cautious while investing money in business or you might have to undergo a major loss. I agree with a previous poster that horoscopes are not 100% accurate but it is pretty accurate. Because univision horoscopo geminis 2015 natal chart you can be such an idealistic sign Pisces is not always easy for you to balance living in the real world as far as earning money is concerned Fortunately as Jupiter moves on August 11th into your sector of relating the second half of this year Pisces Horoscope 2015. Tom Hanks first marriage with American actress Samantha Lewes ended in divorce in March 1987.
Come back every day for the Aries daily horoscope horoscope reading for aquarius birth date astrology Horoscope January Virgo Matching Sri Lanka provided by TheHoroscope.co! Read more strong honestbeing with great honesty understanding and information Horoscope January Virgo Matching Sri Lanka variety nature horoscope compatibility.
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