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Cancer Zodiac Horoscope Sign(June 22 –July 23) Cardinal Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac horoscope and is a feminine water sign ruled by the moon and represented by the crab. Cancer's Astrological Love MatchesPerfect matches for Cancer astrological horoscope signs are usually Scorpio and Pisces signs, next in line are Virgo and Taurus. Cancer Horoscope and LoveLoyalty and deep emotions are the gifts this sign brings to love and romance. If you were born under the Cancer horoscope sign you will be a fun loving and thoughtful type who can easily fall in love.
Horoscope Love ProfileCertainty is a wonderful thing, but it isn’t all that easy to come by.
GENERALThis year 2014 shall see you engaged more with your personal life rather than the professional one.
A Cancer monthly horoscope will show, you are probably among the most devoted, loyal and faithful people known.
A Sea of EmotionsLike the crab, you may find that while you tend to feel right at home submerged in your sea of emotions, you can just as easily put your emotions aside and become as ruthless and assertive as required when you feel the need to do so.
Get a Clearer PictureNever wanting to actually confront a situation head on, you’d much rather handle a problem from the background. CANCER SYMBOL HOROSCOPE neon hip hop List of description of understand cancer the cancerian. Cancer Horoscope PhasesWhile Aquarius flows with an easy calm, Cancer is like a turbulent river with many rapids. When the Cancer personality’s willing-worker is fueled by Scorpio’s full-blown gusto, extra hours studying accounts at the office or planting extra rows of crops in the field are second nature. Cancerians don't like change, love interesting old things, are often very affectionate, nurturing, loving, very intuitive if not psychic and typically generous.
If you'd rather have a partner whose emotions and perspectives are similar to your own seek out another Cancer sign. Cancers will give lavishly of what they have, be it time, affection or that surprise bouquet of flowers when the paycheck comes in.
Everyone has questions and perhaps one of the most important questions is how do I find the right person. You may find that your dedication and loyalty can sometimes keep you hanging on to both things and relationships that you shouldn't. For Cancer horoscope people, a home is their safest bet and tends to be a very loyal friend and mates. As a Cancerean you don't typically like confrontation, you would almost always prefer to retreat and stay out of the way. As a Cancer you may even find that you're able to sense or feel danger in ways that are nearly impossible for you to explain to others. They can be hot tempered one minute and loving the next and friendly humor can be followed by biting sarcasm. Cancer’s “feel my way along” blends well with Scorpio’s “look for the hidden meaning.” There’s a lot of introspection and uncertainty here. Cancers usually make great parents and spouses and crave a life paired with both a big family and an adequate (or overly stocked) pantry to match.

Opposites you're probably attracted to are Aquarius and Sagittarius.If you find yourself in a union with a Leo or Gemini, be sure to learn from your differences. Once the confidence begins to kick in, the sign of the crab can get very amorous and possess great romantic resourcefulness. As one of the most loving, nurturing signs of the zodiac, you also tend to be very mothering and nurturing to those you love. They are best friends and mate and love their families without any reservations or question. However if you're backed in a corner or have to defend someone you care about, you’ll be up in arms to take the stand.Like a crab that can grow back a missing limb, you’re also very adaptable.
Horoscope signs and readings can sometimes help you interpret and get a clearer picture of what your natural intuitions are picking up on.Cancers are fairly tougher than other zodiac signs, however, being ruled by the moon, your moody cycles of emotional ups and downs are another one of your hallmark Cancerean horoscope traits. It's not that those born under the horoscope sign of Cancer are particularly mean, it's just that their fluidity is centered around emotion. Best of all Cancers use imagination to solve today or tomorrow’s problems better than any other horoscope sign.
Cancer often gravitates toward public places, so these Scorpios might be naturals at running restaurants, stores, or small businesses that deal directly with consumers.
On the bad side however, cancer people can tend to dwell on the past forgetting today and tomorrow, become moody, be clingy, over emotional and worrisome. Aries and Libras are thought to be poor pairing for Cancers, so you may not want to seek out either of these signs as a love interest. Cancer people have a sensitive side and it is true that an unkind word or ill-timed remark can leave those feeling very hurt, but Cancer people have a great sense of humour too and that method of making people laugh can be the very thing that makes people love them.They are very imaginative and would do well to find out what each day has in store for them or how they should act to find that romantic link in their lives. To bring greater peace in your life you want to learn when to let go and not so stubbornly hold on to the past when it may hurt you or other people around you.
Anyone born under the Cancer sun sign tend to be snobbish to outsiders and prefer to remain reserved.
Although you often hate change, you won't let that inhibit your ability to grow and learn from life's experiences. These emotional cycles can potentially complicate your relationships with others so anything to improve your outlook and bring more balance to your life would be ideal. They are also very good at coming up with new ideas that can change or even revolutionize the way things are done. However, Capricorn is thought to be the sign you really want to avoid.No other sign is better at love and romance and no other sign can be so broken hearted if romance fails, still, tomorrow is another day.
They love to have big cuddles, require lots of attention and like to be reassured at regular intervals, this is why it is a huge benefit for this signs romantic type to regularly read their Cancer love horoscope for tomorrow. And it can help you know what to do to attract that special person through understanding his or her star sign characteristics.Yes, there is a certain woo-woo factor with regard to love horoscopes that has been promoted by people who don’t actually understand what it is. You also want to try and avoid confusing these mood swings with subconscious unhappiness in your life.
These emotions seem to come out of nowhere, but are in reality always there, hidden under that shell.
But that “hands-on” Scorpio quality, as well as Scorpio’s innate fertility, might lead them to vocations that involve direct contact with the earth, and if Cancer’s “down on the farm” inclinations lead them to some aspect of agriculture, they’ll find success growing corn, breeding rabbits, or other such ventures.

People born under this horoscope sign are very sensitive to the old adage “knowledge is power.” So be gentle with your Cancer. But, if you are looking to get answers in life or looking for that special someone, you can’t afford not to put astrology to the test.
Your creative works shall gain recognition and support for now.But be sure that your ego does not go to your head.
Getting your daily or weekly horoscope signs and readings report can help you choose your priorities and make more confident decisions regarding your life and day to day activities helping you steer clear of your tendency for hesitation. The Moon rules Cancer and just as the Moon goes through phases and moves erratically in comparison to the other heavenly bodies, the person born under Cancer tends to have a rather erratic life and will go through phases never knowing what tomorrow will bring. But this is a facade, in reality, Cancerians live in their emotions and those emotions are an ocean that’s many fathoms deep. If you want to know something, ask politely and never demand to know what he or she is thinking.
And with a complete astrological report or an accurate tomorrow’s Cancer love horoscope, you can do just that.
The last half of the year shall bring in promotions and major changes in your career in your best interests.
The very same imagination that can help a Cancer climb to new heights can also be misused and trigger jealousy, fear of imaginary consequences and can in some instances, drive the Cancer into depression or worse. Most of the time, the Cancers secrets are relatively harmless and are more important to them than they are in reality. Taking some deviations from your routine shall work in favor for now.LOVEThis is a time when you learn to differentiate between real and unreal love relationships.
While emotion can be the their greatest strength, it can also be his or her greatest weakness.
But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those born under Cancer are necessarily mean or evil. There’s an avarice in both signs that often expresses itself through holding on to property. Tropical zodiac, cancer shell spirals interestingly, despite their lovers without mind body. If it’s breathing and hungry and crosses their path, it will get fed—andit might not ever leave.
You ought to learn to sift through the social network for locating your ideal soul mate.An informed choice need to be made around the end of the year. Those already in a relationship or marriage need to stick together come what may as trying times are forecast ahead.FINANCEYour financial status this year would be generally good with supports coming from all sides.
The last half of the year shall see much financial inflow that would keep you going steady for the next few years.HEALTHYour general health and well being would be at its best when compared to the previous few years. You are promised a peaceful and healthy state in this period without much effort and commitment.

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