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Astrology & daily horoscopes starlight astrology, Free daily horoscopes from starlight astrology. The constellation of Leo the Lion is between Cancer and Virgo and contains the star Regulus. Star signs were created by ancient Babylonians some 2,000 years ago by tracking where the sun was in the sky each month.
As the earth moved, it created a one month bump in the stars' alignment and that changed all our zodiac signs.
While the sign many people were born under may now be different, it shouldn't affect horoscope readings.
The new zodiac sign Ophiuchus represents a man wrestling a serpent, dividing the snake's body in two parts. What the f*** is this about, I am a scorpio born in 1974 and this says I'm now a virgo along with my girlfriend. The western world will not change the zodiac sign dates and it won't include a new sign, period. BuzzQuotes is an advanced image quotes search engine that allows users to view quotations in a gallery style. There are only six months to go before the Year of the Dragon ends and the Year of the Snake begins.
Note: Chinese New Year falls on different dates each year, a date between January 21 and February 20. Ambition is a wonderful thing but you may have been pushing ahead in 2012 when you were not entirely ready. You are now in a position to create a solid partnership (romantic or professional) before 2013 gets underway. You have been pouring effort into a partnership (professional or romantic) and establishing a solid emotional or work foundation. If you work with other Monkeys or Pigs then your organisation will bring a reshuffle that could see both of you promoted. You have built a much closer and far more meaningful relationship with your boss, or someone else you consider to be your mentor. Between now and early 2013 you will learn that life is about the process not the destination. It seems you have kept a low profile, Snake woman, and wriggling along in a discreet and modest way has helped you head off tricky situations in 2012. Find the person you relate to best as a leader or mentor and go to this special man or woman for guidance.
The stars that make up constellations appear close together but are actually quite far about in space. These reasons have changed over the yearsThe first use of the stars was most likely religious. The stars aren't aligning quite like they did in the past, meaning you could be in for new zodiac sign dates. They have not changed the horoscope readings yet, so your personality description remains the same with a different name.
My mom is Ophiuchus and she's very disappointed because she read her horoscope every day religiously.
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Between now and early 2013 you will be drawn into this issue but ask wise outsiders for their opinion.

You can also establish the household, no matter if you have a family, flatmates or a cat for company. If you were single then the Pursuit of Love (to quote author Nancy Mitford) has been your goal.
You have been blocked by other people or the universe, but those obstacles are now dissolving. You have been radical in your search for alternative ways to handle your problems and it has taught you a great deal.
Like a snail, rather than a rooster, you are about to realise that you carry your home with you, and that the house, flat, household or family is not your true base at all.
No matter who your colleagues or bosses are, there will be kudos, rewards, offers and amazing recognition. This has been a two-way street built on trust and you have done your best to read this person’s mind and heart, in 2012. Crafting your skills, for example, can be even more valuable than reaching a particular goal. It has been impossible for you to change very much in your world in 2012 but this cycle is now ending. Many societies saw patterns in the stars that they related to their gods, goddesses or characters from their culture.
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The short-term break you were given was great, but you have also learned that if a quagmire like this ever keeps you stuck again, you will have to handle it very differently. But you have acquired the skills and knowledge required and one particular goal has become even bigger. Accepting that you were not able to change or influence very much, or even control it, has been a useful learning experience. This allows you to be far more independent, and the next six months is all about breaking free and moving on.
By trying one solution after another, you have vaulted over every obstacle in the Year of the Dragon and found success. It’s easy to have a superficial connection with people who are senior to you, or more powerful than you. Of course they lend you a certain power, but you have wisely decided not to emphasise the connection. Look deeply into the way you are handling your life and ask yourself if hesitation (or even total inaction) really helps you. Everything is cyclical in astrology and life’s downtimes are actually the foundation of the next upswing. Many cultures thought that the positions of the stars were the gods’ way of telling them stories. The constellation that is directly above the sun as it sets on a person’s birth date is the star sign that they are.
My girl started as a virgo and still is so how come it affects libra and scorpio but virgos hardly are affected at all. This approach will help you at other times, but since the Year of the Dragon began, it looks as if you have been skipping the details which matter. You need to read minds and hearts and understand that others need a particular gesture from you. The art of co-operation has come more easily to you in the Year of the Dragon and you have partnered with another person, or organisation, to pursue one firm direction.

You can be compassionate about the situation without making the mistake of becoming entangled. You may have done this with paint and plants, or more importantly, through building stability with the people who matter most as family or flatmates. As the final six months of the Year of the Dragon unfolds, you will feel enormously confident about what is possible. Of course, if your ‘home’ is a particular corporation or business, then perhaps it’s time to leave that behind and explore. It has been very hard for you to show such patience and faith without being properly appreciated. By playing your career cautiously and cleverly, you’ll find you move on up, to quote Curtis Mayfield.
Plenty of horses will be tucked quietly away in their stables, absorbed with special projects, until Christmas.
However, the wrong person will keep you at a standstill so do your homework before you decide who to follow.
Looking at the last six months in a philosophical way will help you understand that life, and nature, move in natural and seasonal ways.
Due to the rotation of the Earth on its axis and its orbit around the sun the constellations have to be divided into two different groups, circumpolar and seasonal.
It would have seemed normal to these people to recognize the patterns, give them names and tell stories about them. The Nemean Lion was a giant beast that would roam the hills of the Peloponnesian villages and cause havoc. Over the next six months you will have an opportunity to thank this person in a formal way.
Making the bonds tighter between you and people at work, in particular, will earn loyalty and respect.
Ask yourself, realistically, what secondary problems might arise as a result of your involvement. It looks as though you were warned about this situation, either by other people, or by the universe doing its best to drop cosmic hints.
This has been the kind of cycle when you had to throw your trotters up in the air and be philosophical, but it is almost over. The temptation was there to meet your issues head-on, but you cleverly looked at other options. Fortunately these wobbles have now stopped, as you can see the benefits of your big decision. Hercules had a great difficulty killing the lion, his arrows bounced harmlessly off its body, his sword bent in two and his wooden club smashed to pieces. People want you to succeed and if you justify their faith in you then some amazing results will occur. The northern and southern hemispheres see different circumpolar and seasonal constellations.
You will be able to look more desirable, interesting, intriguing and generally presentable, and that will be your wedge into every conversation, your foot into every social door.

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