Horoscope elle 2011

Prepare to be seen in a new limelight this year, even if you don’t change anything at all. Simply put; it’s a powerful year for all you Bulls out there, and you will definitely be celebrating the new endeavors that are headed you way!
Whether you recently switched careers or took on a new role, 2016 is going to be the year that solidifies your work situation. Making strong karmic connections, positive decisions and healthy adjustments seems to be au-natural for you this year.
New year, new hair styles – we’re not talking a major makeover, just some simple switch-ups. You will receive backstage access to special features, articles, promotions and special events and more!! By the looks of the Taurus astrology, it really isn’t going to take much effort on your end either.
The inner edge that every Taurus seems to have is also going to be bringing plenty of lusty adventures your way, with love and creativity ramping up your excitement. Even the relationships and connections you make this year are going to be more genuine and more charismatic than you’ve ever experienced before.

Find out more about the love, career and money that s lining up for you in the year of 2016. The Taurus Zodiac is bringing many awesome opportunities your way that will further secure your work and finances, which are certain to come with many additional benefits.
Our expert advises us to steer clear of these 7 makeup and skin care mistakes and start off fresh in 2012 with new beauty tips. Your Taurus personality is going to bring all kinds of new people into your life, some of which may even introduce new tastes, opinions and paths to explore. 19)You are usually cautious and careful about exploring new turf because you like the security of familiarity—you look before you leap. But the year 2012 seems to excite you in a different way: You’re much bolder and more adventurous, and you’re eager to travel and explore new places. You’ll even surprise yourself by how ready you are to leave your comfort zone—it’s as if you’re hungry to get more out of life! It is this hunger that drives you to be gutsy and brave and reach out for what you want, especially if it enhances, educates or expands your world.
18)You value friendship and getting along with others, but, for the first time in your life, you will be unusually gutsy about demanding your fair share.

You won’t hesitate to wade into disputes over inheritances, shared property, insurance matters or anything to do with what you believe is your equal share. And that’s not all: Your sex drive is going to be off the charts, which will make for a highly visible and memorable year. 19 – March 20)This is a tricky period for your sign: For the first time in your life, you won’t hesitate to confront others— especially partners and close friends. You’re fed up with acquiescing and pleasing everyone; you’ve decided that now is the time to stop giving in and compromising (where you might have in the past), and you’re finally ready to openly express your grievances. You feel strong enough to defend yourself and demand what you want in a relationship— you know you deserve to receive as good as you give.

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